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Deals correlated with products report

Hi All,

I found that there is no way to see products list in deals list view, I can add number of products only. So I can't analyze convertion rates for deals with specific product or group of products, I don't know which products do I have in pipeline etc. I have to check one by one what is not an option when we have many deals in pipeline.

I think it would be nice feature - maybe it is possible to add it to road map?

What do you think? Or maybe you have/know some workaround?


Feedback and Suggestions: DEAL - Entry Fields - Show how many items are left

It would be great if I'd know how many items are left in the entry fields. For now, I have to guess. Otherwise, party of the typed words are gone forever after saving.

Chris Potter
Finance Operations Manager

Workflow Automation Query: Deal Probability Update based on Deal Stage

Following on from Jack Duff's post last year (, since this feature isn't available, how can we create a Workflow Automation that automatically updates the Deal Probability field based on the set parameters for each Deal Stage? 

Obviously the field can be manually altered if the % should be higher or lower for a specific deal, but in general the default should be that this field is auto-populated.

I tried to create one, but could not figure out how to select the Stage Probability to then update Deal Probability.

Deals Layout - Is anyone experiencing the same thing?

Hi there;

I have been using pipedrive for a few mouths and have a couple of suggests / comments that a pipedrive support person recommended that I post.

Here they are:

  1. On the Organization page, I would like to see of the open deals for each customer. Currently there is a 5 Deal limit that are shown on the main page. You have to select the "see all deals" button to see the rest. I find this quite inconvenient. Being able to see of the deals in one area would be a lot better for me.
  2. Also on the topic... (More)