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Leads from instagram and facebook publish (advertising)



Why Pipe Drive dont integrate instagram leads automaticly? When i make an advertising on instagram or facebook i need that lead in a new deal on a random user.

Facebook Pipedrive Integration w/o zap

Can Pipedrive be integrated with Facebook Lead Ads WITHOUT the use of zapier, intergromat or"?

How to have Facebook Lead Ads create new LEADS in Pipedrive via Zapier

Hi, I have Facebook Lead Ads running, and integration with Zapier is working and I can create DEALS in Pipedrive.

But, I can't find an option in the Zapier Zap to allow creation of Pipedrive Leads, only Deals, People, Activity etc. Basically anything but Leads!

Can anyone help with this? Thanks

Facebook leads

Can I transfer leads from Facebook ads to Pipedrive without using middleware like zapier or