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sharing dashboard

I am looking for a way to share my dashboard with my team - not via an external link but rather in pipedrive itself. Is that possible?




Person/lead option in Insights

The insights option is very powerful and useful. It offers 3 entities for reporting and gaining insights. However, there are two entities that is missing in our opinion. It would be very useful to have Persons and Leads added to the list of options to generate a report on. This could provide companies with so much more insights that they can use for future decisions.

Persons - examples for useful reports
1. Report on how many new persons are created
2. Report on how many persons are from a certain country
3. Report on how many of all added persons... (More)

sharing dashboards with mulitple users / teams


as a sales manager 

I would like to be able to share dashboards with multiple users / teams.  Unfortunately, I only see a way to share a link, rather than - what I would have expected - to be able to create a dasboard (e.g.: Partner Sales Dashboard) and make sure that eveyone has access to it from inside their pipedrive system.

What am I missing, how would you go about this?

Best regards, Bernd

Maher Ayari
Business Development Associate

Anyone is using a cool app from the Pipedrive Marketplace for reporting & building dashboards?

I feel like the insights section of Pipedrive is fairly limited in its flexibility and customization. 

Thanks ✌️