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Email templates
Email templates
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Id love to have the option next to templates to add a couple of smaller pieces of text (snippets) into an email for when I want to mix and match different parts of templates together.

Logical conditions for mail templates

It would be very nice to have the possibility of logical conditions in mail templates.


Something like

Hello {{if person2 is not Empty; person1 + " and " + person2; person1}}


So different conditions like:

  • if else // and or
  • switch
  • loops
  • string manipulation
  • ...


MVP would be "if else".


Thanks :)

Email Template.

I just want to know how can you read again your emails templates you've made.

Please someone let me know. 

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International Branding, Web Design & UX/UI Agency

Feature request: Create folders for email templates

We have a number of shared email templates now and it's getting hard to find the ones we want quickly. 

A simple folder format would solve that so it can be separated into the right places and not just be one long, difficult-to-read list. 

Something like this, for example: (Dropdown folder that expands/closes on demand)