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duplicate leads marking new or existing?

What we can do to highlight the leads or inquiry by system automatically and mark as new or existing.


is there any automation or system that can set up so when ever the leads come from a website or API and it's an existing client system can mark as existing. 


Pipedrive keeps creating duplicate contacts!

Everytime I send an email or get a phone call, Pipedrive creates a brand new contact that we already have in our address book, and then tells me I have duplicate contacts. This is VERY annoying, as I have merged the same duplicate contacts many many times, only to have them duplicate again. This adds time when searching for a contact, to get emails and other details, as some emails will be with one version of the contact, and others with the new one. Please fix this!

"Goal" reports should be able to be set in different timeframes separately.

Currently, in GOALS, you can only create one report with one timeframe, and cannot create similar goals for different timeframes and different numbers.

For instance, if I create a Yearly goal for a sales person, I cannot create also a Quarterly goal for that person without having to change the period.

That could work for sales persons who have the same goal for each quarter, but it does not work when each quarter have different sales objective.

It also prevents from creating a report that shows the overall yearly target, and sub-goals under it showing the quarterly (or monthly) target,... (More)

Update to Adding Contacts is now more time consuming and requires several more clicks - not happy

Using Pipedrive everyday to add contacts to companies, I have noticed a recent update that is frustratingly inefficient and in my opinion unnecessary.

Before the update, I would just click on the"+" button to add a person which would bring up some person fields for me to fill out.. perfect.

Now when I go to do the same, a little pop up box "link a person" appears.

I would need to start typing a name, which Pipedrive would then need to "think" through the data which takes valuable time to suggest some names to link to.

However I am not... (More)