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Live Chat - Slack Integration ?

We currently use to engage with our website visitors directly from slack. This is super useful because I don't have to hop between systems. Most of the visitor on our website have engineering/support questions so our engineers actually answer these questions instead of sales people. since engineers are on slack, having the ability to talk to someone directly from slack is invaluable. 

I am looking at Pipedrive Live Chat feature and it looks very nice. However, I don't see any Slack integration. Am I missing something?

PipeDrive is not loading

PD is completely greyed out for the entire organization.

Nothing loads!

Steve Konkle
Regional Sales Manager

Cannot Reach Chat for help?

Clicking on chat icon and cannot reach chat, what's up?

[Closed] Chatbot Feedback discussion

EDIT: This research has now concluded, thank you all for your feedback!

Hi there 👋👋👋,

Veronika, Product Manager for Chatbot (LeadBooster add-on) here 🙂

We would love to hear more details about your experience with Chatbot. Are you open to short call with me to discuss your feedback?

We are preparing and prioritizing improvements for next development and we would love to ensure it is aligned with your requirements and needs as much as possible.

Please feel free to reach out and choose your suitable time slot

Doesn’t matter if you’re using Chatbot or stopped because it did not meet your expectations. Let me hear it.