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Contact sync
Contact sync
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WeChat - Instant messenger

WeChat is most popular Instant messenger, it shall be available from Instant messenger list.

Personal Contacts


I want to remove personal contacts that have synced in with office 365.  This is because effectively the whole company can then see my personal emails, which are connected to that contact.  If I delete them, will they then also delete off Office 365, or will they keep adding back in due to the sync?



Add one way contact sync from Pipedrive to apps

We should have the ability to have a one way contact sync from Pipedrive to supported apps (Google, iCloud, Outlook). It's pretty frustrating when you have all these features but remove the most basic items we need.

The current integration only supports 2 way sync or 1 way sync from app to pipedrive. A major point of paying for pipedrive's superior contact management system is to actually use it as a contact management system-- which should be as the source of truth of your data base.

With that said most users don't want the possibility of a rogue app, sync... (More)

Sync your contacts between Pipedrive and other apps via PieSync.

Hi Sarah for PieSync here! 

We are a happy partner of Pipedrive and we help you sync your contacts in 2-ways real time between Pipedrive and a ton of other apps like HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Contacts, outlook, ActiveCampaigne,  ...

It's a very easy 3-step set up to keep your contacts clean.

Let me know if you have any questions!