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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Voted for Yes, I need that! Its a basic calendar setting many of us require.

This would be a great feature to have! My Google calendar is set to begin Monday and it is very confusing. 

For the sake of protection of data, how can a company monitor what their users view on Pipedrive? #Dataprotection #datasecurity

 For example our sales people need to view the company and people (names only) we do not want them able to see any other information pertaining to an organisation or person that doesn't belong to them. The Answer from Pipedrive is : Unfortunately, it is not possible to hide the information below the names, you can either hide all information from contact or organisation or none.  Please can we have options to select what data fields can be viewed by users.

Sync Outlook/ email/calendar/contacts based on Category

Had a nice chat with support about this, and they promised to take this to the product team, but also posting here to gain support/priority.

The feature I really miss in Pipedrive’s integration with Outlook, is the ability to only synchronize/track emails/calendar entries/contacts assigned a specific category.

You can set that it is only specific folders that are tracked, but maintaining the list of folders to track, as well as moving the emails you want to track to specific folders, is simply not practical in daily work. Having a separate calendar (Calendar folder) for the meetings you want to track,... (More)