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A way for reps to get notified when a new contact is assigned to them.


I have recently set up a workflow so that way when one of our reps gets assigned a new contact, they get notified via email saying: You have been assigned " John Doe " Login to Pipe drive to check it out. 

But What i wish was possible is we could include a link to the contact in the email. 

So it would be like You have been assigned " John Doe " Click here to see Contact:


Curious to see if anyone else would find this useful! 

Programar envio de correos

¿Será posible disponer de la posibilidad de programar el envío de correos a una hora determinada?
Cuando se trabaja para mercados con usos horarios diferentes se hace necesario poder programar el envío de los correos dentro de la franja horaria del Cliente destinatario, a fin de que los reciba en una hora determinada de su horario laboral.
Esto permite adelantar trabajo 

Email signature on Pipedrive - HTML not supported :(

It would be great to keep a consistent signature whether I'm emailing folks via Gmail or via Pipedrive. 

Immediately since setting up Pipedrive, I copied / pasted my Gmail signature into my PD Signature; unfortunately, after emailing several external contacts via PD I learned that my signature became "boxed" (see below), which of course looks awful...

Has anyone found a work around? Can we please get Pipedrive to support HTML in Signatures?



Igor Abade
CEO, CloudMotion. Microsoft Regional Director.

*Please* unify Pipedrive search boxes when in Email screen!

Not sure about the other, but I keep entering my searches in the main search box (1) when looking up some emails, instead of going to the email search box (2):

Now, my plea to the Pipedrive development team: Would you consider unifying the search boxes so that, when I'm in the Email screen, it would combine the email results (1) and the global Pipedrive results (2) in a single list (like in the mockup below)?

Pretty please? :-)