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Email Automation
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There's two main types of emails I send in relation to CRM -

1- email marketing. I want something that integrates super tight with Pipedrive - both sending out, but also recording clicks/opens/etc - I've not found anything that does that so far. It's external to Pipedrive right now (both dotMailer and MailChimp)

2 - sending sporadic emails to clients. It's one of the unknown, and trust if I was to do it from Pipedrive. I'm familiar with Outlook, I trust it, it's safe. I am not there with email straight from Pipedrive. What does the destination email look like.... (More)

Nick Berry
Marketing Technologist
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The lack of an effective way to do automated follow ups, and drip campaigns.
I know it is "possible" with workflow automations, but workflow automations lack statistics, troubleshooting, or an audit trail of any kind.

Voted for Lack of delay action on workflows

the email feature feels like a less functional version of all other options. it doesn’t do anything better than other options (i.e. be the go-to for use case “X”), nor does it do most things well enough (i.e. be the all-in-one option). 

imho, maybe drop the “inbox” concept, instead build on top of already great tools (i.e. a proper gmail extension w/tracking, templates), and make a more seamless email workflow/sequence feature.