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Smart Email BCC
Smart Email BCC
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Eoin Mangan
Senior Business Development Exec

Sort by email extenstion

When an existing contact decides to cc their team into a thread (which is being tracked for a deal, etc) its creates a contact for them in Pipedrive, but does not attach them to the Organisation or deal that is associated with the thread.

This could happen with a couple hundred organisations in a single week, leaving a lot of "orphaned" contacts, which means that bulk editing contacts still requires you to read each email address to determine which Org they belong to (instead of knowing that in this filter, contacts 22-74 all belong to Acme Ltd).

It would be... (More)

Who needs multiple email addresses?

Who needs multiple email addresses? One of our employees looks after various products / brands that are sold via our own websites. He has several Exchange e-mail mailboxes, but only one Exchange calendar and one Exchange contact mailbox. The signatures are also automatically assigned to the mail address by the server. We would like to connect several e-mail addresses as an example, others via IMAP / SMTP. It should be possible to make a selection when shipping or grouping.

David Picard


We know that put automatically BCC (cci email) email was remove to keep a certain control.

For one of my purpose, we have Sophie with a pipedrive account and Julie who's helping few weeks but don't have an account. So we thought using the BCC email in her email with the customers to link the email and the answer to the deal so it will avoid loosing time for her and Sophie.

[BIZNAME+][DEAL] ... I can't export directly BCC email but concataning the email with the ID of the deal will be easy.

But is working to send from outside... (More)

Karel Dhoore
Venture Capital Investor

Enable organisation email link with deals and stop automatic contact person generation through smart BCC

Recently, I noticed that when manually linking a deal to an email message, Pipedrive creates a contact person based on the email address if no contact person is associated with the deal. However, an organisation (with an email address) was linked to the deal. Mostly, this happens when I don't have a contact person for a deal, and just email to "" for example.

The image below shows what a mess this makes in the Person database.

Based on this I propose 2 things:

  • Enable smart BCC email links when only an organisation with an email address is linked to... (More)