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EasyCalendar is an appointment scheduling CRM that helps you create appointment with your prospects

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Scheduling drain #askingforadvice!

My entire business revolves around scheduling out different vendors/services to homeowners and I like Pipedrive for the Pipedrive capabilities but the calendar is horrible. If Pipedrive could just make the Calendar like Google it would be game changing for me. I need to duplicate events often as there are a lot client details and documents that I need to attach. Right now most of time is swicthing between Google Calendar and Pipedrive bc if I want the event to be linked to the Deal I need to either start it in Pipedrive or search for the event and assign it to the deal. Horribly inconvenient and ultimately has me considering to leave Pipedrive and it doesn't help that every time I seek support on the issue it takes 30 minutes of chatting to just get someone to understand the issue and then I don't get any support on how to increase this productivity dump. It is eating the life of my business and I can't even get someone on the phone to support me with a solution. Yuck! #askingforadvice

Calendar Block-Offs

I would LOVE if Pipedrive could enable us to mark off certain days on the calendar for holiday/vacation/sick days. This way I don't set myself or my coordinator tasks on days we don't work. ย I've mentioned this a few times, but I know it takes more people to make a difference.ย 

Hope there are other people that could benefit from this :)ย 

January's New Apps Spotlight

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  • Apiway - allows you to connect Pipedrive with 30+ other services for free. Apiway is a free alternative to Zapier.
  • EasyCalendar - an appointment scheduling CRM that helps you create appointment with your prospects.
  • Mapsly - allows you to analyze and mass-edit your data on map, build optimized routes, draw and auto-assign territories, ands search prospects by keywords.
  • Quickdialog - lets you have conversations across social media, messaging apps and email - then updates your CRM without moving between tools.