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Automated Email/Campaign Sequecences for Deals

Hey folks.. quick question about what Pipedrive is planning to do regarding automated email sequences for deals. 

I've been impressed with the SMS and email sequences that can be built out in 

Anyone know what's going to be possible with first release? 


Sign up to be an early Automated campaigns Beta user!

Starting July we will be  releasing the first version of marketing automations for our customers. Our team is looking for users willing to be among the first to try the live functionality. We will be releasing the feature gradually, making sure that the sending of emails works as expected.

Early adopters

First users will receive access to the live feature in the first part of July. Dates will be specified a couple of weeks later. At this stage, functionality will be only in English, as translations will not yet be in place. 

As part of the process, we will invite early adopters to 30-45 min interviews after trying out the functionality, about their experience, any comments or propositions. 

Who are we looking for?

  • Experienced users, who have sent out several email campaigns through Campaigns
  • Customers on Advanced or Professional plans
  • Preferably, users with at least 5000 subscribed contacts

If you are interested in getting access to this feature first, apply in this google form by the June 30th.

Report as Spam should be unsubscribed

Recently sent out an email to a micro group I'd imported to Pipedrive. (They had consented to receive comms from us but they forgot at the time of receiving our newsletter). The problem is, Pipedrive DID NOT unsubscribe the person, mark any record to denote anyone had reported spam or allow you to click on the number on the campaign report saying 1 person had reported spam. Without any warning flag or unsubscribe I now have to exclude everyone in this micro-group from future newsletter mailings or risk send another newsletter to someone who already thinks we're spamming them. This is a ridiculous functional oversight. If it happened to a bigger sub-group on our database it could wipe out a whole segment of our database. PLEASE FIX THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Campaigns automation / Mailigen


Pipedrives campaigns come from Mailigen, and works ok. But I was woundring when and if anybody know if automations for campaigns also will be implemented same way as it is in Mailigen? 

Mailigen have a really cool action setup based on recivers behavor for market automation, that would do a lot for Pipedrive campaigns workflow.