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Data storage
Data storage
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Planned: Global Search 🔎 💫

We are improving the way our Search feature works and looks, to give you a smoother and more thorough experience:

  • Search look-and-feel will be improved
  • See recently modified, viewed and added items
  • Differentiating between similar search names will become a lot easier with the use of hover cards
  • Introducing quick action buttons after your search
  • Bringing Knowledge Base, Academy and Community content into Search results

In short, this will make it very easy for you to find your data and navigate Pipedrive. Stay tuned!

🧠 Learn all about our Search feature here. Learn all about any of... (More)

Data Storage Limits

We have a lot of large files we want to store along with customer data in Pipedrive and wanted to know if there is any limit to the amount of storage available and can you pay for additional if needed.

Daily data backup

Hi guys!

is there a tool which does a daily backup of your data for example in a CSV-file? Is import2 able to do this?

Data storage in Russia

advice needed on Pipedrive data storage for Russia...are there any laws?