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Pipedrive envía #correos tomando siempre el primero de los que pueda tener el contacto.
Cuando se envía un #email mediante un proceso automático siempre lo hace tomando el primero y a veces no es el de trabajo
Para cambiar el orden en la ficha del contacto es necesario borrar el primero, guardar y volver a anotar el borrado en el segundo lugar. Una labor muy pesada y poco eficiente.

¿Cómo se puede marcar como correo principal uno de ellos independientemente del lugar que ocupe en la ficha del contacto?


Ryan Gerardi
Systems Administrator

Recent Searches and/or Records

Often I find that I need to re-access Contacts, Deals, and Leads that I previously accessed. To do this you can either search for the record or go to that section of Pipedrive and cherry-pick the record from a list.

Seems to me that if you place your cursor in the Search form it would be handy if the system displayed a list of recently accessed records, like when you input information into Google Search it displays a drop down list of possible phrases you might be searching.

This is a feature I was familiar with when using other CRMs... (More)

Undelete contacts



I note I have several contacts that have a creation date that is much later than I know they were created. This date is when I did an automatic duplicate contact merge but there is no history carried forward - thus I would like to undelete the previous contact (history) and merge it so that the history is back as per before the auto merge - how can I do this please?

Show user source on webform submit

This is a low hanging fruit to implement on the existing Pipedrive platform.


Please link webforms with visitors. I.e. when a form is submitted, a visitor is created and connected to the person created with the form. This will allow us to know where the person came from.


I'm currently doing this with custom code and not using the Pipedrive form. It's a hack that I would prefer not to maintain.