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Data management
Data management
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Pipedrive integration with google drive. Renaming folders, creating subfolders

Hi everyone!


I have the following scenario that I would like to get:

Sync Pipedrive with Google drive to download all files from pipe drive into subfolders for each deal.


Pipedrive > "Deal Number" > "Deals Subfolders"

Currently the integration renames the folders but to the organisations or contact person name, do you know any workaround using zapier?


Thank you!


Hi everyone!

Is there a way of organising things in each deal folder to subfolders when integrating with google drive?

Ged Leigh
Marketing Director (Part-time)

Data Cleanse Best Practise

I have a 32k database in Pipedrive where we know the data quality is poor.  I am using an external company to cleanse the data which wil be delivered as an Excel sheet.  

Question: How do I overlay the clean data onto Pipedrive without losing existing contacts that are already linked to Leads and Deals?

James Bowie
Private Lender & Real Estate Investor

e-Signature: Email CC Non-Signers and Save to Google Drive

Two requests for the new e-signature feature:

  1. Ability to send a CC email to someone that is not signing the document once everyone has signed it
  2. Automatically save the pdf document to Google Drive after it has been e-signed by all parties (just like it does with the other deal related documents created in Pipedrive).