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Deal rotting
Deal rotting
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Outlook reminder of rotten deal

Hey all,

I want to receive a reminder of when a deal is rotten in my mailbox. Is this possible? I currently only get reminders of activities.



Wenn Kontakt länger als 60 Tage nicht aktualisiert dann Info an mich

Moin in die Gruppe, 

wie würde ich den Workflow bauen ?


Gruß Florian 

Cevat Kusku
Sales Operations Manager

Enable "rotting deals" with insights

I would like to have a report option that shows "rotting deals" with insights so I can add this important metric into our holistic dashboards. Any plans on this?

Skip weekend days in Rotting Feature

I wanted to skip weekend days when using The Rotting Feature, so a deal will rot skipping weekend days (Saturday and Sunday). I hope this option will be included in the future!