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Deal rotting
Deal rotting
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Change the 'rotting days' setting of the pipeline to count ONLY WORKING DAYS (not normal days)

At the moment, the pipeline counts weekends. Meaning if a deal is made on Mon 1st and doesn't move for 7 normal days, it will rot on Sunday 7th. However, it would make more sense for our business if it begins to rot on Tues 9th (7 working days vs 7 normal days).

Deal Rotting

We are quite new to the system and still developing it based our needs, ideally we would like to see deals that have not been actioned in our stage 1 within an hour as rotted, not within a day - our sales process is dependant on taking warm leads quickly.  Does anyone know if this is possible or if it can be develop to work this way?

Thanks in advance

Outlook reminder of rotten deal

Hey all,

I want to receive a reminder of when a deal is rotten in my mailbox. Is this possible? I currently only get reminders of activities.



Wenn Kontakt länger als 60 Tage nicht aktualisiert dann Info an mich

Moin in die Gruppe, 

wie würde ich den Workflow bauen ?


Gruß Florian