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Email Tracking
Email Tracking
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"Ignored" contacts

I would like to set some Contacts in Pipedrive to be ignored in email sharing, so that any emails with them are not shared by default.

Edie Mew
Pipedrive Partner - Evolve

Automation with Emails & Activities

If someone responds to the email that was sent as automation - does that cancel out / edit the activity that's also been created as part of the automation?

Persistent Email Sync Authentication Issues - 2FA - Nylas

We are having persistent email Sync, Contact Sync, & Calendar Sync issues.

When enabling sync and using Office 365 the Email sync will authenticate with 2FA Multifactor Authentication ,(is enabled in Office 365). The emails will sync for a day or so, then throw an error.

However, Contacts & Calendar Sync will not authenticate at all.

Pipedrive support says we must use the App Password method, but those are not accepted when Authentication window pops up for Office at

OAuth2 apparently won't accept an App Password here in the authentication window & Pipedrive or Nylas apparently won't accept... (More)

Email and link tracking for teams

I just partnered up with 2 other people and noticed that when one of them sends an email with open and link tracking, I can't see the tracking stats for their email, only they can.  When I contacted support, they told me this feature is not available at the moment.

If you see the benefit of a feature for this, please upvote this post!