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Chatbot capture lead information and continue conversation

Is there a way to capture lead information and then continue conversation?
It would be great to be able to have a more detailed conversation and the moment they complete lead information eg. email or phone they get added to the CRM

Chatbot Reports - feature request

It would be valuable to create reports and have the functionality to change the date ranges for people who convert.



Ability to configure notifications for PD Chatbot ONLY

We currently rely on PD's chatbot to provide live assistance to our customers and those interested in our product. We are running into issues with missing live chats however due to notification issues. As I understand it there are two ways to receive notifications: 1)enable desktop notifications through browser and PD or 2) download and use mobile app

The problem lies in enabling desktop notifications. I am then alerted to all actions in PD, not just chat notifications. It is extremely difficult to discern a chatbot notification from all the other noise. Ultimately we all turn off these notifications because... (More)

Does The ChatBot Really Throw Away Conversations?

My company has just recently found out that even if someone enters their name and phone number into the chat bot and you ask anymore questions after that you will lose the lead and all of that information if they decide to leave the chat. No notification will be sent and you will have no idea anyone has ever given you information.  Does anyone know how to get conversations sent to you even if the lead doesn't complete the chat?