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Email templates
Email templates
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Sander Tan
Business Development

Unsubscribe link for emails out of Pipedrive

For GDPR reasons, I am looking for a functionality that automatically adds an unsubscribe link to any email we send for inbound & outbound sales. Is this available within Pipedrive? If yes, how can I set this up? If not, could this be a feature that will be build in the future?

Folders for Email Templates

With my business, we utilize email templates for different stages of a sale and I think adding folders would be an easier way to organize the different templates, rather than just having them listed like it currently is.  Does anyone know if it this possible to create folders for email templates? 

E-Mail template "Product field" not available

Dear all,

I have created an automated workflow triggered by a won deal to inform our after-sales team. 

To provide the necessary information, different fields are drawn in an E-Mail template.  Unfortunately the  important field "products" can not be selected to be sent to our after-sales team.

Am I the only one with this setting? Can anybody help? (I do not want to create the work-around with a custom field)

Best Regards




Workflow Automation Question?


I'm trying to set up an automatic email to customer when there set up as a deal. Process seems easy but when putting email together it doesn't come up with templates or any where to write the email. Can someone help with this.