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Email Sync
Email Sync
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Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

Please fix. I need to reply to the email I'm CC'd.

I'm CC'd on the email. But I can't hit the reply button. Of course I want to reply within the CRM. 

  • Reply to Email <--- PLEASE FIX.

NOTE: Why can't I upload an image to the forum? I'm trying to upload a screenshot, it requires a video type or pdf type, ugg.  So I made a PDF. It's attached.


Absolutely love the CRM, would just like to enable this common and expected workflow.

Come celebrate our good news 😍

Outplay has raised 2 million dollars in seed funding from Sequoia.

For those who don’t know about Outplay, we provide businesses with a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize interactions between companies and their prospects across various channels.

I remember getting actively involved in this community when it was launched. And now a year later, we are the highest rated Sales Engagement tool in the Pipedrive Marketplace, that our customers love!

I want to appreciate & spotlight @Mike van der Valk & @Inês Batata for your enthusiastic support. Pipedrive has been a... (More)

Boris TsibelmanPipedrive Expert | I help companies streamline their process with automation by unlocking the power of technology

Try reaching out to support@pipedrive.com1

Planned: Sales Documents to get unbranded Sending and Signing


Remove Pipedrive branding when sharing documents and requesting e-signatures.

For whom?

Professional and Enterprise plan.

How will it work?

  • Sales Documents' public links hide the Pipedrive logo and the ‘Try it free’ button.
  • Pipedrive logo is removed from e-signatures emails sent to signers.

More to come:

  • Customise your Sales Documents with personalised branding.

Learn all about it here:

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Please note: Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features in the What's planned?... (More)