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Data storage
Data storage
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Custom Fields - Based on Stage, Pipeline and whether Lead, Deal

As is the typical sales and prospecting process, certain and most data points are not entered initially, but as the Deal goes through the pipeline.

  • Different pipelines have different Data points.
  • Different stages within each pipeline have different Data points
  • Leads typically won't need / use even half the Custom fields needed for a deal.

The result of having unneeded Fields in the Detail view in stages they're not needed/useful is unfilled custom fields and inconsistent data entry. This is more than annoying, it's resulting in a broken and cluttered workflow.

I went in the Leads view and saw all... (More)

Ted YounCommunity Driver
Software Engineer at Hashsnap

Question: max size for file attachment and total amount of storage available


I have two questions about file attachment in Pipedrive:

  1. What is the maximum size of file attachment in Pipedrive?
    A dev community article says you can probably upload files as long as they are at most 50 MB, but I need to give an exact size limit to my potential clients.
  2. What is the total amount of storage available to each account?
    Does Pipedrive provide unlimited data storage across all plans? (This is what the The CRM comparison page says, although we don't have any definite answer in this community post.)

Ist der Versand von Kalt-E-Mails nach wie vor der beste Weg, um neue Leads zu erreichen? 💡

Die aktuellen Anpassungen der Allgemeine Datenschutzverordnung (DSGVO) von 2016 hat Änderungen bei der Art und Weise, wie wir Kalt-E-Mails verfassen und versenden, mit sich gebracht. Sind diese nach einigen Jahren der Adaptierung immer noch der beste Weg, um neue Interessenten zu erreichen oder erzielen Sie mit anderen Methoden bessere Ergebnisse?

Der wahllose Versand von Marketing-E-Mails gehört der Vergangenheit an und Guy Hanson von Econsultancy stellt fest, dass mit den neuen Praktiken "eine ganze Reihe von Vorteilen einhergeht, einschließlich einer Verbesserung der wichtigsten KPIs". "Negative KPIs [zeigen] gleichzeitig eine entsprechende Abnahme, wobei Messgrößen wie Bounce-Raten, Abmeldungen vom Erhalt von... (More)

JessPipedrive Employee
Product Manager at Pipedrive

Beta testers needed for Sales Documents sharing and storing improvements

UPDATE: Thanks for all the interest in testing this feature! I am no longer monitoring this thread, so if you have feedback or would like to be included in testing please email my team at 🙂


Hi everyone,

We've been making some big improvements to the Sales Documents feature, making it easier for you to share your templates with others in your team, and giving you the option to select a central shared storage location where all your documents and templates are stored.

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out the feature and... (More)