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Feedback & Suggestions
Feedback & Suggestions
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Ability to white label / company brand the "Propose Times" link

At the moment when our customers click the link, it is all branded Pipedrive.

We would like to be able to change some settings company-wide on this page.

e.g. add our logo and colour branding. Get rid of Pipedrive branding. We are paying for the "Professional" subscription.

Thank you! 

P.S. The design of this page is a little complicated. The context for the user clicking the link is in the email we send, there could be way less on the screen (just the lower box for example, no green calendar icon, etc.).

Column Settings for different Phone Types

Is there a way to have separate columns for the different phone types, ie Phone Work, Phone Mobile etc? As it is now, the Phone column shows and exports the various phone types into “one” excel cell entry and also doesn’t say which is Work, Mobile, etc., example below:

Person - Phone
780-424-5475, 780-245-5531
778-484-2955, 250-469-3213
604-628-9806, 604-398-8869
604-998-6015, 604-315-0295

Different Fields per Pipeline?

hello! I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to show certain fields per pipeline? I have 3 pipelines currently where only certain fields apply to certain pipelines, however you can't remove fields from one and not the other, which leads to a lot of unnecessary fields.

is there any work around? 

Pipedrive implementators


Ik ben op zoek naar een partij die Pipedrive kan implementeren: De noden met de klant bespreken, een plan opstellen, de omgeving volledig klaar zetten, opleidingen geven, de nodige testen kan doen en de klant begeleiden in iedere stap.

Kunnen jullie me iemand aanraden?