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Email Sync
Email Sync
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We work in email and after testing emails sent from Pipedrive, they regularly junk!
We tested the same emails native from Outlook and they all delivered. 
It appears if you use Pipedrive to send emails, they are put in a low priority pool. This affected many people getting emails proposals from us and more and has no doubt cost business. I have seen other threads about this and has been left unfixed! Pipedrives 365 integration is not native and via another bit of software. 
You have been warned!

add contacts automatically from incoming mail

 Is it possible to automatically add contacts from incoming mail? 

Looking for smart solutions for using shared sales email inbox with Pipedrive.

Deleting a previous Email Sync

Up until 0730 hours on 05/26/2022, my EmailSync was functioning with expected behavior. Then, it just stopped syncing. I changed nothing. I went through this b.s. in late 2021, costing me hours and hours of engaging email I'd already dealt with, sometimes years before.

I was advised at the time the issue, while same email address, was due to the new sync now being PipeMailer instead of Nylas. Okay, I can sympathize with that. But this time, it's all PipeMailer as that sync picked up all of whatever, and I mucked through the hours of linking Deals (AGAIN!), and so forth.

Now, this ordeal becomes a reoccurring nightmare as opposed to a 'bad dream'.

All I need is the following:

  • The sync which started on 05/26/2022 & one I started yesterday (05/31/2022) could be cleared.
  • It is my understanding this would revert my EmailSync back to the previous sync of [whatever was PRIOR 05/26/2022]. {when everything was working perfectly, without issue, then stopped, I reached out, etc., BEFORE 'Support' advised for me to clear cache, cookies, disconnect it (then current sync), reconnect it (then current sync), and if that didn't resolve it, start a new sync, but failing to advise about the selection below in the same screen which dictates how far back one wants the new sync to go.}
  • A new sync could be started to capture all 'new' mail items/activity on or after 05/26/2022.

Why is this not possible? I've been a User for five years.... (More)