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Contacts & calendar sync
Contacts & calendar sync

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Google calendar have'nt show enymore deal detail info in external calendar.

Names and deal title will not become visible to my calendar, including guests. Please make detail info visible!  Today I have hundred just calls.     I know that  if I click on the acitvity it show more info, but its not good.

Feature Request: Ability to exclude Calendar items marked as Private

We use Calendly which allows clients to schedule available time on my work calendar however, there are times when I have a personal appointment during the work day that needs to be on my work calendar but not synched to Pipedrive. Having the ability to exclude calendar items marked as Private would solve this problem. Also, these items are counted towards activities and pollute reports.

Hi @Dmitriy Kim11 , we appreciate our initiative to create a survey about your integration here in the Community! You can also check your competition in our Marketplace12 ;)

PS - We'd like to ask you to please not use the "What's New?4" or "What's Planned?9" topics in your posts: they are read-only topics used by Pipedrive to communicate updates to our community members. "Feedback & Suggestions6" refers only to Pipedrive features. I have removed them from your post and replaced them with more pertinent topics. Thank you!

They are, however, the place to... (More)

Linking contacts from a meeting coming from Google Agenda to their Pipedrive profile

It would be great to have a feature that automatically links the contacts from a meeting created on Google Agenda (2-way sync activated on Pipedrive) to its profile on Pipedrive to reflect this activity on its profile. Today it is not the case and makes it difficult to track the timeline of contacts. The profile shows 0 activities but we might have had different meetings with contact X.

On an individual level, it is not a huge pain but when we work as a team, my colleagues cannot track if I had meetings or not with contact X.

The feature... (More)