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Email marketing
Email marketing
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Øyvind Hasund Dahl
Chief Commercial Officer

Link and open tracking directly thru emails sent from Gmail

Is it possible to send emails directly from Gmail and enable link and open tracking from there instead of sending emails from Pipedrive with an extension? I know that Hubspot has this feature.


EMail platform that can both allow conditional sequencing and utilize Deal level fields in the body of emails?

I perhaps am seeking a unicorn.

We utilize Pipedrive as a project management tool. Each contact may have many deals.

Reaching a stage triggers an email to be sent. However, every time the SAME contact has a new deal reach that same stage, we want them to receive a different email (in the mapping: If have received Email #1, then send Email #2. If has received Emai #2, then send Email #2).

However, here's the next part that makes it tricky. We need the body of our emails to include personalizations that come from both the Contact fields and the... (More)

Integrations calling and marketing to Local Government

Anyone have experience and can give me lessons learned and ideal integrations for email marketing and cloud calling apps (record all calls and drop voicemails)? The buyer persona are director levels at municipalities and county governments. Thank you!