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Proprietà contatti in base al comune

Buongiorno a tutti, 

ho la necessità di creare un'automazione che mi permetta di assegnare la proprietà dei contatti in base al comune degli stessi, qualcuno ha già affrontato qualcosa di simile? Idee? 

Grazie mille 




Edit contracts from right panel in the inbox

Sometimes I get more information about a contract via email (last name, title, etc) and I want to quickly add it to the contract without leaving the inbox. It would be great if there was a way to quickly edit the contract from the right side panel in inbox so we don't have to leave inbox or open another tab.

How to list / sort contacts by date added / created?

I add a new contact, and then cannot find them because the default contact sort order seems to be random (on How can I list contacts by date added?

Delete thousands of contacts


I would like to delete around 4.000 contacts from PD. The list view is not an option as this would require selecting these 4.000 contacts manually. Is there an upload that deletes contacts based on the email address or something like this?

Kind regards