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Community Settings and Tips
Community Settings and Tips

🎥 Get the most out of Community while avoiding the fuss, in under 3 minutes. 

  • control when and where you get Community notifications
  • choose your preferred language and use automatic translation
  • follow posts, topics and even other members
  • join industry and country channels

Your map to navigate Community without unnecessary stops or missing the landmarks. 🧭 

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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

🛎 Community Tip: Follow the topics and channels that matter the most to you 🛎


Make sure you are not missing out on any posts that could be important to you by joining the channels and following the topics that match your interests. This 40-second tutorial will show you how 😎


🔔 Follow Community Tips & Settings to get the most out of Community while avoiding the fuss. 🔔

See Posts I'm Following in Community site?

When I look at my profile in the Community Site, I can't seem to find a way to get back to the Posts that I follow.  In this screenshot, I see a "3" counter next to "Posts" I think because I added comments/replies to 3 posts and now follow those posts.  But when I click on Posts, I see "No items yet" so I don't have a way to get back to the 3 posts that I had left comments on.  Anyone know of a way to get to posts you've previously commented on?


🛎 Community Tip: Control your notifications (email + in-app) 🛎

We've been listening to you: getting too many notifications is just as frustrating as missing important ones, so we made this 30-second tutorial for you. 

Trust us, it will make your Community experience so much better. 😎


🔔 Follow Community Tips & Settings to get the most out of Community while avoiding the fuss. 🔔

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Usuario de la Community de Pipedrive

Quiero asociar esta cuenta de la Community a otra cuenta de usuario de Pipedrive diferente a ésta.  ¿Cómo lo tengo que hacer?