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Community Tips & Settings
Community Tips & Settings

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Thursday Topic: Relationship Management

If you're using a CRM you're already taking steps to track and manage your relationship with your prospects, customers and maybe even your suppliers.

However, not only of CRM is relationship management made, and in Sales when you think you've seen it all you find yourself in a new jigsaw puzzle to solve.

No amount of sales handbooks or system will prepare you for how original people can be in their requests and what makes them tick. Why not be smart about it and tap into the pool of aggregated experience your peers have?

So head on over... (More)

Thursday Topic: Sales Strategy♟️

You're probably already following the Sales Processes topic, but did you know that we have a dedicated one for sales strategy ? 

Processes are vital but it's good to have a swiss army knife in your pocket should something unexpected happen, especially in these (...yes, we're going to say it...) unprecedented times.

So head on over to Sales Strategy and hit the 'follow' button. 

Ask for advice about bumps in the road and share your own pearls of wisdom. Reaching goals is rarely a straight line, and what is a community for if not helping each other? 😉

Thursday Topic: Community Tips & Settings

Inception! This Thursday's topic is Community Tips & Settings: have the Community experience you want, tailored to your interests and your time.

Did you know you can control when and where you get Community notifications? The video above will walk you through this and more in under 3 minutes.


❓What are your biggest struggles with the Community you'd like us to address? Comment below.


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Thursday Topic: Remote Work 🏠

Hello Community!

Today we inaugurate a new section called "Thursday Topics", where we bring into light some topics we cover here that you may not be aware of. They might be just what you needed and was right under your nose.

And what more current topic to start with than Remote Work - if you weren't doing it before you probably are now, so follow this topic to share and look for tips or just vent your pains. You can and should also tag it in related posts you make, of course!

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