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Contact Management
Contact Management

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Link 1 contact to 2 organizations

Dear Community,

I am trying to link 1 contact to 2 organizations. Unfortunately, I cannot...

is it normal ? Or should I duplicate the contact ?


Thank you all.



Mapping new leads/deals to existing organizations

Hi Community!

We want to have our web forms create a new deal, but not a new organization.

Right now, every new web form creates a new deal. (great!) BUT I don't want it to create a new organization if there is already one live! Is it possible to map this lead (create a look-up) and have them merged vs creating a new one?

EXAMPLE: Lead is Nike looking for more advertisement space. I want Nike to not duplicate as a new organization, but map to the existing one.

If there is any other way forward with this please advise!... (More)

Is Pipedrive able to recognise contact email addresses including company name and add these automatically to the company?

Adding a contact WITH phone or mail but without the name

I was wondering if there is a way to add a contact with phone/mail but without the actual name

We're active in real estate. During prospection, in some cases you found/have the phone number or mail but not an actual name. However, when adding a contact to a deal, a name is an obligated field.

Consequently, our agents put in a preliminary X or intials as a name for now. I'm sure this will cause duplicate problems, data pollution etc.

In the settings, data fields, I have not indicated the Contactperson's name as Required:

Any ideas how to solve... (More)