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Customer Success
Customer Success
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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales Community.

Topic of the week: Customer Success 🙌

Making a sale is good but letting your customers know you still care after that and want them to get the most out of their purchase is even better - and coincidentally increases their lifetime value, lowers churn and facilitates upsell and cross-sell.

Yes, you've guessed it! It's all about the fine art of what's usually called Customer Success. Whether you're still wondering if you should assemble a Success team or if you already have one but they're having trouble not letting follow-ups fall through the cracks, we've got you covered:

Is there a way to save a customer's card on file?

How to integrate multiple pipelines efficiently?

Dear Pipedrivers,

my company is currently planing to pull our entire customer interactions into Pipedrive. It started with Sales, than Onboarding and now we are considering implementing the entire Customer Support into Pipedrive as well.

There is one major issue, that I just couldn't work out so far, though: Efficiently connecting each Pipeline to the next.

What exactly is the issue?

For multiple reasons, we not only use different Pipelines, but also a different version/copy of the original Sales Deal: We want to keep insights useful and mark Deals that are won as "won". If you do that, you have... (More)

Margaux Fiche
Customer Success Specialist

How to trigger workflow when meeting is booked in Calendar

As Customer Success Specialist I have added some automation to add deals to my CS pipeline and trigger activities such as sending outreach emails and moving the deals automatically from one stage to the other. In one of the email they have access to my calendar to book a meeting and if they do book one (my calendar is linked to Pipedrive) I would then want the deal to move to the next stage where I can check who is booked and prepare for the meetings. Until then it is a rather "hand-free" process. Is it possible for the deals... (More)