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Email marketing
Email marketing

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28 sales email subject lines to supercharge your open rates 🚀

Considering that 33% of email recipients open an email based on the subject line alone, getting it right can significantly boost your chances of getting your message opened and starting a conversation that could eventually lead to a closed sale.

By creating a compelling subject line, you can increase your open rates, improve reader engagement and get one step closer to reaching your sales goals.

Click to learn all about 9 types of email subject lines to try out, including 28 examples of what they could look like.

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What’s the single most effective technique for improving your cold email open and reply rates? 📨

Even with the abundance of automated email tools, cold emailing is still an effective strategy. But with competition high, how can you engage your leads and stand out from the other emails vying for their attention?

Depak Vedera, Sales manager at Leadfeeder, urges us to consider the subject line: “If your subject line is [bad], your e-mail might as well delete itself. Even if you have a personalized ‘hook’, a low-commitment call to action and a value proposition that solves the prospect’s problem"

However, Shane Snow, Co-Founder of Contently, found little variance in open rates when... (More)

pipedrive sync with mailshake? @Eric Griffing

does pipedrive sync with mailshake easily? i will be sending around 10-20 leads an email a day from mailshake (automated follow ups), is it easy to sync them together? for example: mailshake will automatically send an email on Day 1 & Day 7, is it possible to setup a pipedrive funnel so i get an "activity notifcation" to send a linkedin request on day 4? thanks!

Michael Newberry
Digital Marketing Executive

B2B lead generation: Post-event activities


I work for a small SaaS company and we will be exhibiting at two events in September this year.

However in the past we have struggled to create effective post-event nurturing campaigns. In most occasions, all of the leads went through them same automated process:

  • 1st email explained the company and its solutions
  • 2nd email (7 days later) was on a topical blog
  • 3rd email (7 days later) was about a product and a case study
  • 4th email (7 days later) asked the audience if they wanted to book a demo

Does anyone have any experiences or advice that... (More)