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Email sync
Email sync

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Hi Chariz @Chariz Abucejo1

Yes, the task you want to automate is possible if you are a Klenty+Pipedrive user.

If you are using Klenty to send personalized emails to automated follow-ups then it is possible to create contacts, also move... (More)

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Yes, but you need an automation tool like Zapier. They have an email parser - the field values you collect can be used to create automation - like creating a new person in PD. I suspect you do need some... (More)

Alan McTighe
Dealer Development Manager

Enhancement Suggestion - more detail in the email/ calendar Sync

(Possible) future enhancement. A little more detail in the sync data would be appreciated - eg. With my Microsoft Outlook pipedirive only labels the appointment or activity with its activity type (unless I add more information in the activity heading... (More)

Text size inflated for copy+pasted text AFTER sending, not visible in email editor

This is a request for a bug fix / design improvement that has been frustrating me. When drafting emails and using copy and paste, the text size often ends up mismatched in the actual email that is sent but NOT... (More)