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Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Does anyone have an automatic process set up to maintain a List of Organizations from Pipedrive in SharePoint Online?

For reasons not worth going into here, we need to keep our list of customers that is maintained and updated in Pipedrive also available for browsing in a List in SharePoint Online. Please help! 

2way sync Pipedrive Mailchimp GDPR challenge

We get leads from different channels. Some come from people who register on a form (no problem here). But we also target our leads ourselves, and after we have had a meeting with a potential customer we would like to keep them warm by adding them in mailchimp. But we can not add someone to mailchimp without acceptance from the person.

What I would like to do is setup an automation. When a person is added to Pipedrive a standard email is being sent to this person asking them to accept receiving newsletters. I dont want them to fill out... (More)

Insights on organizations


So I want to have a report on each organisations/clients of our in Pipedrive with the following information: name, nr of deals started in a custom period of time, won deals, lost deals, sum of all deals (amount won, amount lost,) ticket size. All this in just one report. It is possible in pipedrive? 

Tom Chapman
Business Development Manager

Duplication's feature improvement request

Any likelihood of developing the duplicate contacts/companies feature to perform "fuzzy" searches and/or for the user to define which fields PD looks for duplicates?