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Email templates
Email templates
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Blank custom fields keep appearing


I have submitted the following to an employee in the chat and unfortunately there is no solution for it yet. Custom fields that are not filled in (in this case in a document) will remain in the final document. In my case, the bill for the customer.

 If I do not enter anything in (for example) product note, the customer sees: [product note].

 I'd rather see this field left empty if I don't fill it in.

Produkte in E-Mail-Vorlagen

Hallo Pipedrive-Community,

ich wollte soeben eine E-Mail-Vorlage erstellen, die neben allgemeinen Deal-Infos auch die im Deal enthaltenen Produkte und -Preise beinhaltet. 

Leider kann ich die Produkt-Informationen nicht in den Feldern entdecken. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, diese einzublenden?

Vielleicht hat jemand eine Idee?

Besten Dank!


Schöne Grüße,

Jürgen Kuttenberger 

Group email automation - Add Pipedrive Calendar Link as a merge field in email templates

We use the same email sequence for automation across all users with the same templates- however, each user has to make their own automations and email templates in order to have their unique Pipedrive scheduling link. This could be easily streamlined by having the pipedrive calendar link as a dynamic field in templates. 

Email Templates

Is there a way to make the emails look more professional?