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Is Pipedrive the right tool for us?

Hi all!

We're a real estate company that:

  • Buys property and rents it to tenants
  • Most of the time remodel it, for this we want to keep track of all the costs etc.
  • Want to keep track of total rent income, outstanding etc
  • Keep documents with our properties
  • Sent automated emails/reminders to tenants
  • Overview per property what we spend on it for remodelling, taxes and other financials, based on individual entries on a ledger for that property.
  • Have our mail conversations with tenants per property.

Is it possible to manage our property portfolio with Pipedrive? Or just the tenants part?... (More)

🏆 🇦🇺 Success Story: How a grassroots charity is creating a social impact around Australia
⚙️ Click the cogwheel for subtitles in English, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

"Sober in the Country (SITC) is a grassroots charity making it ‘OK2SAYNO’ to beers in the bush and catching our mates before they fall through the cracks of overcoming addiction in isolation,” explains CEO Shanna Whan.

Ops Manager and Director @Felicity Nolen  introduced Shanna to Pipedrive having used it herself at a previous company. Now the SITC team uses Pipedrive for everything from managing booking enquiries to processing memberships to their Rural Peer Support community, the Bush Tribe.


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🏆 🇺🇸 Success Story: How Pipedrive can turn struggling reps into all-star salespeople


@Mitch Workman , Digital Marketing Director at Big Dog Solar thinks Pipedrive is “awesome!”

Thanks to Pipedrive, the American solar panel installation company now knows which leads are driving the most revenue. Pipedrive’s activity-based sales features have even helped one of the Big Dog Solar team almost triple his sales revenue in a year

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Thinking outside the box. ... use PD for your supply chain too!

We've been using PD for going on 7 years. ... We were merrily dealing with our prospects and customers when I suddenly realised that PD could handle our supply chain as well. .... (well, given our specific circumstance).

We work with a large e-commerce store and often order samples be sent from our suppliers directly to our customers. ... We often drop-ship the eventual orders (that is, have our supplier's warehouse ship directly to our customers).

It took a little time but we entered all our supplier orgs, and associated with those supplier orgs all the relevant contacts AND created... (More)