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Smart Email BCC
Smart Email BCC
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My suggestion would be to change ownership of the lead or deal to the salesperson of choice and create an automation that send an email to the person that had the lead/deal ownership transferred to them.

in our case we always convert the lead to a deal if it's worth pursuing and then transfer ownership to the salesperson to follow up on it.

Note: since automated emails are always sent from the automation creators email address we put:


as a pretext before each subject in the subject line so the receiver knows that it's an automated email from... (More)

Sara Weber
Owner, Discovery Counseling Austin

Not Integrating Email and still being effective?

I'm new and we do use Google Workspace but we use a very "high security" version of google workspace so I don't want to use PipeDrive as our full email client, e.g. I want to minimize the email being filtered into PipeDrive from Google but also be able to "capture" emails sent to and from potential clients. I understand I need to Sync in order to use all the features. I also implemented the tip to only choose 1 subfolder for sync. Will it still all run smoothly?

This is the main reason we're switching to a CRM (to not... (More)

Deal specific email address does not work with all addresses

I have a strange problem. I want to use the deal specific address (dsa) in order to add some mails from an archive mailbox (not connected) to the deal history. 

The strange thing is that some arrive and some don't depending on the sending organization. I have several email account so I could check that sending from account A works fine while sending from account B does not. 

Question: What am I missing? Is there a hidden Anti-Spam feature? 

BETA Lead Inbox

I notice that the BCC email for pipedrive does not self populate as it does when you email from other tabs in pipedrive. 

When I am in a contact person (Not in the leads inbox but in the org. or contacts view) if you click the email, it opens an email message from my outlook client and adds the pipedrive email to the BCC field automatically, this is not happening on the BETA leads inbox tab

Will this be enabled for the BETA Leads inbox?