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Chatbot-wie komme ich nach Auswahl einer Antwortmöglichkeit wieder zurück?

Hallo, wie komme ich beim Chatbot wenn ich zB 3 Auswahlmöglichkeiten hab, eine wähle, dann aber doch die andere will wieder retour zu den Auswahlmöglichkeiten im Chat?



Chat bot & Live Chat tips needed!

We have recently introduced the Chat Bot > Live Chat feature onto our platform as a way to boost lead generation and to gather CSAT feedback.

However, we are keen to 'see it in action' or have some examples before we settle on the flow we use, message types, waiting times etc. 

Is there anyone here that would be willing to share that you use the Chat Bot / Live Chat feature so that I can visit your website/platform for research? Happy to post a review or recommendation to compensate.

Thanks so much!

Workaround for re-routing?

We just moved from Drive to PipeDrive ChatBot which has limited features by comparison. We love PipeDrive, we're just underwhelmed by the ChatBot so far.

Has anyone found a workaround for the fact that when you ask a question, it automatically creates branching based on the response? In Drift, you could ask a question with up to 15 responses in a drop-down and all of them could result in the same branch. For example, I could ask for someone to pick their favorite pizza topping from a menu of up to 15 choices, and collect that as information without altering... (More)

Chatbot integration with Slack

We were using a chatbot called Chatlio on our website. We really liked the slack integration so when someone started interacting with the chatbot we got a notification in slack and could conduct the conversation through slack.

Has anyone managed to do this type of integration with the Pipedrive chatbot? I love the integration with lead generation so I want to replace Chatlio with pipedrive.