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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Pipedrive should make Security Center & Rules standard across all plans!

In today's world of constant data security attacks and threats, it seems a bit misguided for Pipedrive to remove access to Security Center and Security Rules in the new breakdown for its subscription options. Soon, only Enterprise-level plans will have access to these very crucial features. It seems quite misguided for Pipedrive to make its entire system less secure just to potentially realize a bit of increased revenue from folks needing to switch over to expensive Enterprise plans.

Now I need to meet with our Director of IT to see how we can continue to enforce security rules without these... (More)


Dear Pipedrive Team!


I would like to know, were You plan to make payment terms for Pipedrive suitable for Ukraine?

For this moment there are only 2 options: VISA or PayPal. 

It is very difficult for Ukraine to make payment with such 2 options. I should to attribute this payment to company expenses. In order to do this, I should make it through official bank transaction according to invoice from Pipedrive. 





Nico Müller
Chief Commercial Officer

Is this community (management) dead?

Is it just my personal experience or are replies to topics in the pipedrive community (be it from other members or pipedrive employees) an absolute rarity? 
It is great to learn about new & upcoming features but interaction is key to a real community isn't it? Is there another place like reddit or other forums where there is more interaction/feedback on ideas/best practices etc.? 


Emails from Pipedrive

We are loving sending emails from pipedrive, and everyone in our company are sending emails directly from deals. 

We noticed that templates are moved to the top, after the Subject box. 

Is it possible to put them where they were, on bottom of the mail?