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Email marketing
Email marketing
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💸 Different sales sequences based on team sizes (69% opens) 👨‍👦‍👦

Hey Pipedrivers, another week, another experiment.

This time with the size of Organizations 🏦.

We decided to divide our existing sequence into two segments

1. Companies with <200 employee count

2. Companies with >200 employee count

and then we ran these sequences.

Here are the stats :

For the sequence targetting companies with less than 200 employees

Opens - 69%

Replied - 12%

For the sequence targetting companies with more than 200 employees

Opens - 48%

Replied - 6.7%

Why should you try segmenting -

•To figure out where your product gets the most traction

•Then doubling down on the... (More)

sending an standard email to leads


I would like to send a mass mail to about 1000 imported leads. It seems not to be possible with the leads category. What did i miss?




Martien from Oliver IT

First Name & Last Name Separation for list export

Hi I would like to know if I can export a list with the first and last name fields in diferent columns.