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Email templates
Email templates
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Allow contact-based email template fields based on the main contact person on a Deal, and not just the recipient of the email

I am making an email template and I need to be able to use the email address of the Deal's primary contact as a template field, even if that contact is not the recipient of the email.

Currently, it provides a bunch of fields from the Contact object, but that seems to be based on whichever contact is in the "To" field of the email I'm writing, not based on the main contact for the Deal. It does provide a Deal field called "Contact Person" which seems to reliably get the name of the person I'm after, but not equivalent... (More)

Email Template in Workflow Automation

When creating an automation with the new version, I can't seem to be able to email an already created template. Am I missing something?

Trigger: Deal Created

Condition: Deal is not empty


I have also tried a Deal Updated trigger like I had in previous workflow automations prior to new version and still not available that I can tell.

James Bowie
Private Lender & Real Estate Investor

Allow Use of Product Field Variables in Email & Smart Doc Templates

It would be great if the product and variation fields were available to use  in email templates. 

Similarly, it would also be great if they were available to place anywhere on the document when creating a Smart Doc template. Currently, it seems product fields can only be placed specifically in a product table, but our quote forms are formatted differently. Since we don't use product tables, we can't use product variables in our quotes.