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Notes and List-View Columns in Deals

When viewing Deals in list view...

..., there is a gear on the right side of the screen that allows me to select what columns I can display and sort for each deal (Activities to do, Contact person, Creator, Deal Closed on... etc).

There is no way to view/sort the number of notes on any given deal, but it would be nice if there were.

WIthin a Deal there is already a display of how many notes have been entered on it:

Being able to add this value allows us to easily include this as a measurable activity. Our team... (More)



Hi Pipedrive team!

We are using Pipedrive for sales and service. I'm using the Pipedrive in the List View (attached photo). It is great that I can arrange the List View and follow the most important informations. In the service most important thing for us is the age of each deal and the actual stage. As you can see on the photo my list is sorted by the stage and I see the actual deals at the top. It will be great if every stage of deals would have different colour. Even greater option would be if some important... (More)

Add 'Bulk' Winning / Losing Deals

From time to time we can get a trifle tardy. Deals that have been won can accumulate and, short of import/export data manipulation, there does not seem to be a way to bulk 'win' (or lose) deals.

In list view I can use a filter to select deals and perform some bulk edit functions on deals. ... eg; 'Send Group Mail' , 'Convert to Lead,' or 'delete'

I would really like the addition of a 'win' and 'lose' buttons so I can make a multi-selection of more than one deal and 'win' them (in our own scenario).

Damn site quicker... (More)

Workflow automation Deal status closed and won


We have a long production time after we have won a deal. So I would like to add a mail automation when a deal is closed and won. 

What I would like to do is  sent out an automatic mail after 45 days when the deal status is set to WON. This is a final "you can still change something to your order mail".  I only see the option to send out a mail directly after the deal status is changed.

Is this possible? Or maybe do you have any other tips/tricks?