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Phone solutions
Phone solutions

Discuss everything related to calling:
1) Calling processes
2) Calling apps
3) Pipedrive Caller

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3CX telephone integration.,.anyone?

Help needed

since there is no integration from PD to 3CX yet I wonder if anyone here has managed to do that manually? If so, please share how to set it up with PD. 

#integrations #3CX #telco #Asking for advice

Enregistrement automatique d'un appel avec Caller, suite à une interruption

Bonjour ! 

Quand je fais un appel avec Caller, si je perds la connexion internet (s'il y a une coupure de courant, que le signale est perdu ou encore si la batterie de mon ordinateur est à 0%), 

la conversation n'est pas conservé ou enregistré jusqu'au moment de la perte de la connexion, toute l'appel qui était enregistré jusque là, n'est pas conservé . 

Ne serait-il pas possible de faire en sorte que l'appel soit automatiquement enregistré lors d'une interruption inattendue ?


Hi, i use the unidirectional sync beetween pipedrive and google calendar. 

When i use also Aircall, i have all the calls in my different deals. (that's ok).
But i don't want them synchronise into my google calendar. My co workers also have to call a lot in a day and i don't want to have in their calendar all the call they can make in a day.

Can you help me ? 
Is there a way to let the sync between aircall and pipedrive but in pipedrive select the activity "call" as an unsync activity?

Thanks a lot 

Do you use any Cold Calling apps that are integrated with Pipedrive?

Looking for recommendations on call automation software that integrates with PipeDrive.

Ideal Requirements:

  1. Integrates to the CRM to log calls and conversations,
  2. Auto-dialing, preferably across a list of accounts/deals/organizations,
  3. Call Recording,
  4. Bonus if it automatically leaves pre-recorded voicemails!