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Activities timeline is being cluttered by "Communicator Call"...

If we talk all the year with our client by phones it’s will be too much calls activity’s 😕

each time they call us or we initiate the call we will see activity call and the recording also...

This will make the time line tooo long...


Request: sections on the sidebar fields and custom fields per deal type


I love Pipedrive and as a reseller (we offer a software product in the solar panel market) we have ~25 clients using it. Most of them are quite happy with it.

One nuisance we're having is that adding a number of custom fields soon gets a mess in the sidebar. Having some section headers would really help! See screenshot.

Would love to hear the view of the Pipedrive product team on this one.

Also, sometimes custom fields differ depending on the pipeline, or the type of organization. Being able to customize these fields depending on the type of business... (More)

Pin Files to top

As we all have documents that give us a better overview on the deal at hand.

I think it would be really helpful if Important files could be pinned to the top, just like notes (or even to a sidebar).