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Commission field for products(or services) -


We have been using Pipedrive for some time, but we have never used its capabilities to 100%, however, now that we are going to increase the business development team, we want to use the tool to the fullest. Our company sells products and services, the products usually have a price but the services are monetized with different commissions on the sales we make, and here is the problem. I would need to implement a field with % and not with price and calculate the value of the business, as well as being able to use smartdocs to generate proposals... (More)

Add custom sources

Sources should be user-editable. Our sales team does not care if a lead, deal, contact, or organization was "imported" vs "manually added". We care if it came from the "website" "outbound campaign 1" or "referral person 5".

This data should help with commissioning and should follow that object (Lead/Deal/Contact/Organization) through it's lifecycles (Lead->Deal conversion)

How to Forecast Commission from revenue earned on the close of a deal?


So lets your an independent sales agent  and the Value of a deal your about to close is USD 1000 and the commission your about to earn from this is USD 200. How can you put this information in pipedrive?

Thank you.