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Feedback & feature suggestions
Feedback & feature suggestions

Join here to offer your suggestions for how Pipedrive can improve. Also provide your feedback on existing features. Feel free to also us this Topic to provide feedback and suggestions on general sales issues. 

Not everything posted here will eventually make it into development for various reasons. Our team will take all feedback serious. The more "likes" and responses a post get will help us determine what this community aligns on.

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"Default" pipeline

I have a few Pipelines, but one main pipeline that I do most of my work from. For some reason when I login to Pipedrive, it always goes to one of my more ancillary Pipelines. It would be great if I could set a "main default" pipeline that when I logged into my account that it always brought me back to the Pipeline of my choosing. Small detail I know, but it has turned into a minor annoyance. Thanks for the consideration!

Multiple Labels and contacts and organizations.

It would be great to have multiple labes for contacts and organizations. I know that I work around is custom fields, but they are not as visual as labels. 


A good example for labels in organizations would be:

Company A: Label 1 buy procuct "semilla", Label 2 Interested in product "tierra"  No potencial IN product "zamilla"

When a rep is on the phone this information is visual to other sales people, they can divide prospecting campaigns for each one

Suggestion: Checklist Feature for Deals

Hi All

I'd love to suggest a Checklist feature for Deals.

Similar to cards on Trello or Asana, I believe adding a customisable list of tick-off/strikethrough items to a deal, would allow us as users keep track of various administrative or key tasks that inevitably crop up when managing a deal through the pipeline.

Eg. We use Pipedrive as our Recruitment CRM. As the candidate enters the process, along the way we collect ID, visas (if applicable), gather references, confirm start dates etc. All these are actionable sub-tasks that need to be prepared for and subsequently checked off as the... (More)

Revenue type

Hello all, 


The feature added recently to include different types of revenue is fantastic, mostly for those Saas businesses with recurring revenue. 

My suggestion is that when you want to export you deal's page to excel sheet, or symply to change the view from 'deal' to 'list' there is not the possibility to add as a column the revenue type, but only the total value for each deal. 

Does Pipedrive have any plan to include it as a feature? It would be very useful and in my opinion it would add value a lot to the service.