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Feedback & suggestions
Feedback & suggestions

Join here to offer your suggestions for how Pipedrive can improve. Also provide your feedback on existing features.

Posts on this topic will be seen by our Product team . Our team will take all feedback serious, however, not everything posted here can and will eventually make it into development for various reasons. 

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Exporting all stage change dates

It would be a big improvement to be able to export all of the stage change dates for a deal, and not just the last stage change date. I would like to be able to calculate the times between specific stages and currently there is no way to do this. This is for open deals as well as for won/closed. 

Deal NAme - Stage Name - Entered stage date - Left stage date 

Apple App Store Updates

Each time an update comes out for the Pipedrive app the update repeats the same information. ... I don't know what is new, I don't know what has changed (sometimes you mention something) .. but most of the time you repeat the same information over and over again..

"Whats' new with us? Why, thanks for asking! We've been busy making improvements to

  • Focus, a one-stop overview of yo0ur dail schedule and important items

We build Pipedrive for you - yeah, you! So tell us what you love, or what needs work by leaving us a rating and review Thanks for... (More)

Leadbooster ... When the hell are you going to add ability to email?

We signed up for leadbooster at the beginning of the year with the promise that the ability to respond to leads with Pipedrive's email would be delivered by March.

It is now nearly December and I still don't see the ability.

We receive a lot of leads that will never turn into deals. eg Enquiries etc. At the moment we have to convert them into deals and then lookup the deal in order to be able to send an email (before closing the deal). We must have the ability to open and send Pipedrive mail from the lead page (without... (More)

Sending delayed emails - creating short email sequences

I am looking for an automation option to send email sequences. I want several delayed email messages to be sent at a particular time in future, for example, several follow-ups to be made after a week, two weeks, month.