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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Share dashboard visibility

I may have missed something, (I often do) but can I share the a dashboard on INsights without using the shareable link, or at least in some way that allows other users to add that dashboard to their own insight reports tab. Training other "somewhat technically-challenged users" how to build their own reports is tedious when I can build them and just share them. 

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Forecast on signed and "open" Recurring Revenue

There are a lot of postings on this topic. But I do not give up hope that one day this will work properly.

Both we and a lot of our customers would need a basic forecast report on recurring revenues. It should give an overview over signed recurring revenue and a forecasted MRR according to the weightened revenue of open deals. The result should look like this:

I was hoping that at least the API allowes to export all necessary data but today I found out the the endpoint is deprecated.

What is the plan with this feature?... (More)

Bernd AuerPipedrive Expert
Managing Director - -

Feature Request: Set goals on additional KPIs

Today I saw a pipeline with the stages "Inbound Leads" and "Outbound Leads". My first reaction: This is a deal source, not a stage. But then I learned why this company worked like this: They do set a goal for their marketing team to bring in a certain amount of inbound deals. And you just can set goals on new deals in a certain phase and not to new deals with a certain custom field like "deal source".

So this beautiful idea of stages in pipelines is completely abused by finding workarounds just to set very normal Marketing and Sales... (More)

I can't do this anymore

Is anyone else out there frustrated with having to spend an hour each day trying to get pipedrive to work? Everyday there is an issue with my emails and I end up having to waste time communicating with support and having them instruct me how to fix my email sync, only to have it fail again the next day. I'm so over this CRM. The support people are lovely but the company clearly doesn't care about it';s customers. They refuse to make things right by compensating it's customers for damaged goods and wasting their time. I'm so disappointed in pipedrive.... (More)