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Community Tips and Settings
Community Tips and Settings
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Where are "Settings"

I have signed on for the 14 day trial and am the admin, and am now trying to set up some custom columns. However, I cannot find Settings anywhere.

Under my initials in the top right corner, I see "Company Settings" but that doesn't appear to be the correct place to make custom columns.

Likewise, I see "Settings" (the gear icon) on the contact page - but than doesn't appear to be the correct place either.

Please help!


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Community Question

Hi Pipedrivers :) -

I have what might be a silly question. When I first started with the Pipedrive community, I was using my profile email address here: @Jeremy Gulley and now I'm using this profile permanently. Is there anyway to combine or merge my profiles on the community? @Inês Batata - would you be able to help? 

Thank you in advance!  

DoloresPipedrive Employee
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Hi everyone! 👋

I am Dolores, researcher in Pipedrive.

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