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Contact sync
Contact sync
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Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Default fields created by contact sync

When you start the contact synchronisation, fields are automatically created. For example, birthday, instant messenger or postal address.

For various reasons, these fields often make no sense in the CRM and are just confusing.  You can't remove them yourself and according to the support team, the colleagues from the technical department can't either.

Hence my wish:

  1. As an admin, you can delete these fields like user-defined fields.
  2. You can deactivate this contact sync at company level. It does more harm than good.

La sincronización de contactos entre PIPEDRIVE y GOOGLE genera duplicidad y errores en la informacion

En dos de mis compañías he tenido problema con la sincronización de contactos entre PIPEDRIVE y GOOGLE CONTACTS, ya que duplica contactos en pipedrive (tema que se podría resolver con FUSIONAR DUPLICADOS), pero lo mas grave es que esta vinculando datos como email y teléfono en PIPEDRIVE que no corresponden a las personas que son.

Después de intentarlo varias veces, de eliminar TODOS los contactos de mi cuenta de GOOGLE CONTACTS de TODAS las carpetas, y comenzar de cero la sincronización (asesoria dada por servicio al cliente), nuevamente se presenta el mismo error.

Inicialmente PIPEDRIVE me informo que podrían ser... (More)

Email signature images continue to attach to contacts

Is there a way to stop email signature images from repeatedly attaching themselves to our contacts in pipedrive?  This happen to much  

Sync all contacts

Hi everybody,

I have some struggles with the contacts sync feature. Pipedrive does not allow to sync all contacts in my Google Contacts. Only if I am the owner of a contact.

Well we are working in a sales team of 10 people and the concept of ownership of a contact does no belong to us. The team is the owner and all of my colleagues need all contacts.

So please give us the possibility to sync all contacts.