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Custom fields

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How do you use Pipedrive?

I live & work in the Kansas City area, I sell long-term care insurance as a Dave Ramsey endorsed local provider by phone serving a 4 state area... Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, & Arkansas. Since I get around 70 leads per... (More)

Bernd AuerCommunity Driver
Managing Director -

Dependencies in custom fields

I know, this topic already was discussed a lot, but not in the community and I just heard it again :-)

It would be great if Pipedrive had custom fields which are only shown when a certain value is in... (More)

Adina FaimanCommunity Driver
Chief Data Officer @ European Innovation Academy

Feature request: Possibility to add floating explanations to Custom fields

I would appreciate if it was possible to add longer explanations or definitions to custom fields about what information is required. All of this doesn't fit into field name but it's crucial for the admins to regulate the quality of... (More)

Is it possible to create custom fields that are visible/editable only in certain pipelines?

I am guessing that the answer is no, but I wish it were yes. In our case, we have a large number of custom-fields that are relevant only when the opportunity is at a certain stage (in a certain pipeline).... (More)