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Email Automation
Email Automation
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Workflow automation Deal status closed and won


We have a long production time after we have won a deal. So I would like to add a mail automation when a deal is closed and won. 

What I would like to do is  sent out an automatic mail after 45 days when the deal status is set to WON. This is a final "you can still change something to your order mail".  I only see the option to send out a mail directly after the deal status is changed.

Is this possible? Or maybe do you have any other tips/tricks?

Duplicate emails from several workflow automations + link bug

Hi there,

I'm having an issue where I've got several fairly basic workflow automations that simply send an email when a deal reaches a certain stage. The problem is we're seeing multiples of the same email being sent (e.g. when we look in the sent folder there are up to 4 duplicates of the same email).

I looked for other posts here outlining similar issues and I found the one where the person had a done of automations triggered on the same stage but that's not the case here. The stages triggering my emails don't have anything else on them.... (More)

Digital Sales Developer

Email programming

Hi Everyone, 

is there a way on pipedrive for program the email? For ex. i want to send a mail tomorrow at 10 am, how can i do that? 


Notify referral partners/participants on a deal

I need to notify deal participants on deal stage change - does anyone know how to trigger an email automatically if they are not the deal contact but simply a custom field "person" or deal participant? Ideally in Pipe without Zapier.