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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Y'all could hook up a way to deliver more than 3 devices! I'd pay per extra no problem. I got office comp, laptop, ipad, ... That's five easy. What you got for us?!

Live Chat Issues

Firstly, thanks for all the great work put into new features, we appreciate it all! About ten days ago, we migrated from using Crisp's web chat feature on our marketing website to Pipedrive's chatbot.

We have run into a few issues using your chatbot, and we were wondering if there is a roadmap available for future improvements that may resolve some of these problems we're experiencing? Specifically:

  • Lack of sound or visual notification for incoming chat or for when visitors reply (submit text)
  • Inability to view conversations of other colleagues
  • No "block" feature
  • Can't see other colleagues who may be... (More)

Enable organisation email link with deals and stop automatic contact person generation through smart BCC

Recently, I noticed that when manually linking a deal to an email message, Pipedrive creates a contact person based on the email address if no contact person is associated with the deal. However, an organisation (with an email address) was linked to the deal. Mostly, this happens when I don't have a contact person for a deal, and just email to "" for example.

The image below shows what a mess this makes in the Person database.

Based on this I propose 2 things:

  • Enable smart BCC email links when only an organisation with an email address is linked to... (More)

Gmail connected with pipedrive --> Last activity date

Hi Community,

We connected gmail with Pipedrive, probably like many others. For now synchronised emails are not seen as an activity done. Where it would be great if they do because then it would be tracked in the "last activity date" filter. We use it a lot in the organisation overview to see what needs te be done.

For Pipedrives developers: Is it possible that emails can be seen as "last activity date"? If not, will you build this?

For the Community: please support this question. It would help putting this on their agenda's.