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Email Automation
Email Automation
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Email automation tools on top of my Pipedrive Deals

#integrations #emailautomation #askingforadvice

I am searching for an email automation tool that I can directly or indirectly (through e.g. Zapier) integrate with Pipedrive.

Goal is to be able to:

  • set automatic email campaigns with custom triggers
  • use my deals / contacts from Pipedrive to send these email campaign
  • sync these emails back to the deals in Pipedrive

Anyone has experiences with this?

I was recommended Mailchimp but saw that it is not (any more?) part of the marketplace.

I was also recommended Mailigen but their pricing is too high atm.

Thanks in advance for any support!




Proofreading and chosing email templates before sending


Is there a way to have an intermediate stage in the mail sending automation in which we could proofread and/or chose between different models of mail?


Thanks in advance

Automated calculations using field-values in email templates?

It would be a great feature to make it possible to create automated calculations using field-values from the deal in the email templates. In this way we can faster and safer send out offers to ours customers - saving time and minimizing risk of errors! :D

New: Schedule Emails to be Sent Later (BETA) 📤 ⏱️


  • This highly requested feature allows you to schedule the best time to send your emails
  • You can now have a timestamp in your emails that fits traditionally accepted working hours (depending on target recipient).
  • Reach your customers at the optimal time for higher chances of it being noticed.


Out now across all regions


For whom?

The Beta version is available on the Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.


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