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Martin Fearnley
VP International Sales

Organization/Contact Insights

Hi... I'm needing to run reports on Organizations and contacts added but there doesn't seem to be any way on insights.  Looking at previous requests here its mentioned that it is being developed.  Can you please give an update as this is critical as we grow as a business and we need to track activity.

Followers Filter for Contacts

We have 3 divisions belonging to our company working with the contacts in Pipedrive. One of the goals with Pipedrive is that all have access to everyone's contacts across these divisions, so one common database is established.

As only one person can be the "Owner" of a contact the others are listed then as "Followers" if that contact is relevant for them too, e.g. they might be in contact with this person or have deal in the future etc.

Sadly, Pipedrive only allows filtering by "Owner" when in the People module, so if one of the divisions wants to go... (More)

Allow me to select the default email address of a given contact to use on a given deal

I have many contacts who have multiple email addresses related to their work with different customers. For example, Joe is a freelancer or consultant who works with several companies/organizations and he wants to help each of them buy my software. When he's working with Org A, he uses and when he works with Org B, he uses

Each org has their own deal in pipedrive, but Joe is the main contact for both of them. I have both of Joe's email addresses saved on his contact, but I need a way to specify which email address to default... (More)

Finding or restoring people who have been deleted


Wondering if its possible to find out any CONTACTS which have been deleted by another user. there is no way to filter on STATUS of a CONTACT and thus how would i find if an employee has removed them accidentally or not and then restore them