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Web app CSS issue: 'to' field is too small for Korean language.


This is about the CSS styling in the Pipedrive email page, especially about the width of the to: field.

We don't have any problem in English version, but we have an issue in Korean version.

In Korean version, to is translated as 수신, but this two-letter word is split in two lines.

I believe it's because the width is too small for the word 수신. Would you please extend the width so that this word is placed in one line?

Sander Tan
Business Development

Unsubscribe link for emails out of Pipedrive

For GDPR reasons, I am looking for a functionality that automatically adds an unsubscribe link to any email we send for inbound & outbound sales. Is this available within Pipedrive? If yes, how can I set this up? If not, could this be a feature that will be build in the future?

New: Edit your Email Sender name 📮

What can a user do?

Good news! You can now change the name seen by recipients when sending emails from Pipedrive. For example, your job title, your full name, nickname, etc.

Note that this feature isn’t available on Microsoft services, as unfortunately Microsoft servers don’t allow to edit the sender name. You can use this feature on Gmail and any other IMAP service, so long as the server allows it.

For whom?

Plans with 2-way email sync: Advanced, Professional, Enterprise.

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Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Copy Email Templates

It would be very usefull if you are able to copy email templates. Very often you would use a structure like: 

Subject: Quotation for [company name],

Hi [first name],

Thank you for your interest in [product]. Please find the spedifications attached.

Best Regards
[sender name]

Sometimes, the emails are much more complexe. If you have many products you have to recreate them from the scratch. So beeing able to simpy copy and and exchange the title and (in this example the attachement) would save a lot of time.