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Contact Management
Contact Management

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Proprietà contatti in base al comune

Buongiorno a tutti, 

ho la necessità di creare un'automazione che mi permetta di assegnare la proprietà dei contatti in base al comune degli stessi, qualcuno ha già affrontato qualcosa di simile? Idee? 

Grazie mille 




Allow me to select the default email address of a given contact to use on a given deal

I have many contacts who have multiple email addresses related to their work with different customers. For example, Joe is a freelancer or consultant who works with several companies/organizations and he wants to help each of them buy my software. When he's working with Org A, he uses and when he works with Org B, he uses

Each org has their own deal in pipedrive, but Joe is the main contact for both of them. I have both of Joe's email addresses saved on his contact, but I need a way to specify which email address to default to per deal so I don't try to email him about Org A's deal using his Org B email address.

Ged Leigh
Marketing Director (Part-time)

Data Cleanse Best Practise

I have a 32k database in Pipedrive where we know the data quality is poor.  I am using an external company to cleanse the data which wil be delivered as an Excel sheet.  

Question: How do I overlay the clean data onto Pipedrive without losing existing contacts that are already linked to Leads and Deals?

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