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[Closed] Volunteers needed - feedback for improvements in Chatbot

EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 

We will be shortly developing some improvements in our Chatbot feature and I have a huge favour to ask. 

Are you a Chatbot user? Would you like to help us with the testing of new improvements and give us your feedback? 

We need approx 20min of your time and I can ensure you we will of course reward you with some small token of our appreciation. Feel free to book your slot in this link 


Veronika :-)

What you really want, is to chat with a person

The chat-bot is just another few clicks to what you really want - to chat with support. I have NEVER seen the chat-bot being able to answer my question, always I have to wait for the bot to admit it cannot help me, and then it will forward to the real support. In theory it sounds great with a bot, but what you really want is another person in the other end who can help you out. Therefore it is just more clicks + retyping of the question when you actually get in contact with support. In these matters, support should be able to scroll up and see what the question was in the first place, instead, I have to re-type the question again. I have no complaints about the support, they are always nice and helpful, but please eliminate the chat-bot :o)

Regards, Jan Ludvigsen

[Closed] Chatbot Feedback discussion

EDIT: This research has now concluded, thank you all for your feedback!

Hi there 👋👋👋,

Veronika, Product Manager for Chatbot (LeadBooster add-on) here 🙂

We would love to hear more details about your experience with Chatbot. Are you open to short call with me to discuss your feedback?

We are preparing and prioritizing improvements for next development and we would love to ensure it is aligned with your requirements and needs as much as possible.

Please feel free to reach out and choose your suitable time slot

Doesn’t matter if you’re using Chatbot or stopped because it did not meet your expectations. Let me hear it.


Chatbot + GoogleAds


anybody knows if chatbot could be track with a Google Ads pixel?? Help