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Contact sync
Contact sync
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Hello pipeline community, I am having technical issues with getting my pipedrive account to Sync with my Outlook ... the video without success. Any Advice?

Contact sync - mapping - Office 365

Are there any plans to improve the contact sync feature for Office 365?  At the moment there is no capability to map contact information to the various fields. I tried this out contact sync in the past and it messed up my contacts bi-directionally.


Outlook contacts import

When I put my outlook email in import page, then ask me my password but my mail I think is not Microsoft exchange so it will be impossible to import data.

Georgia Harmon
Technical / Internal Sales

Is there any way to automate a workflow for Labels

When an Organisation updates or changes a label, can the contacts in the Organisation also be updated to have the same label as an automation?

I cannot see how to make this automation work. Thanks