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Dealbot for Slack
Dealbot for Slack
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internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account

Hi people,

I think an internal chat between Pipedrive users inside the same account would be a fantastic tool to boost productivity and sales. There is a need to communicate internally on specific matters related (or not) to activities or sales process with no need to use @comments for it as the need is for instant communication. In my case, we keep going out from Pipedrive window dozens of time per day into Whats App or Slack to chat between us only because there is no available Chat in Pipedrive. More than ever in these times, people in the same... (More)

Money can be tight right now - All of these apps integrate with Pipedrive and offer a free/freemium plan to make the times easier.

Find all of them here:

  • Dealbot for Slack
  • JotForm
  • Leadfeeder
  • Missive 
  • Asana
  • QuarterOne
  • SendPulse
  • Nvoip
  • Crisp
  • Helpwise
  • Taliscape
  • CaptureFast
  • Weekly Update
  • Ciara
  • Pointagram
  • MPZMail

Notification emails to external people


Looking to see if there's a way to let the wider company know when something hits a certain stage - e.g. deal won!

I can only see how to send it to people who have pipedrive login accounts - am I missing something?


Automation queries

Hi all,

I hope you're staying safe in these challenging times we're living in

I have 2 questions for currently set up automations both related to a "Direct Message" in Slack using Dealbot action:

  1. We're trying to @mention a group in Slack. Typing in "@group_name" does not work. We've tried some code e.g. "<!subteam^S0DGAPB6G>" which worked for a while but now doesn't work. Any thoughts on getting this to work?
  2. When a deal changes (with certain conditions), we want to send a DM to the Deal Owner. However if someone else makes a change to the deal, the DM is... (More)