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Email formatting
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Email formatting in Pipedrive mail needs massive and urgent changes !!

Hello !

Having used quite a bit the email feature in Pipedrive, I want to underline that I would really like to be able to format my emails in Pipedrive mail exactly as we can do it here in this forum, with the tool bar and the same options (like inserting a table for example). I would also be happy to be able to switch to HTML view sometimes. Email formatting is weird in Pipedrive mail and setting up lists is almost unusable in a friendly manner. Also you can't resize images the size you want, you can't insert or... (More)

Email formatting

⚠️ Update: to have this new beta feature activated in your account, please have an Admin user reach out to our Support team. Thank you! ⚠️


Does anybody know why there is again a new beta version which has gotten all the attention, where there is still an email function which is disfunctional?

The issue with the formatting of the mails has been there for over 2 years now and nothing has changed. It seems like Pipedrive just doesn't want the problem to be solved.

Is there anybody who is having the same problems and doubts about... (More)

Editor text e mail

Buon giorno a tutti,

avrei bisogno di sapere se c'è un modo per avere un editor text decente e non quello che c'è attualmente.

Non richiedo particolari cose ma almeno cambiare colore font e dimensione del carattere si.

In oltre vorrei sapere come posso integrare il mio pipe con sendinblue per le campagne mail.

Grazie in anticipo per le risposte.


Marco GovoniSolution provider partner
ICT Consultant | CyberSecurity for People & Companies

Editor & Font Size

Update: to have this new beta feature activated in your account, please have an Admin user reach out to our Support team. Thank you!  🚀


Hi guys! Just I quick tip: I don't remember how to increase font in the email editor on PD :-(

I've just changed my account so is it possible that option is now missing? I remember it was present.. or not?? :-)

Thanks and have a nice day!