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Email templates
Email templates
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Exporting email templates

Rather than copying and pasting email templates  one at a time,, it would be better to be able to export all for editing in word or google docs, where there are better editing tools and where reading a cadence for flow/continuity is easier.

Olá turma. Preciso de uma dica, é possível configurar um hiperlink dinâmico no template de e-mail? Exemplo{variavel}?

More 'Insert Field' options in email (automation for Internal Reporting)

When setting up an email template, the options to provide info about an organization/deal are limited. It would be beneficial for internal reporting. Like Organization Label, Organization ID, history (and values) of deals. Or even create snapshots of reports at the end of a month.

An example would be to report Won/Lost deals, or stages before. Without having to go into PD and look for previous deals to see if we gained or lost in order size. 


Email templates workaround

Need a workaround for a client... other "person" variables in email templates.

Pipedrive offers quite good email templates. With automations, they're even better. A number of Pipedrive fields (standard/included fields as well as all custom fields) can be used to personalize an outbound email. All good, except... ... except that the only "person" whose data can be included in an email template is the primary contact on a deal.

For good reasons I can explain, our customers need to include the 2nd (or 3rd/4th) person on the deal. Name, email, phone and a couple of person-custom-fields.

Pipedrive confirms that cannot... (More)