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Email tracking
Email tracking
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Email tracking from email client and notifications when an email is read

Suggestion: Ability to track emails directly from within Outlook and display a pop-up notification when an email is ready.  Experienced this in Hubspot CRM and was extremely helpful.

Email tracking for email campaigns?

Hi, I'm new here and wanted to know if there's the option of email campaigns/tracking with Pipedrive?

Originating Email Address

Is there a way to change the "From" address seen by the receiver?  I'd like it to be from my company name and not the actual email address, which in this case is a general mailbox address.

Email opens by contact within a specific timeframe

Hi, i'd like to be able to see a list of contacts who have opened an email within a specific timeframe, and to be able to sort these by the amount of times emails have been opened.


Emails opened 1 Sept - 7 Sept 2020:

Bob Smith - opened emails 17 times 

Jane Doe - opened emails  8 times

Keyser Soze - opened emails 2 times