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Smart Email BCC
Smart Email BCC
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Sven Amann
Team Lead Marketing

Use Original Time of Forwarded Emails

When I forward an email to the BCC address (e.g., a reply I received), Pipedrive is using the time of the forward to sort the mail in timeline views, not the time the original mail was sent. This may lead to mails showing up in the wrong order, if I'm not careful to forward them in chronological order:

It would make things more robust, if Pipedrive would (try to) use the original mail's time instead (like it's using the original sender and recipients).

Alternatively/Additionally, it would help if I could reorder mails in the timeline (e.g., edit the time) after the fact.


Voted for Yes I would really like to see this.

There's multiple requests for this all over the web. It's a no brainer that if you want to send an email about a deal it would connect to the deal. The most efficient way of sending generic emails is using the templates.

Synching Incoming E-Mail

I think I know how to send e-mail to Pipedrive bei using the generic or deal specific e-mail adress. But this seems to work only with e-mail that I am sending. Incoming e-mail using the same adresses are not shown in Pipedrive. Is this the correct behaviour? Why is it done this way?