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Dux-Soup Connector
Dux-Soup Connector

Connect Pipedrive to LinkedIn with the Dux-Soup Connector.

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multiples of the same people in deals being added automatically.

I am getting duplicates of people getting added to the Deals.  Some up to 5 or 6 times.  I have the recent Dux Soup Turbo integration but it may be my automation or such.  But having multiples of the same people in deals is a huge issue.  Anyone see that before?

July Apps Spotlight

Check out the 5 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • AIRR - makes your pipeline transparent for your investors via a web portal and a mobile app
  • DocuSign - allows you to send documents by Docusign directly from your Pipedrive account
  • Dux-Soup - easily connects LinkedIn to Pipedrive
  • Leadjet - connects, syncs conversations and leads directly from Pipedrive to LinkedIn.
  • Maileon - allows you to create  newsletter campaigns, marketing automations or double opt-in mailings for your Pipedrive contacts.