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Livechat mit fb Verbinden

Hallo, kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit den Chat bzw. Chatbot mit fb zu verknpüfen?

Würde den gerne direkt mit den fb Nachrichtensystem verbinden.

Scheduling live chat availability

When using Live Chat, it would be great to be able to schedule your availably to coincide with you working hours, for example. At the moment, you have to manually select Online/Offline but automating and scheduling this would be much better

Issues with most recent Pipedrive Chatbot's javascript code causing SEO issues.

Is anyone else experiencing issues while using the most recent Pipedrive chatbot?  We love that this generates leads but also second the other community members asking that it needs to allow more analytics about where a user comes from (ie what page.)

However, the biggest issue we are seeing is that the Javascript code is out of date and causing uncached JavaScript errors, impacting  our overall SEO.

Is this something that is being fixed? Anyone else seeing this?

LiveChat scripts slowing our website down

Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but the LiveChat scripts are slowing our website down and reducing our pagespeed scores - particularly on mobile.

Would be good if the dev team could look at how to slim down the code and loading time of their scripts. Also if they could look at if it is possible to set functionality in LiveChat to only run on the desktop version of a site (and not mobile).

If you have this problem also, please like this and add your comments so we can get it on the dev team's radar.