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Chatbot: Track URL the user was on when sending off the chatbot form; Add custom HTML (e.g. for tracking purposes)

Two feature requests for the chatbot:


A) Track and report on the URL the user was on when sending off the chatbot form

Right now, we get questions regarding our products via the chatbot but have no way of knowing which product the user means, because the email from PD with the conversation summary does not entail any info as to which URL the user was on when they sent off the chatbot form. 


B) Create option to add custom HTML code to chatbot

We would like to make the sending of a chatbot form trackable via Google Tag Manager, as today there is no way of knowing which source a conversion via chatbot came from (e.g. Google Ads), however, this information is very important for our marketing campaign optimization as we get a lot of leads via the chatbot.


Thanks for voting this up to the other users and to the PD team for considering this in their development pipeline!

Chatbot and Spam

We've just started using Chatbot and we are getting a number of spam enquries. Anyone else had this issue. Pipedrive say there is no way around it. Any advice would be great.

Ted YounCommunity Driver
Software Engineer at Hashsnap

Feature Request: More statistics for ChatBot


I have many potential clients who are interested in ChatBot, but they complain that ChatBot doesn't provide enough statistics.

For example, this is the only stats that we have for each ChatBot.

  • We don't know how many times people clicked today, this week, or this month.
  • We only have total counts that visitor clicked the chatbot 386 times since it was installed.

In comparison, Typeform provides very detailed info such as drop-off, which helps us to get an insight about ChatBot performance.

Do you have any plan to add more stats for ChatBot? I think this will help many potential clients to sign up Pipedrive.

Auto send email with attachment when new lead with unique identifier is added


I am building a Qualify and Route leads chatbot. One of the options is for prospects to receive a report. Is it possible to have a workflow that automatically sends the report as an attachment to leads with a unique identifier, when the lead is loaded in the leads inbox? I'm struggling to make this work. 

  1. In the Leads Qualification step in the Playbook Editor, I see only "Schedule a meeting" as an Activity option. Any way to add "Email" here? This would be the cleanest option. (see attached)
  2. If 1. above is not an option, how do I identify the leads that come from that particular Qualify and Route Chatbot sub-stream, and only send the report to them?
  3. I am struggling to see where I can add attachments to emails in workflow automations.