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Have the ability to add this 'Summary' view of the report into my Dashboard

Tony Matthews
Senior Account Manager

Anyone else noticed that insights data always needs refreshing? Even when I go to my dashboard from a different website it is always out of date and I have to hit f5. or is it just mine?

Aaron Douglass-Bailey
Pipedrive Partner - Evolve

Filtering options on goals reports!

It'd be great to be able to apply filters to goals like you can with other insights reports. Such as if we wanted a forecast with goals but only allowing for deals with a probability above 80%. 

"Goal" reports should be able to be set in different timeframes separately.

Currently, in GOALS, you can only create one report with one timeframe, and cannot create similar goals for different timeframes and different numbers.

For instance, if I create a Yearly goal for a sales person, I cannot create also a Quarterly goal for that person without having to change the period.

That could work for sales persons who have the same goal for each quarter, but it does not work when each quarter have different sales objective.

It also prevents from creating a report that shows the overall yearly target, and sub-goals under it showing the quarterly (or monthly) target,... (More)