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Email sync
Email sync

Discuss anything related with email sync.

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Chris Clegg
President | Research Director

Stopping Automated Sequence When a Prospect Responds

We're taking a serious look at Mailigen to automate our lead nurturing and prospecting work. One thing I'm hung up on is ending a auto-sequence if someone responds.

For example, let's say I have three email automation planned for lost customers (i.e., those whom we havne't worked with in 2 years or more). I want one of the CTAs to be "reply if you have any questions or would like to connect." Is it possible for me to automatically end the future emails in that sequence if someone replies?

Klenty is an email tool that provides this feature. Not sure... (More)

Controlling emails added to Pipedrive with LABELS

I'm a little confused.

From what I can tell, you can either have ALL emails synced into pipedrive, which doesn't seem sensible considering there could be sensitive information/data that you wouldn't want ending up on a foreign system that they can access ...


You control what emails are transferred via the use of Labels. I'm struggling to find more information on how to use labels in my email system which can then control the transfer of those emails to Pipedrive.

Pleas help.

ps. I've gone through as much of the knowledge base that I can already.

Attach uploaded Files to Email in Pipedrive

If there are files attached to a Person or Deal, I think it should be easy to attach that file to an email without having to "re-upload" it - which is the only way to do it at this time.

Email Attachments

Hi everyone 

if you are emailing a customer from a deal 

and you what to attach a file that is also in that deal 

how do you do it with out downloading it first ? 

I have tried to drag but it doesn't work for me