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Custom fields / Data fields
Custom fields / Data fields

Discuss Pipedrive's default and Custom Fields

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Pipedrive API : How to handle Persons existence?


what is the general coding paradigm for handling the existence of a Person?
What is the implementation in webforms?


First Person is a backer and the second one is a musician:

John Smith 
phone: 1234567

John Smith 
address: Some Street IN, London


Fields not allowing API Zapier Integration

I am trying to integrate data via Zaiper but default field Birthday and Job Title do not show up. 

The solution I was given was to create a separate custom DOB field.  This is ridiculous, all default fields should be allowed to accept data as long as it is being passed as the appropriate data type.

Customize Product Fields in a Deal

Hi All, 

Just wanted to put a quick note in to let you know that it would be amazing to be able to customize the product fields displayed when adding existing product to a deal. My company's products have enough variables that's it's hard to differentiate between products with the available fields  (item, price, quantity, amount). 



Como eu exporto as notas do pipe sem aparecer erros?

Estou extraindo alguns dados da base de dados mas aparecem assim no excel:



<div><b>Resgate</b><br>RT TFN 23 - Liquidação: <b>01/02/2009</b><br> <span>- Liquidação:</span> <b>02/09/2009</b><br>RT Quatar <span>- Liquidação:</span> <span><b>conf</b></span><br><br><b>Alocar</b><br>LTN23</div>"

Não gostaria de extrair os dados com os <> e nem com as letras no meio