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Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

I'm CC'd on the email. But I can't hit the reply button. Of course I want to reply within the CRM. 

  • Reply to Email <--- PLEASE FIX.

NOTE: Why can't I upload an image to the forum? I'm trying to upload a screenshot, it requires a video type or pdf type, ugg.  So I made a PDF. It's attached.


Absolutely love the CRM, would just like to enable this common and expected workflow.


WOW was that difficult. Adding a new person to a Deal.

WOW was that difficult -- Adding a new person to a Deal.

Am I missing something here or is this a big hole in Pipedrive. Hopefully it can be fixed. This will happen to us often.

  1. Deal was started with Kyle who setup the sales demo.
  2. Demo involved Jason (new) and then he got into the email thread. Jason is the main guy.
  3. From Mail, I found Jason and added him as a person and organization. Even though the email domain was the same it created a new organization. I resolved that and got him on the right organization by... (More)

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Add custom Organization field to Deal Title (using workflow automation)

Hi all,

For my startup doing work for healthcare organizations, we have numerous deals per organization. It's therefore super important to have an overview in the Pipeline of what department the deal is about, not just the organization. I have managed to add the organization department to each Deal Title through wf automation, but I cannot seem to be able to add department details (or any custom fields) to the Deal Title.

Am I missing something?