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Discussion on CloudTalk, a cloud-based call center and business phone system solution.

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Automated follow up post cold call

Hi Experts! I have configured pipedrive to auto call with help of cloudtalk and would love to get a share of experience of how you manage the automated follow up emails after . am using lemlist as cold email plaftorm. 

Duplicates created upon any email sent out of gmail

Hi there! I have new duplicates of contacts already in the system created daily. I believe this happens with any email address that comes into my gmail. So anytime one of my Contacts from Pipedrive sends me an email. 

Any incoming call I have from Cloudtalk also creates a new contact. 

I would like to stop both of these things, please let me know if this is possible! Thank you 


Anybody tried Cloudtalk vs Nectardesk, Toky?

Looking for: "everything" but on a small scale. Easy click to call, call logging, clean Pipedrive integration, click to text, scripts-templates for texts, route incoming call to sales rep, and and central spot for Admin & sales teams to communicate deskop and on the go. 😁💥😅

Questions on Cloudtalk

If you have questions about Cloudtalk, I recommend tagging @David Cacik for assistance