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Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Dashboard sharing question

Hi to all, is it possible for a user to create a Dashboard and make it visible to another pipedrive's user in the same company? 

At the moment (a customer with essential plans) seems it's not possible. My client wants to be able to that an user can create a dashboard and other users (on the same account) can view and modify it.

Is it possible @Inês Batata ?

Goals Dashboard Report

HI All,

I noticed that PD will divide an annual #Goal (Target) by 12 (months) which won't work for us as our team's goals change (ie over December and January, they get half targets/goals, when they are new and have just joined, their target slowly grows over the first 4 months), however if I set their goals manually on a monthly basis, the target does not show on the dashboard report so we can see how they are progressing.

We should be able to export the dashboard to Excel and PPT. Also, we should be able to customize the colors of the chart to be consistent with our corporate presentations.

Eden Brownlee
Digital Strategy Consultant & CEO

Switching out 'DASHBOARD' with INSIGHTS... when insights does NOT cover the same features - insights needs an update before you consider switching

So, I've seen today that our beloved reporting dashboard is being replaced with insights.

Unfortunately, these are NOT offering the same features, and we are now going to be losing one of the most important tools that is one of the core reasons we chose pipe drive in the first place.

Let me explain:

In reporting for ANY business, the most important thing we need is to be able to quickly track periods of time (and compare them if possible). The current dashboard while basic, does this some what well, while I cannot compare side by side, it is more... (More)