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Email Automation
Email Automation
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Sort by opens

It would be nice to be able to sort or filter the sent email list by the frequency / number of opens.


It would also be great to know if a mail opened multiple times was opened by the same person each time or forwarded on to others. The CEO of a prospect company opened one of my emails and with 2 hours, there were 8 opens. I assume he forwarded the email and the recipients opened, but I would like to know and would love to know who they are.

Managing automations for my team

I'm the technical and process lead for our sales team. As such I need to setup automations for all our sales reps.

One use case is that when a lead is converted to a deal an email should go out from the sales rep that converted the lead to a deal from the lead inbox.

Due to today's security restrictions each sales rep has to set up their own automation. This assumes that they have the time and skills to do that. Or I need to log in as them to do it which renders the security restriction useless.

As... (More)

Mailchimp Integration, Tags

Mailchimp has been pushing more and more the use of Tags and Segments instead of multiple audiences. It is not possible to select a Tag or a Segment during an export from Mailchimp. When do you plan to update the Pipedrive integration?

Comment suivre les ouvertures de mail dans votre pipedrive ?

Bonjour à toutes et tous, 


Petite question, comment faites-vous pour suivre qui ouvre vos mailings dans 

Pipedrive ? 

Quel outil de mailing utilisez vous et qui se connecte le mieux avec Pipedrive ?


Par exemple, on envoie une newsletter une fois par mois avec mailchimp mais comment faire pour suivre qui ouvre la newsletter / combien de fois / qui clique etc ...


Hâte de lire vos retours ! 

Bon dimanche