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Change Font Default

Please create an option where user can change the font default to another fonts. It really screws up the brand visibility.

Email Tracking across Team

My team needs to see email tracking across the company. We can only see individual tracking from accounts. We really need to see tracking across the company or we don't need to have multiple accounts. 


Email Search

Hey Pipedrivers,

It would be really helpful if the User could search for an email using unique information from the body of the email. Currently, the email search function is fairly limited. 

3 trigger email examples to engage prospects and customers

Here are some examples of how trigger emails provide value to customers in various fields.

1. Ecommerce platforms

Trigger emails act as a tour guide to support customers through their journey. 

You may send an email when:

  • A customer places or cancels an order
  • A customer abandons their cart
  • A customer hits a certain milestone, such as a year since they first signed up 

2. SaaS companies

Trigger email strategies used by SaaS companies include:

  • A new customer purchases your software, leading to a set of educational onboarding emails about your product
  • A customer’s trial (or subscription) is ending soon, triggering an email that reminds them to purchase a new plan

These emails create a dialogue with customers and increase engagement with your company. 

3. B2B companies 

Trigger emails benefit your B2B marketing workflow by nurturing your leads. Even if they’re not ready to make a purchase, providing valuable information pushes them down the sales funnel, making them likely to convert into customers.

Check out the full article to​​ learn what a triggered email is and how to perfect your next campaign.