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Discussion on CloudTalk, a cloud-based call center and business phone system solution.

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What's the best click to call dialer for Pipedrive ***THAT HAS A FULLY FUNCTIONAL MOBILE APP AND ALSO ALLOWS SMS***

We've been using Kixie, and it predominantly works fine as a chrome extension, aside from bugs that continually require us to "refresh".

But their mobile app is just utterly unworkable. I'm using it on an iphone 12 mini, and to dial out, I have to first delete the app, re-download, and then it only works a couple of times back to back. As soon as I leave the app and return, the outbound dialing feature simply doesn't work—even after the help of their support team.

Pipedrive support said that they've heard users also use CloudTalk or JustCall. Does anyone have any experience comparing those options to Kixie? I would hate to migrate away from an 80% workable solution, all to find we've moved to one that's even worse.

The functionality we require (and utilize) of Kixie currently:

- Click to Call within Pipedrive
- Dispositions in Kixie trigger workflows in Pipedrive
- SMS capability
- Call log tracking and SMS tracking in corresponding Pipedrive deal
- Live transfers using Kixie extensions
- 2 phone numbers per Kixie user
- No contract

Wish list of alternative solution:

- a workable mobile app that allows for reliable outbound calls
- click to call working without a chrome extension (thereby workable on an iPad, even if it has to dial my mobile device—but at least it would do so reliably)

Thank you so much!

Telefonieren in Pipedrive

Ich werde recht oft gefragt, wie man aus Pipedrive heraus telefoniert ohne die Nummern eintippen zu müssen. Die richtige Antwort darauf zu geben ist recht schwer, weil es viele verschiedene Möglichkeiten gibt und die Bedürfnisse sehr unterschiedlich sind. Dieser Beitrag liefert einen Überblick.

Mit dabei:  

  • Pipedrive-Caller 
  • das eigene Handy
  • Festnetz ohne und mit Verbindung zu Pipedrive (zu letzterem gibts auch ein Video) und 
  • andere Telefonie-Apps vom Pipedrive Marktplatz



Duplicates created upon any email sent out of gmail

Hi there! I have new duplicates of contacts already in the system created daily. I believe this happens with any email address that comes into my gmail. So anytime one of my Contacts from Pipedrive sends me an email. 

Any incoming call I have from Cloudtalk also creates a new contact. 

I would like to stop both of these things, please let me know if this is possible! Thank you 


Automated follow up post cold call

Hi Experts! I have configured pipedrive to auto call with help of cloudtalk and would love to get a share of experience of how you manage the automated follow up emails after . am using lemlist as cold email plaftorm.