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Email BCC
Email BCC
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E-Mail-BCC is actually running for 1 Mail to 1 Deal - what about a fuction for 1 Mail to 2 or 3 Deals?

About the BCC-Mail function

  • About the BCC-Mail function: If I send an email (with in BCC) to somebody who is a contact in PD, but not a deal, why does the email not appear in the contact side of the person? (And is it normal that it takes some time – it’s a bit irritating, especially for people who are new with Pipedrive.)It just shows up in my PD-Mail folder, but not in the contact itself. Is this a bug or a permanent situation? We are not a classical sales team and not every contact is a lead, therefore its important... (More)

Company Specific BCC to attach to an organisation rather than a deal

Is there a way to get emails to attach to an organisation, rather than attaching to a deal or contact using the company-specific universal bcc email?   We use Pipedrive as a CRM as well as a sales management tool and occasionally we receive emails that relate at an organisation level well before a deal is initiated.  Some of our companies are small businesses with one central email address that the owner utilises and so we don't have the owner as a contact, but record everything under an organisation account.