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Custom fields / Data fields
Custom fields / Data fields

Discuss Pipedrive's default and Custom Fields

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Update custom field in Pipe when user unsubscribes in Mailigen

Hi, I want to update the contact information in pipedrive whenever someone unsubscribes in my mailings from Mailigen.

We have a field which tracks information about the subscription status.

It would be nice to know if the contact has unsubscribed from mailings without searching in Mailigen.

Filtering deal views by "next quarter"


I currently have a filter that allows me to look at deals with a close date in the current quarter.

I'd like to be able to look at the next quarter. 

Am I missing how to do this? "Next quarter" is not an option in the dropdowns, whilst next week or next month are?

Thanks for any help....

Done activities on Bussiness opportunity card

Hi there!, I wrote with question about function that used to be available about 1-1,5 year ago and it turned out that it doesn't work. Activities that sticked to each Business Opportunity Card: they are planned for each day, and we ticked them as done. Previous: we planned acitivity 10.June, we done it that day, but we ticked it 11.June and PIPE showed us 10.June was done. This option is different at the moment -coz PIPE shows real time of done activity but time of planned isn't shown anymore. The real date of done is also helpful and could be... (More)