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Email sync
Email sync

Discuss anything related with email sync.

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Send delayed emails

As Pipedrive is tracking my email opens and link clicks... id like to see them give me the option to send emails at a later time.

This will allow me to work on my emails at a time most convenient to me but it is received by my client at a time that is most convenient to them.

Even Gmail does that now.. why not pipedrive!

Orrain Lee
Senior Operations Manager

Sending Emails on Behalf of Someone

Is it possible to send templated emails on behalf of someone on my team? This is in reference to a 1:1 email, not bulk.


Bernd AuerCommunity Driver
Managing Director -

Flagging/Labeling of emails

It would be great if you could flag or label emails.

If you communicate a lot with your customer, it is really hard to find the important information in the deal history, especially if you search in deals from colleagues. I can find my own mail in GMail, but if I don't have access to the mailbox, it's almost impossible to find the right information. With a label or a flag you could mark the important mails and in a perfect world you could filter them.

As a workaround you could of course put the important passages as a note,... (More)

How do I set up the "from" field for my emails?


Just started testing the email sync.

When I send emails from pipedrive, they are received like this:

from: [my first name lowercase]

Instead of like this:
from: My First Name My Last Name

which is how they look normally when I send them from gmail.

Any idea how I can setup the "from" field to appear properly?