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Email Automation
Email Automation
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GDPR Proof Email Sequences (Looking for a European Autopilot)


Our SDR searches the internet for leads, creates those in the lead inbox in Pipedrive, and then calls them in a row.

I'd like to support him in the following way: after each call, I'd like him to be able to select an email sequence to set the lead on. He should be able to individualize any of the emails in the sequence to include information from the call. If the user responds, the sequence is supposed to stop.

My problem is that I don't find any European companies that we could use for this. Do you have any... (More)

Test the new email feature prototype 📩 (deadline: April 12th)

Hello everyone,

We are working on a new feature for email and we would be happy to get your feedback on the first prototype to test the usability. The information will be used for the research purpose only.

You will be asked to complete some small tasks on the prototype, and there will be some questions regarding the overall experience. What we need:

Sales Email Blast - Custom Subject Line

Hi all,

I'm set up to send a group "individual" email to several contacts but I desperately need to customize the subject line. Any workarounds here that you may have?? TY

Stop an automated email going out on a one by one basis

I've got 50+ automations set up at any one time, and most of them trigger an automated email to go out to my clients updating them as to what's happening. From time to time it's not the right thing to send them though, so some way of stopping the email going out would be awesome :-)