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Email templates
Email templates
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E-Mail Attachments

Hallo zusammen,

leider haben wir das Problem, dass unsere Anhänge nicht gespeichert werden können.

Diese erscheinen rot. Habt Ihr Ideen woran das liegen könnte?



Question about display organisation adress



I'm looking for a solution to display the adress of an organisation (not the organisation linked to the deal) but a custom organisation field in a confirmation e-mail.

So, in the screenshot below: I would like to display the adress of 'Camping Ganspoort' in a e-mail template


I can access this adress in third party tools, but not directly in Pipedrive if I'm correct. Is there a way? I found somewhere a Zapier could be an option, but don't understand how that should work.



Mark Fulton
Mark Fulton Lending Team

Automated email - multiple email addresses needed

Hi All, 

I'm trying to setup a workflow that will automatically send an email template out when a deal stage is changed. Problem is it appears I can only select from a few options. There are multiple emails that I need to be CC'ed on and I'm hoping it can automatically pull from certain fields. 

I'm in the mortgage business so there are emails that need to go the the buyer, the buyer's agent, listing agent, etc. but I'm not sure how to automate that. Is there a way to accomplish this?



Link Reports/Insights to Email Subject/Templates

Hello Pipedrive Community!

My role is mainly focussed on marketing, and involves strategy planning based on email performance. Although the feature to track emails is useful, it would be great to create reports based on particular email templates (or subjects) in order to compare how well specific campaigns perform.