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Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive cannot add person details

hello community I need your assistance. I am running Facebook lead ads campaigns and collecting some deal-related information and person-related information ( email phone etc). However when I create a deal I cannot push person-related info. I may either create a deal or a person, but how can I merge or create all of them with one zap?

Research: Pipedrive - Facebook & Instagram Messengers [deadline is 11th of June]

Hello dear Community members!

I am currently researching ways of integrating the Facebook & Instagram Messengers (for business pages) with Pipedrive.

And I would really love to learn more about how your team is working with Facebook and/or Instagram Messengers (business one), what are the main needs and expectation from this integration.

Please share your thoughts in comments or react with "likes".

I am also looking forward to speaking with some of you and hearing your thoughts on some ideas we have regarding this integration.
If you are interested then please book a suitable time with me here.... (More)

Livechat mit fb Verbinden

Hallo, kennt jemand eine Möglichkeit den Chat bzw. Chatbot mit fb zu verknpüfen?

Würde den gerne direkt mit den fb Nachrichtensystem verbinden.

Facebook Pixel integration with Pipedrive Forms. Tracking Leads.

Hello! Is there some way to track Pipedrive Form with Facebook Pixel? 

My client has Wordpress webpage with implemented Pipedrive Forms (plugins). And it is not possible to setup tracking on Submit button with Facebook Event Setup Tool. 

So what would be the best solution (exept creating Thank-you page in webpage)?