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Suggestion: Checklist Feature for Deals

Hi All

I'd love to suggest a Checklist feature for Deals.

Similar to cards on Trello or Asana, I believe adding a customisable list of tick-off/strikethrough items to a deal, would allow us as users keep track of various administrative or key tasks that inevitably crop up when managing a deal through the pipeline.

Eg. We use Pipedrive as our Recruitment CRM. As the candidate enters the process, along the way we collect ID, visas (if applicable), gather references, confirm start dates etc. All these are actionable sub-tasks that need to be prepared for and subsequently checked off as the... (More)

Transfer contacts to leads.

Hello there. I created deals on the contacts i have in pipedrive but they are actualy leads. This was done before the Leads function. How can i transfer the contacts from the deals to leads, WITHOUT import and the possibility of creating dupicate contacts?

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

How do you deal with retention in Pipedrive?

We SaaS model and once in a year, we need to renegotiated deals. What is your best practise, how you keep all transparent?

Organization Notes Should be viewable at the deal level

I believe that many users of Pipedrive may close a deal with an organization and that may be the only deal you close until the contract comes up again.  Additionally, I am not quite sure of a deal that could be in play with an organization that wouldn't be assisted by previous deal's notes or organization notes.


All that said I feel that the Organization Notes should be visible at the deal level.