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Phone solutions
Phone solutions

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Workflow and dialer integration to follow up on marketing mailers and for appointment setting

Does anyone have ideas for workflow and integration configs to automate prospecting efficiently for a solo operator consultant? 

I've looked at dialers (Phoneburner, others) and have Mailchimp account for marketing and frankly feel overwhelmed by the options. So what could a good budget to mid-level solution look like for a solo consultant making 10-15+ calls per prospect and with anywhere from 50-300 live leads?

Call Feature - post call defaults

I'd like to request that we can set the "post-call" defaults.
Post call we have to click multiple times, because the settings are always different than what we want.

For example, post call we have to select the call outcome (which is fine), but then for some reason the box to update phone number is always checked - so we have to uncheck that, and by default the selection to make this call to be the next scheduled activity is always checked so we have to manually check the box to "Create a New Activity". That's a lot of clicking... (More)

Caller Function

Would really be great if you guys could make the pipedrive- caller function to recieve inbound calls. 
If you guys do this, make sure to have it function in Norway. 

I have tried out a lot of the caller apps in pipedrive, and nobody got inbound call function for norway. Its only outbound, so as a total sale CRM system, the inbound calls should be integrated!