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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Changing order of notes

Hello, I'd like to ask, if it is possible to change order of received and sent notes/emails at Contacts/Organizations. Now, the newest are displaying at the top and I need to reverse it, so that the oldest are displaying at the top. I want to summarize what was the the way of contacting each company and to analyze which channel is the most efficient. Now, to see the oldest notes, I have to manually scroll several years of conversation with each company to get to the bottom, which is wildly inefficient. 

Does any of you know a better way to do this? :)

Prévision en Volume d'affaires

Hello ! Serait-il possible dans l'onglet PREVISION des affaires, de faire également apparaitre, dans les encarts gris où on retrouve le mois et la Valorisation pondérée, le nombre d'affaires correspondantes ? Dommage de l'avoir dans l'onglet liste ou pipe, mais pas dans les prévisions ! Merci


Make "year" in birthday field optional

Sometimes you simply don't know someone's exact age, but you do know what day and month they celebrate their birthday.

Right now I set their birth year to 1800, but it'd be a lot better if the "year" part was optional.

Jason McKenna
Director of Project Controls

Dynamic Custom Fields

Is it possible or will it ever be possible to include the option to limit the available choices in one custom field based on a choice from another custom or system field? It would also be nice to block a field from being completed unless a pre-requisite field is completed.