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Customer Success

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Manage current customers

Dear all,

I have been searching the knowledge base for how to best manage current customers. My main use for Pipedrive will be managing current client relationship rather than drive new sales.

Can anyone assist me in finding the best way or share experience on how to utilize Pipedrive to best manage current clients. Do you use the pipelines or what?

Best regards from Iceland 

Wanted to say Thank You!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to the Pipedrive customer service. I've worked with SO many different cloud based SaaS services and I believe that the industry forgets that SaaS is just that ... A SERVICE. Many companies turn their solution into a numbers game that funnel in and churn out customers. Pipedrive ALWAYS has the most positive, caring and truly helpful team that I've worked with.

I recently had a problem that took about a week to solve (I won't bore you with the details) but, instead of being assigned a ticket number and having to plan... (More)

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