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Intermittent Leads transfer from Facebook.

Hi. We have noticed in the last two weeks that leads from Facebook have been transferring into Pipedrive intermittently.  Has anyone else had this problem? We also noticed that Facebook appears to have tightened up its security with repeated requests to change password. Are these two observations linked in terms of problem resolution?

Connect Facebook Lead Forms to Pipedrive

If anyone here is looking to run Facebook ads and connect new leads to Pipedrive, we've just added Facebook Lead Forms integration to Outfunnel. This lets you:

  • Automatically add new leads from Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive — no more manually exporting-importing lists.
  • Map custom fields, so all the necessary data is synced to Pipedrive
  • Record the form fill for your contacts in the CRM as a custom Activity

Hope you'll find this useful (especially when combined with our other integrations that let you send out automated emails to new leads, for example)

How to use Facebook lead generation to fill sales pipelines 👍

An effective sales funnel only works if you keep adding new leads. Without a steady drip of qualified prospects, your sales cycle will likely come to a standstill.


To ensure business continues to grow, many sales teams are turning to Facebook. Facebook lead generation ads, in particular, continue to grow in popularity because they are so effective. By launching a Facebook lead generation campaign, one global brand realized a 52% decrease in its cost-per-lead.


In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know to use Facebook lead generation campaigns to fill your funnel and increase your pipeline.

Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive cannot add person details

hello community I need your assistance. I am running Facebook lead ads campaigns and collecting some deal-related information and person-related information ( email phone etc). However when I create a deal I cannot push person-related info. I may either create a deal or a person, but how can I merge or create all of them with one zap?