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Email sync
Email sync

Discuss anything related with email sync.

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My company has been TRYING to use Pipedrive for over 12 months now.

Most weeks we spend hours if not days with no access to email, as their sync platforms continually disconnect. Our customer communication emails go missing, or they are just not received until days later.

This is an issue I've reported daily for over 12 months. They WILL NOT escalate the issue to management, they WILL NOT offer a credit for their horrible excuse of a CRM which is currently just losing me time & money.

I've spend countless hours and days reporting these issues, working through the... (More)

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Voted for Yes - I really need this

The only reason I`m not paying Pipedrive right now is because the lack of this feature.

Question: API to send emails with tracking


I'm wondering whether Pipedrive provides an API to send emails with tracking.

(Some clients wants an automated email sending with tracking features.)