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Duplicate Insights

Is there an easy way to duplicate insights on the same dashboard? For example I want 4 separate insights on deal performance, showing deals added into our pipeline, one for last week, another for last month, another for the quarter and one for the whole financial year.

At the moment I have to manually create each insight which has taken a long time.

Also would it be possible to support more than 4 insights on a row, especially when it is a single number insight using scorecards?

Show current number of deals per stage in dashboard

Hello everyone,聽

I need help configuring a report for a dashboard please.聽
I want to show the number of deals per stage at this very moment. So far, I have only been able to display progress/change per phase, but in that szenario deals coul be counted double which would distort the statistics.聽

Basically, I need to show the normal pipeline-view including the number of deals per stage to a costumer without acces to our pipedrive, so sth like this screenshot.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated, thank you!聽

BR Marlene

Allow customisation of the deal card please!!

I just wanted to add to the community requests to be able to customise the details shown on the deal card. Seems like a lot of people would find it helpful and I know it would make our work way more efficient. Thanks!

Rapports Hors Pipedrive

Hello la communaut茅 de Pipedrive France.聽

Je me retrouve assez limit茅 par les rapports dans Pipedrive. Je pr茅f猫rerai plut么t les construire de z茅ro. Bien s没r, je veux faire du temps r茅el afin de ne pas avoir 脿 mettre 脿 jour les tableau de bord chaque semaine, 莽a peut se faire gr芒ce 脿 la cl茅e API.聽

Avez vous des outils gratuits ou pas chers 脿 me conseiller :) ?聽
Merci !