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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales Community.

Livechat mit fb Verbinden

Hallo, kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit den Chat bzw. Chatbot mit fb zu verknpüfen?

Würde den gerne direkt mit den fb Nachrichtensystem verbinden.

Facebook Pixel integration with Pipedrive Forms. Tracking Leads.

Hello! Is there some way to track Pipedrive Form with Facebook Pixel? 

My client has Wordpress webpage with implemented Pipedrive Forms (plugins). And it is not possible to setup tracking on Submit button with Facebook Event Setup Tool. 

So what would be the best solution (exept creating Thank-you page in webpage)?

אוטומציות בין סמוב לפייפדרייב

Hi friends!

I want to create automations for creating and / or updating contacts between Pipedrive and Smoove. I want either one to pull data from the other, and update fields or create new contact, if none exists.

My contacts have custom fields. The main one which I am getting a headache from is the events history. I want to be able to know which events(webinars/courses/lectures) a contact attended since the day was first created. I have multiple events and courses going on at once, some are signed up from smoove landing pages, some from embeded smoove forms, others(in the... (More)

Dominique Hoogsteder
Building automations for Real Estate Agents with Pipedrive 🚀

Real Estate Add-ons for Pipedrive coming!

Hi happy Pipedrives,

Dominique here from Belgium! Yes we have been a little bit under the radar but we are deeply grinding on some new 'Real Estate' add-ons as an 3th party integrator on Pipedrive.

  • Home valuation automation
  • Create e-sign documents
  • Create brochures from your listings on auto-pilot
  • Publish to Facebook / Instagram shops (listing/products)
  • create automated links from every property and add them to your website with a coowl video chat.
  • ....

We have built flows for sales, rentals, and new build projects and now looking for Pipedrive partners to help ressel our products and strategies.

If you... (More)