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Email Formatting
Email Formatting
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Moveable email address orders within Person

I have some clients who have multiple email addresses for various reasons. 

When emailing them within pipedrive, priority is given to the first email address. Should I wish to move an email address to the top you have to duplicate them and then delete the ones further up. 


Can I suggest a tool where the email addresses can be moved or a specific email address can be set as their primary.




Please help me with a font problem :)

Unable to use 'Source San Pro' font anymore: Why? 


I sent this template 
- source san pro font everywhere
- black colour everywhere
- normal font size everywhere

I've removed the style before doing all of this. 

Here is before

Here is what I've received


Question is why? 
Can anyone help? 

thank you a lot in advance! will save me 

Cheers from Berlin 


What can you achieve with a great email marketing campaign?

Here are a few things you can achieve with good email marketing:

  • Generate new leads
  • Increase website traffic
  • Increase your social media following
  • Collect target audience data
  • Build a community around your brand
  • Boost sales of an existing product, service or range
  • Raise awareness of a new product, service, range or event

A clear objective will help you come up with stronger email campaign ideas, but it’ll also enable you to measure performance and optimize your follow-up content.

Say your goal is to increase website traffic. Simply track the number of website visitors who click through from each email.

If instead, you aim to increase new product sales using an email-exclusive discount code, you can look at how often customers use that code to determine whether or not it provides enough value.

Click here for a more in-depth look at how to create and manage an email marketing campaign that differentiates your business.

Sven Amann
Team Lead Marketing

Unable to send plain-text emails and sender name missing

I just discovered that Pipedrive is not sending plain-text emails anymore, even if there's no formatting in the mail. This was different only a short while ago. Is there any way to switch this back? We don't ever send HTML emails to individuals.

Any help highly appreciated!

Update: Support told me this is a bug and escalated to engineering.