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Email tracking
Email tracking
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Question: API to send emails with tracking


I'm wondering whether Pipedrive provides an API to send emails with tracking.

(Some clients wants an automated email sending with tracking features.)

Email tracking per Pipeline

Hi there, 

I'd like to be able to use the email tracking filter in the "Insights" section, and to combine it with a pipeline filter.

Basically today, I can't see the open opening rate per pipeline, I can only see the total one (cf. pictures attached).

I already discussed this with Andrees from your CS team.



Request possibility to manage email templates in folders or labels features...

Is there a way to be alerted when someone opens a tracked email?

I see that I can filter my messages by email tracking, and I get passive notifications that includes opens every now and then through the sales assistant, but I am looking for more of a real time alert.