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Nico Müller
Chief Commercial Officer

Bulk add deals to emails & One click mark as read

It would be great to extend the Mail view in Pipedrive for the following:

  1. Add an "add to deal" feature to the mails bulk edit. Especially when trying to get started with pipedrive, it would be immensely useful to add all mails from a certain emailaddress retrospectively to a deal.
    • At the moment, I need to search for a sender and one by one associate a deal to that mail
  2. Add a mark as read button that can immediatly mark an email as read.
    • At the moment the workflow is: select email, Click on Mark, Select Mark as read

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Efir Media
International Branding, Web Design & UX/UI Agency

Feature request: Undo a recently sent email


I use this feature SO much on Gmail and it would be brilliant to have it in Pipedrive. 

The moment you press send on an email, it Gmail comes up with this button on the bottom left giving you the option to undo in the 5-30 seconds after pressing send (for example you might see a glaring typo)

Efir Media
International Branding, Web Design & UX/UI Agency

Feature request: Create folders for email templates

We have a number of shared email templates now and it's getting hard to find the ones we want quickly. 

A simple folder format would solve that so it can be separated into the right places and not just be one long, difficult-to-read list. 

Something like this, for example: (Dropdown folder that expands/closes on demand)

Synching Incoming E-Mail

I think I know how to send e-mail to Pipedrive bei using the generic or deal specific e-mail adress. But this seems to work only with e-mail that I am sending. Incoming e-mail using the same adresses are not shown in Pipedrive. Is this the correct behaviour? Why is it done this way?