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Afternoon all, Is there a way to make it so that when user mark a deal as lost then it has to be approved as lost by a line manager? (if it is higher than a set value) Cheers!

Nataliya Georgieva
Senior Operations Manager

Lead name

Does anyone know how a lead gets its name if the person has a generic email? 
I have, for instance, "Idk deal" or "freelancer deal" (in our sign up form we do not have this option in Positions).

Thanks, any insights would be helpful.

Converting deals to leads (Bulk)

Is there a way to convert deals to leads using the API? We have a bunch of open deals that are "lost" because they have been forgotten. Not touched in over 6 months. I would like to convert all of them to leads. In order to keep the deal pipeline clean. 

Can we automate adding new recurring revenue ?


We are a sport leisure center and our billing is based on annual subscriptions. We'd like to track which "plan" our customers are on and when it expires. 

Is it possible to do that with the recurring revenue feature ?

Can we automate with a Pipedrive workflow to add a new subscription to a deal (including amount, start date, recurring cycle, ...) ? 
Any other solutions ?