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Detail View
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Almonzer EskandarPipedrive Employee
User Experience Product Manager @ Pipedrive

Test the new Detail View concept (deadline: April 8th)

We are improving our Detail View


If you are interested in testing the new concept, book a time with me: find a suitable time for you here. Open to all users in all plans.


Multiple timeslots are available on Tuesday/ Wed/ Thursday of this week. 

Pipedrive Fairy
Head - Business Application

Sidebar Creation


is there any plans in the pipeline to be able to allow admins to create sidebars?

It would be really helpful to have these to sort out various  and manage  the associated fields 


Web app CSS issue: 'to' field is too small for Korean language.


This is about the CSS styling in the Pipedrive email page, especially about the width of the to: field.

We don't have any problem in English version, but we have an issue in Korean version.

In Korean version, to is translated as 수신, but this two-letter word is split in two lines.

I believe it's because the width is too small for the word 수신. Would you please extend the width so that this word is placed in one line?

Paul Wood
Pipeline Pro Software consulting

Participants on emails?

I've been asked a few times about this and I'm not sure if there is a work around or not. When an email is created from within a deal, the participants need to be included in the email. This obviously comes with some dangers and if this was being developed as an enhancement I would be asking a question at the start of the email "include participants?" [To] [CC] or [Cancel].

If anyone has a reasonable solution I'd like to know. By reasonable, I mean a solution where we don't have to manually remember to add in the participants :)... (More)