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DocuSign integration with Smart Docs [BETA CLOSED] ✍️

Hey Community 👋🏻, 

We're excited to let you know that we are soon starting the BETA rollout of the the DocuSign integration, which has been highly requested! 

How to be part of the BETA? 

  1. Comment below and we'll enable it for the company linked to your registered email address when we go to BETA. We will reply to your comment when it's enabled.
  2. Once enabled, you can install the DocuSign app via settings. See screencast below.
  3. Please note that you cannot install the DocuSign app in the marketplace. The app is unlisted and accessible only when the feature is enabled for you.
  4. Leave feedback below to help us improve 😀

What can you do with the DocuSign integration? 

  1. Create an envelope for documents created in Smart Docs or uploaded from your device.
  2. Add and set order of recipients.
  3. Customize the email sent with the envelope.
  4. Add DocuSign fields to your document.
  5. Get status updates for recipients and the envelope directly in the deal view!

We look forward to your participation during this BETA phase. We expect to roll out this integration to all customers by end of the year.


Update (December 26th): Thanks everyone for the interest in the BETA testing phase! We have closed BETA invites at this time. We will send an email once we've enabled the integration for you. Looking forward to your feedback! 

DocuSign Integration ✍️

Hi everyone! 👋🏻

We’re working on an integration with DocuSign and would love your help! 

Are you using Smart Docs to create documents and using DocuSign for your digital signature needs? 

If so, we’d love to show you some new designs we’re working on. If you’re up for a 30 minute call, please comment below or reach out to me directly at: 

Looking forward to hopefully speaking with you! 

Many thanks, 


Docusign integration in Pipedrive


We are launching the brand new integration for contracts e-signature DOCUSIGN.

NO excuses, now close a contract is just matter of seconds!


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Recommendations needed for digital signature app

I've recently set up Pipedrive and Webmerge for a client, which is all the client was wanting; however the client has now asked for a digital signature platform to be added to the mix as well.

I am thinking that either HelloSign, SignNow or Docusign will be worth integrating (these are three of the ten digital signature platforms that Webmerge connects with).
To save time on testing, I would love your help if you have set up Webmerge with a digital signature platform before.

The digital signature platform ideally needs to be able to:

  • have sequential signatures, where I am getting it to send to the client first to fill in a few custom details (that we're not adding in PD), and then once done by the client then it needs to automatically be sent to the second signer, which will be his client
  • ideally have optional signers, so that if there is more than one director that needs to view the document, where any of the directors can sign for it and we only need one, then optional signers would allow this

Thanks in advance!