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Facebook messenger
Facebook messenger
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Facebook Messenger to Pipedrive

We currently have a Zapier integration between Facebook Messenger and Pipedrive. However, this only imports a lead when they provide an email address. We'd like to be able to forward photographs over from Messenger to Pipedrive. Does any one recommend any specific integrations? We are using Many Chat are are generating scores of leads a day that do not always progress through the flow as far as leaving an email address...

Facebook messenger syncs to Pipedrive

Hi everyone we use Facebook messenger to speak to a lot of our clients as a first point of contact then we book a intro phone call, is there a way I can link the two? I want to be able to have the booker day and time enter into Pipedrive but also be able to block time out as I’m a one person business thanks

Log messages (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc)

Hi all! Brand new to the group, but loving Pipedrive.

I'm trying to figure out how best to log Linkedin messages, FB messages etc. – since that's often our first point of contact, rather than email or phone.

There seem to be two options.
1) Just jotting down a note on the contact's profile in Pipedrive as soon as we've messaged, which is quick and includes a timestamp. However, in the contacts list view, there's no "last note" column so it's tricky to keep track of who and when we've messaged.

2) Creating an activity that's marked as done. This... (More)