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Custom fields / Data fields
Custom fields / Data fields

Discuss Pipedrive's default and Custom Fields

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How does Won Time account for timezones?


We have salespeople in both North America and Europe. When they mark a deal as Won, is the Won Time marked based on their timezone?

For example, a European salesperson may mark a deal as Won at 1:00am on Wednesday, but to me it would be technically Won on Tuesday.


How is this accounted for in Pipedrive? Thanks!

Luigi Sghinolfi


Hello, it would be interesting to have the possibility to map the custom fields.

Or Example CUSTOM FIELD = BUSINESS UNIT If I select the BUSINESS UNIT in the contact, it is automatically selected in the company and in the sales opportunity as well. It would be possible?

Zoho CRM has been having such a feature for a long time.

@Inês Batata