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Email Automation
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How to automatically complete an 'Email' activity by sending an email

Suppose that I have an 'email' activity linked to a deal. Once I send an email, this email is automatically linked to this deal through email sync or smart-bcc

I'd like to know whether such an automation can apply to an email activity as well. Right now, I have to mark each email activity as done one-by-one, which is rather tedious and cumbersome.

Deal won > Automatic email with products ordered

Hi everyone!

I want to save time and limit the risk of error when I won a deal.

Let’s say that I have a deal and there are products attached to it.

When I click the deal is “won”, is it possible to send an automatic email to a colleague and include this information :

  • Company name + info
  • Contact name + info
  • All products ordered in the deal

This would be a “purchase order” from the customers that doesn’t use PO.

Thanks for your help!

Time-based email automation

Hi Team, 

Hope you're all safe. 


I have an inquiry regarding time-based email automation. E.g. If Deal is rotting, send template 1, if last email received > 5 days, send template 2.


Is this already working and I just don't know how? Is this in dev? or only on the roadmap?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts as usual :)