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Feedback & feature suggestions
Feedback & feature suggestions

Join here to offer your suggestions for how Pipedrive can improve. Also provide your feedback on existing features. Feel free to also us this Topic to provide feedback and suggestions on general sales issues. 

Not everything posted here will eventually make it into development for various reasons. Our team will take all feedback serious. The more "likes" and responses a post get will help us determine what this community aligns on.

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Suggestion: Checklist Feature for Deals

Hi All

I'd love to suggest a Checklist feature for Deals.

Similar to cards on Trello or Asana, I believe adding a customisable list of tick-off/strikethrough items to a deal, would allow us as users keep track of various administrative or key tasks that inevitably crop up when managing a deal through the pipeline.

Eg. We use Pipedrive as our Recruitment CRM. As the candidate enters the process, along the way we collect ID, visas (if applicable), gather references, confirm start dates etc. All these are actionable sub-tasks that need to be prepared for and subsequently checked off as the... (More)

Is there a way to create Leads through an API endpoint ?

We would like to create some leads in PipeDrive by sending the information through an APi endpoint. Is it possible without using a spreadsheet or Zapier and Facebook Together?

Improvements to leads inbox

For the leads inbox, it would be good if we could add custom fields there too. In particular the "website" field.

Something else that it appears to be missing is the ability to convert a lead to a contact instead of to a deal.