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Chatbot integration with Slack

We were using a chatbot called Chatlio on our website. We really liked the slack integration so when someone started interacting with the chatbot we got a notification in slack and could conduct the conversation through slack.

Has anyone managed to do this type of integration with the Pipedrive chatbot? I love the integration with lead generation so I want to replace Chatlio with pipedrive.

Give sound notifications for new live chat incoming/live chat message

Instead of just a pop-up, we could do with sound notifications along with the pop-up.

Tweaking chatbot behaviour

There are a couple of tweaks I'd like to see if I can implement with chatbot - has anyone managed to acheive these?

  1. Speed up the "typing" (any message from chatbot longer than a few words seems to take too long to turn up)
  2. Show the restart conversation option to visitors all the time, not just at the end of a playbook sequence.

I'll post back if I find a way, but any ideas (or even solutions) much appreciated.

Simon Schoop
Managing Director, enabling digital change and innovation
Voted for Premade integration for MS teams to receive notifications about incoming leads/ events in an MS teams channel

I would like all four of them. Tomorrow ;-)