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Complemento nas automatizações/duplicações

Possuímos uma automatização que a cada negocio ganho gera uma cópia automática para fazermos a etapa de projeto para nosso cliente, porém quando geramos esta cópia os anexos não fica anexados, nos gerando retrabalhando tendo que anexar tudo novamente. Facilitaria e complementaria muito a automatização se o cadastro duplicasse completo.

Dédoublonnage trop sensible ou sur des critères trop peu fiable donc quasi inutile

Hello !

On trouve l'outil de dédoublonnage vraiment fantastique mais pas encore parfait et j'aimerais vous proposer ici d'aller plus loin dans les règles que vous mettez a notre disposition pour ajuster ce dedoublonnage en fonction des informations dont on dispose. Le système de règle est bien mais il faut avouer que la qualification des leads est un enjeux crucial côté commercial et Data qu'on améliore mais qui sera jamais vraiment parfait. Il est impossible pour nous de se baser de facon fiable sur les adresses postales mail ou numéro de téléphones remplis automatiquement par DropContact par exemple. Car la... (More)

Best way to manage DUPLICATES???

Hey, Pipedrivers I would like some suggestions here and also discuss the way some of you manage DUPLICATES.

We have a client that created lots of duplicates, to be more exact 700+ only in one category!

Now comes the tricky part, Merging them 🤯!

Doing one by one is really a pain, and PD should develop a simpler way to manage large amounts of Duplicates.
(Don't ask me how they got this much data duplicated, coz I asked myself the same question 🤔)

Now in the contacts view would be lovely if we could have a "FILTER" where we... (More)

Pipedrive Fairy
Head - Business Application

Hi Is anyone using Lusha <> Pipedrive direct integration? If so how to you avoid duplicates ? Thank you