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Email Sync
Email Sync
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Betting Email needed

Love many aspects of Pipedrive however I feel the email interface need to be improved. As sending and receiving email is one of the most important features in a CRM the thread of email conversation need to be looked at and improved. I would love to use the email client inside Pipedrive exclusively but the thread of a long email conversation is difficult to manage. Often I can see a new email within a long conversation arrive however struggle to find the actual email easily.

E-Mail Synchronisierung gesendeter Emails von Pipedrive nach Outlook

Hallo zusammen,

kann mir einer sicher sagen, ob die Email-Synchronisierung gesendeter Nachrichten sicher auch von Pipedrive zurück nach Outlook funktioniert? Also ich sende eine Nachricht aus Pipedrive heraus und habe diese dann auch wieder in Outlook in den gesendeten Objekten.

Vielen Dank, Uwe

It would be great if pipedrive would enable an API for injecting signatures.

Currently the only option is to copy paste signatures, it is very painful way to use, it adds borders around tables automatically and changes the template.

Using API we could inject the HTML directly and bypass the bordering issues.

It also means that customers can build integration tools to update signatures automatically without having to visit each time the signature window and copy paste it when changed.

Email Tracking On Mobile

Being able to see if the client opens an email is huge but I find myself not using the mobile app simply because you can’t see if someone has opened an email. Would this be something that is going to be updated or can be? Thank you