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Voted for I think it's fair

As a partner to pipedrive, I am completely understanding of this rule. There is an entire company there with staff that depends on new leads to make a living. If they believe they have met a new customer, sold them something, done a bunch of accounting work, paid a local salesperson commission, then 30 days later you swoop in and take it all away......thats not being very partner like. 

Registering a lead takes seconds, and it saves the company you are a "partner" at lots of time, energy and money....

...why wouldn't you comply with the 48 hours?


Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Senior Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies
Voted for I think it's unfair

It's right: often people start trial and realize that they need help after weeks, even when trial is expired :-(

Voted for I think it's unfair

There are many variables that influence a decision such as the choice of a CRM: time (some need more and others less), decision makers, validation of the technology ... As a partner you invest time, that you do not want to charge, in gaining the trust of a Potential client that you don't know if you will get ... Faced with this situation, there is only the hope of a small return on investment in commission mode ... And you never know who will sign up for Pipedrive to take the test ...