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Data management
Data management
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Eoin Mangan
Senior Business Development Exec

Sort by email extenstion

When an existing contact decides to cc their team into a thread (which is being tracked for a deal, etc) its creates a contact for them in Pipedrive, but does not attach them to the Organisation or deal that is associated with the thread.

This could happen with a couple hundred organisations in a single week, leaving a lot of "orphaned" contacts, which means that bulk editing contacts still requires you to read each email address to determine which Org they belong to (instead of knowing that in this filter, contacts 22-74 all belong to Acme Ltd).

It would be... (More)

Clean-up and classify our existing Pipedrive data/leads

Frequency is looking for short-term contractor to clean-up and classify our existing data/leads in Pipedrive and assist with automating the ingestion of our inbound leads.

Please email me at if this is something that you can help us with. 

Is it possible to move multiple contact or a group of contacts between pipes all at once?

Voted for Yes

Also @Mike van der Valk3 - the ability to add Lead/Deal data fields to Activities. i.e. data fields we have created to appear in the Deal page. Purpose being, so that the person assigned to the Activity can populate the data field there and then within the Activity, and it appears populated in the Deal page.

We are trying to use Workflow Automations to create a number of Activities automatically as a Deal moves through stages (replacing the need for Process Street checklists) - but we aren't there yet. Would be great to see a Checklists feature in Pipedrive,... (More)