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Comment connecter le Chat Pipedrive à Slack ?

Bonjour à tous, 

Est-ce que quelqu'un a essayé de connecter le chat pipedrive à un channel slack ? 

Le but serait de faciliter le traitement des demandes sur le site directement sur 1 endroit où toute la boite est connectée. 

Si vous avez réussi ou une autre idée, je suis preneur ;)


Bon dimanche, 


Voted for No

I tried it a few months ago, but it annoyed people more then giving assistance, because it is way to basics. Deeper integration with other tools on much more domains within Pipedrive would be better. Now it sometimes feels like, "we have created a function so we can but a mark next to a feature when comparing Pipedrive to other systems". That possible great for initial sales, but hurts trust.  

Voted for No

IMO there is much more to improve in Pipedrive than creating new features that already exist on the market...

just want the chat-bot and currently, too expensive

Since my only interest in pipedrive is only the chat-bot and I use nothing else and I find it quite expensive for the use I am doing (average of 100 visitor per month and nobody has used the bot except me and my husband), I will end my services. If the price would be comparable to other chats (jivo being the one recommended by wix) at 18$CAN I would keep it even if it’s not being used just to have it in case people have questions but at 18$+39$=57$US I find it too much to keep just in case. I... (More)