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Can link only one organisation to a contact?

We have an 2 different organisations who have the same contact (with the same email address) - is there no way to link that contact with both organisations? 


Map support in Web interface

I'm very happy with the pipedrive user interface. It's why I recommended it over other popular choices. Feature suggestion for web interface: Being able to view all people and or company records on a map and then being able to draw around them to create a 'group'. This would be very useful when we are looking to target cold calling in a specific area. We do landscape maintenance, snow, landscape construction. This would be particularly helpful when we are targeting our sales efforts to build snow routes. 

Secondary/Tertiary contact's email linking to deals automatically

Hi Team - I'd like to highlight a feature requirement that shall help in avoiding repetitive manual task.

If some contacts are assigned to a single deal only and there is mail communication with those contacts, then the emails should sync automatically with the particular deal.

Currently this happens only for the primary contact that is assigned to the deal. The emails from the secondary/tertiary or other contacts needs to be linked with the deal manually from the mail box. This is time consuming and can be automated.

I understand it should not be possible if a contact has more... (More)