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Contact sync
Contact sync
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Gaps in contact history when deals involve multiple contacts

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the following issue?

Whenever I'm dealing with multiple contacts at an organisation, it's not possible to see a complete view of the contact history on the deal screen.

I've tried the following to try to get the e-mails to show up but none of them have worked

1. Merging duplicate deals
2. Adding the extra contacts to the deal as participants
3. Changing the primary point of contact on the deal

A workaround is the click onto the organisation page from the deal screen.

The problem is, a user could very... (More)

Pipedrive - Outlook Contact Sync Issue

Does anyone else have issues with Pipedrive staying in sync with Microsoft Outlook Contacts, via 2-way sync? I've tried to work with Pipedrive on this multiple times and yet the issues persist and I have to resync my entire contact list. Is anyone aware of other options that might work?

QR scanner in Pipedrive app for contacts sync


Does Pipedrive app have QR scanner?

I suppose it would be amazing if Pipedrive app would have integrated QR code scanner that when sales are on the road, they could just scan the business card of a customer and  the app would pick up all the essential info from the business card and create a new Person in Pipedrive automatically. That would be super useful! 


Download Smart contact Data in bulk

Hi Development Team!

It would be amazing to be able to download the smart data contact information all at once to my laptop instead of adding manually one by one all the information to our contact info. This would save me a lot of time, and I'm sure I'm not the only one!

Thanks a million!