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Allow customisation of the deal card please!!

I just wanted to add to the community requests to be able to customise the details shown on the deal card. Seems like a lot of people would find it helpful and I know it would make our work way more efficient. Thanks!

Bulk edit button on deal level

At the moment it's only possible to bulk edit activities on de activities page. Would be great if you are able to bulk delete activities on a deal page as well. 


Carry fields from Deals to Projects

When we convert a deal into a project, much of the data carries over, but not all. We would like to carry the 'Value' field over, so in addition to seeing see how much potential revenue is in the deal pipeline, we can also see how much revenue is in the project pipeline. 

Additionally, we created a Cost Basis custom filed in deals. We would also like that to carry over to the projects so we can see both revenue & cost in the project pipeline. 

While you could start with allowing specific fields to carry over, you could also give users an option to select which fields to carry over and which to leave. 

Thank you for considering!

Drop down menu query

Hello Pipedrive community,


Is there any way to add a drop down to a custom field when creating a new deal. This would be implemented on our Project description field.





We would like the drop down like the other fields as shown above /\