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Detail View
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Displaying custom data fields on details panel only for specific pipelines

Not sure if this is possible, but is there a way to display specific data fields only on certain pipelines? I see that its possible to check/uncheck "Always visible in person detail view" in the field properties, but these fields still appear when the details panel is expanded on a deal record. 

And yes, I see that custom data fields can be marked important on specific pipelines/stages. But is there no way to assign a custom field only to a specific pipeline? 

Given the large number of custom data fields that can be added to pipedrive, I assume there is a way to better organize and associate them exclusively to a specific pipeline, but I can't seem to figure it out. And PD support says its not possible. 

Just thought I would check with the community to see if there is a way to accomplish what I am asking, or if someone has found a clever workaround. 


Lead Information in Sidebars

Is this going to be added? As it would be useful to see the leads a person has as well as any deals


From a Pipedrive Pro - How to Declutter Your Detail Views 🧹

In this tutorial, our Pipedrive pro @Luiza Salomão demonstrates how to use Important Fields to declutter your detail views by hiding all fields except the ones that matter during that specific stage of the sales process.


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Almonzer EskandarPipedrive Employee
Campaigns - Group Product Manager @ Pipedrive

Test the new Detail View concept (deadline: April 8th)

We are improving our Detail View


If you are interested in testing the new concept, book a time with me: find a suitable time for you here. Open to all users in all plans.


Multiple timeslots are available on Tuesday/ Wed/ Thursday of this week.