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Smart Email BCC
Smart Email BCC
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Sales Process: Linking Email 'Threads' to Deals - Pipedrive as a source of truth for email/Customer communication

Emails in Pipedrive is quite the hassle for us.

  • Smart Bcc / Automatic Linking Does not work if you have more than one deal for a Person - which we always do...
  • Using Email directly in Pipedrive is really lacking - We cannot expect our salespeople and other users to shift away from Gmail or Outlook.

This presents a problem if we want our email threads to be linked to specific deals and use Pipedrive as a source of truth when it comes to communication with our customers.

There are 2 Options

  1. For each new thread, Go to Pipedrive Inbox... (More)

Syncing certain Emails

Hey Guys - 

Is there a way to have incoming emails from a specific email domain forwarded to Pipedrive?

Multiple Email integrations

Hi all 

I am currently using PipeDrive for running the sales activities of 2 businesses.  I love the email integration but unfortunately you can only integrate one Mailbox in the system.  Is the development of having multiple emails integrated into the dashboard on the roadmap.   Or to achieve this do I have to have one separate Pipedrive accounts for each entity.  I currently use a common sales process across both businesses.

Tagging an email to the deal activity history


I was wondering if it's possible to tag an e-mail history (gmail) to the referred Deal (on the Activity).

On SalesForce when you add its own e-mail (like a SF tag) as BCC it's automatically saved on the Opportunity activity history. 

Is this possible on Pipedrive too?