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Discussion on Drip, a marketing automation that allows you to send personalized email campaigns.

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Filter Form to Correct Product (Company)

I was wondering if there is a way I can filter different web forms to different products? Essentially I just want to tag each form which I believe it says you integrate with which is why I signed up to a different deal or filter. For example, let’s use two websites I have. #1 and the second being If someone fills out the drip form on sanigenix they should go into that lead or have that tag applied and if someone submits a form from, they should’ve tagged appropriately for that.

We have different... (More)

Using Pipedrive>Zapier>Drip for email campaigns. When a deal progresses through a Pipeline it changes email campaigns etc.

Anyone doing something similar? Anyone using different apps for a similar process? I'm running into some issues/limitations with this workflow. Thanks!


Hey, I am currently looking for an integration for a drip-email campaign, which can also move a contact into another phase in my pipedrive pipelive, depending on a certain email being opened?

Does anyone have experience with email automation programs & pipedrive?

Thanks already!


Pipedrive + Drip + Facebook Messenger = 😍