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Email Tracking
Email Tracking
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Do workflow automated emails track opening?

Hi everyone! I am trying to automate and email through my workflow and I am not able to set up email tracking. My template has tracking and when it is sent outside the automation it works but not when sent with the automation - what am I doing wrong :)!?!?!?? THANK YOU!!

Report around how has opened you email

Hello fellow Pipedrivers - I'm wondering if there is a way to get a list of contacts that have opened your email message (either within the last week or last month).

I can use the "Insight" reporting feature to see how many emails were sent vs how many were open, which is super useful but not actionable. I would love to segment that list further and get details around which contact opened the message vs who did not so I can plan my next actions accordingly. 

Workflow Automations: Automatically Includes Email Tracking

If I create a workflow automation to send an email based on a certain condition and I already have email tracking "on" for my account, will the automatic email be tracked to see if the recipient opened it?