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⏰ Event alert: "Fast Forward: Selling with video in the virtual world" October 7

Hi everyone! We saw this event that we thought might be interesting for you, especially in the current circumstances we all know. Take a look.

Register here

The sales world is changing. Are you? Learn how to adapt your sales strategies using video to thrive in a digital-first sales landscape. Our favourite sales experts will share proven tactics to make connections, get better response rates, push deals to close, and retain customers.

We’ll teach you how to adapt your sales strategy using video, to thrive in the new age of sales.

Whether you are just getting started, or you’ve been... (More)

Industry events coming up this week you might not want to miss! ⏰

We spotted these two free-of-charge virtual events that we thought might be of interest for our members here in the Community.

  • Wednesday 9 September - Global Customer Support Heroes meetup, discussing self-service and proactive support (speakers include an Intercom representative). Sign up in the link above if you provide or want to learn about Customer Support.
  • Thursday 10 September - Rackspace Technology Solutions Summit. If you're in the "under the hood" part of the Technology Industry, a lot of valuable learning will happen. Register here.

Feel free to post about other events that you think are... (More)