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Ability to send to batches of 100 contacts

If you select more than 100 people, you have the ability to choose the first 100... but after that no assistance to select the next 100's after that.

Even the ability to view 100 contact per page so I can select the first 100, send, then next page, select all, etc.

NOT geared up for larger contact databases at all!

Andre VillElite + Premier Solution Provider
Pipedrive implementation and development specialist

Hi Dorte!

You probably got an answer for this, but I will just reply in case somebody will need help with this in the future.

If you scroll below there are "Participants" where you can add people from different companies to this deal.

But creating a custom field for this also works. Depends on how clean look you are going for.

Sadly adding the person to 2 different companies is still not possible.

Hi I sell a lot through partners and would like to have the same contact person both be on the Partners Company and the Customers, The sales person differs from case to case., eventhough same partner eg. . BUT is this possible? To day I use a custom field for source (Partnername), but that was meant for company name level.

Best regards,


Rico den Burger
Online Marketeer @ RdB Communicatie

Website form overwrites important customer data, what to do?

Hi community,

My company uses website forms to add newsletter subscribers (for example) to Pipedrive. We are really happy with this integration, but If the person that fills in the form allready exists, Pipedrive overwrites the existing info of the person. As a result, all kind of important information is lost and automatic processes are stopped. 

Maybe, we made a mistake by letting the website form create a new person and we should make a lead first? 

I hope you guys and girls can help me out. 

Thanks in advance. 


Add contacts faster

Hey team,

It would be cool if there is a feature that when you add a contact you just make a photo of the business card or a screenshot of the email signature and it automatically will be saved as a contact in pipedrive