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Email formatting
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Matt Dempsey
System Sales Manager

Table support in email

It would be helpful and much appreciated if eventually Pipedrive users would be able to create tables within the body of their emails. Even being able to retain the table format when copy and pasting from Word or Excel would be great!

Format-check an email template + fix strange looking signature?


1. How do I format check a text I have in a template?

It LOOKS ok when I copy+paste it but wan't to make sure especially when I add a field (First name) that it also looks good when sent. I believe there is a way to mark the text and then a short command to remove formatting to make sure it's good to go? But what is the short command?

Btw: read somewhere about pasting with Command+Shift+V to avoid/remove formatting but adding a Shift don't work for me (nothing get pasted).

2. When I copy paste my email... (More)

Editor text e mail

Buon giorno a tutti,

avrei bisogno di sapere se c'è un modo per avere un editor text decente e non quello che c'è attualmente.

Non richiedo particolari cose ma almeno cambiare colore font e dimensione del carattere si.

In oltre vorrei sapere come posso integrare il mio pipe con sendinblue per le campagne mail.

Grazie in anticipo per le risposte.


Formatting not supported, so cant be sure our emails look as expected.

Hi - new to this...

Was asking the help desk what the font and font size pipedrive uses for its emails and auto-populated fields (Open sans/14 for mac, Arial/14 for windows) so our email templates can be made outside of pipedrive and copied in (can't make them in pipedrive because can't even make text different size or colour etc).

Thought that if we used that font and size, then we could paste it in and the auto generated fields such as name etc would all match in because it was all the same font/size in that sentence.

Turns out that... (More)