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Phone solutions
Phone solutions

Discuss everything related to calling:
1) Calling processes
2) Calling apps
3) Pipedrive Caller

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Call Logging/Call History

It's only possible to log the last call I've sent/received. This is an issue for me because I will frequently have back to back calls, upwards of 5 calls in 10-20 minutes. I do not have time in between the calls to go into my notifications and hit the log button. I am suggesting adding in a call history section that will allow me to go and see all the calls that have taken place in the previous ~24 hours, or longer. This will allow me to have as many calls as I need to and once I have a... (More)

What's the best click to call dialer for Pipedrive ***THAT HAS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL MOBILE APP AND ALSO ALLOWS SMS***

We've been using Kixie, and it predominantly works fine as a chrome extension, aside from bugs that continually require us to "refresh".

But their mobile app is just utterly unworkable. I'm using it on an iphone 12 mini, and to dial out, I have to first delete the app, re-download, and then it only works a couple of times back to back. As soon as I leave the app and return, the outbound dialing feature simply doesn't work—even after the help of their support team.

Pipedrive support said that they've heard users also use CloudTalk or JustCall. Does anyone have... (More)