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Contacts & calendar sync
Contacts & calendar sync

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waitlist functionality on Calendar sync

I am using the Google calendar sync for my demonstration clinics. These work slightly differently to a standard meeting. It would be useful for my business to be able to run a waitlist that prospects can sign up to as well as other proposed meeting dates. I do get some cancellations so knowing who is interested in having a demonstration is really invaluable. If it is possible to add this type of functionality to the calendar options that would be great. 

La sincronización de contactos entre PIPEDRIVE y GOOGLE genera duplicidad y errores en la informacion

En dos de mis compañías he tenido problema con la sincronización de contactos entre PIPEDRIVE y GOOGLE CONTACTS, ya que duplica contactos en pipedrive (tema que se podría resolver con FUSIONAR DUPLICADOS), pero lo mas grave es que esta vinculando datos como email y teléfono en PIPEDRIVE que no corresponden a las personas que son.

Después de intentarlo varias veces, de eliminar TODOS los contactos de mi cuenta de GOOGLE CONTACTS de TODAS las carpetas, y comenzar de cero la sincronización (asesoria dada por servicio al cliente), nuevamente se presenta el mismo error.

Inicialmente PIPEDRIVE me informo que podrían ser... (More)

Sharing calendar event with another user

If I have a meeting set up for let's say Monday at noon, how do I share the event and details with another user on the same account?  Basically, I want someone else in the office to have it added to their calendar as well.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

Marking activities as "done" in G-Cal

I am able to edit activities in G-Cal that were created in PD.  However, one thing I am unable to do in G-Cal is mark the activity as "done".  Is it possible to mark a PD activity as done from inside G-Cal?