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Report on Contacts created, New leads, New deals


Beginner question here. 

I would like to create dashboard report to see how many contacts were created during the period, how many leads were created and how many deals. All in the same graph. 

Is there a way?


Pipedrive - you are not geared up to help large companies.

Hi guys,

I am getting more and more frustrated with Pipedrive as our company continues to grow and grow. Your software is simply not design for scalability, which ironically is the purpose of a CRM! From limited pricing packages (which have been mentioned a dozen times in this community), to unshareable data dashboards which show individual data patterns within dates, as well as the inability to have a rotting data dashboard, it simply shows that you are reporting is seriously limited. I don't understand why I keep getting UX updates when reporting is lacking. All i want to see is... (More)

Insights dashboards: rolling dates?

We often want to see "in the past 30 days...." or "in the past", what happened with a stage/pipeline. This helps us narrow in on Deal owners that aren't tracking or mistakes. Any way to create dashboards that match this kind of criteria? Examples:

  • Expected close date < 30 days from Today (with "Today" being something that updates automatically in the Dashboard, without the user having to change it)
  • RFP Release Date = in the past AND Status does not equal Proposal Submitted (is "in the past" possible?)

@Josh Monifi 

Planned: sharing Insights internally

For whom?

All plans.

How will it work?

  • All roles (admin+regular user) will be able to share their dashboards with other users.
  • Users will be able to share a dashboard with:
    • All other users
    • One or multiple users
    • One or multiple teams
  • Users will only be able to access the data that is allowed for their role and permissions.
  • When sharing a dashboard, all reports within it will be accessible to the shared audience.
  • If the dashboard owner deletes the dashboard or revokes access to it, then shared content is not visible to the shared audience anymore.
  • Users... (More)