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HTML email to be used in Templates

We send various follow up emails at different stages of the pipeline, some we have automated through workflows, some we send manually using email templates (as we need to tailor them every time). 
Unfortunately, the emails templates in pipedrive are not html and hence it is difficult to create nicely formatted, responsive emails there. We are now testing Campaigns beta, which has html emails. 
I was wondering if we could somehow use Campaigns, or the templates created there in automation workflows and in email templates to have the ability to send HTML transactional emails. Perhaps something that could be added to the Campaigns module.

🔴 Live [Club CRM] Les dernières actus sur Pipedrive

On se retrouve en live sur Twitch la semaine prochaine (Mardi 25 à 17h), pour parler des dernières actus Pipedrive.
Le module campagne, le module projet, le renommage des champs, etc.

Bref, on se fait un grand tour de tout ce qu'il se passe

C'est aussi l'occasion de venir poser toutes vos questions.

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Voted for New tools, and tools in Beta should be released as soon as possible

Projects are an element that seems to be missing for our particular business model, but would only be helpful if it could support a document filing structure similar to OneDrive. This feature would better connect our sales support departments to our outside sales team especially in relationship to deals.

Bulk unsubscribes list upload - can I do this to update those contacts that match with email address ?

I am looking to shut down a Mailchimp account and want to ensure all unsubscribes are unsubscribed in Pipedrive / Campaigns. Can I do this with a spreadsheet upload? Also I don't want new records created if there are no matches... Please assist! Thanks !

I have my answers now and the pain is that I can't upload a spreadsheet only matching with email address, you have to import "name" fields... which for many records I don't have... also the ones that I do, I don't actually want to override that field as name data in pipedrive is likely to be more accurate.