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Phone solutions
Phone solutions

Discuss everything related to calling:
1) Calling processes
2) Calling apps
3) Pipedrive Caller

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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales Community.

Intergration with Grasshopper dialer would be very helpful

CallLogs Endpoint - Anyone Using It??

I think it's newer but, I'm curious if any of the marketplace apps are actually using the CallLogs "Add a call log" endpoint yet? I know previously most were just logging a SMS or Call activity but, I haven't tested in a while.

Any thoughts are appreciated! 

New: Caller one-click button (gradual rollout) 📞 ☎️


The new Caller button saves you clicks and time: just one click to make a call.

For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plan (gradual rollout until end of April).

How can I use it?

  • Start from Detail view or List view.
  • Initiate a call by clicking the phone number or the 📞 icon: the call starts immediately via your default calling integration.
  • Change your calling method by clicking on the 🔽 icon.
  • Works both with Pipedrive's native calling system and third-party phone integrations.

Where can I learn more?

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