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Suggestion: Checklist Feature for Deals

Hi All

I'd love to suggest a Checklist feature for Deals.

Similar to cards on Trello or Asana, I believe adding a customisable list of tick-off/strikethrough items to a deal, would allow us as users keep track of various administrative or key tasks that inevitably crop up when managing a deal through the pipeline.

Eg. We use Pipedrive as our Recruitment CRM. As the candidate enters the process, along the way we collect ID, visas (if applicable), gather references, confirm start dates etc. All these are actionable sub-tasks that need to be prepared for and subsequently checked off as the... (More)

Integrating with Pipedrive

Hey team, I'll start out by saying that I am no expert in what I am doing here, but that I wanted to simply share this for your interest only.

About a year ago, I was building a new production management system for our manufacturing company - my goal at the time was simply to allow our production team to do away with the hand written pieces of A4 paper stuck to the whiteboard with magnets, and covered in scribbles. At the time I selected as our platform of choice to display the data. It's not perfect, but it's... (More)

Different Sales requirements fields for different pipelines

Hi Pipedrive, 

I wanted to know whether you have plans or if there is a way to have different customisation for fields when you add a deal to various pipelines. If a company offers various products and services, it would be good to have specific criteria for that pipeline. Is there anyway we could do this? If not, I am sure that this is a requirement of lots of different companies, so can we look at developing something like this? 

Hi @Andrea Barrero , can you please clarify your question a bit? Do you mean you'd like to convert some deals to leads or is it something else?

Let us know so we can help you better. 🚀