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Email Automation
Email Automation
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Automation Emails Not Triggering


I use email automations for when a card is moved to a particular stage. 

For the past couple of weeks, all of the email automations for when cards are dragged to a particular stage either do not work at all or are significantly delayed for no reason that is set up within the automation.

Can you please advise on some reasons why this delay could occur?

Automated Workflow Email by Deal Owner

As a Pipedrive Admin, I would like to set up automated emails, using templates, based on when a deal is moved to a new stage by a sales rep. I understand how to set up the workflow. My question is, since I set it up, will the emails come from me or will they be sent from the owner who moved their deal to the new stage? We each have our outlook synced with Pipedrive to send emails. I want it to look like the email came from the deal owner. 

Workflow Automation-- Sending an email from the current thread. Asking for advice.

We would like to set up an automation that causes an email template to be sent to the Deal Contact Person once a deal reaches a certain stage. It is important that the email be sent within the thread reflected in the deal.

How can we make this happen? If there is not a native integration, would love other ideas for implementation.


Mailchimp Integration

Hi guys we are looking to set up an email drip campaign via MailChimp, but we want to integrate this with the Pipedrive CRM. Right now the only documentation i can find is sending leads from Pipedrive to Mailchimp, not vice a versa. Any leads on this?