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I'm new to Pipedrive. Looking for different ideas on using the "files" area to attach files. Why are people uploading files and how are they using them? TIA

Feedback on a Hackathon Idea (If it wins, we can build it in PD) 💡❗

Hi, I am Ambar, Product Manager at Pipedrive.

We are working on a cool idea for Hackathon in Pipedrive. Our idea is called client portal. Basically, salespeople or account managers can share files, notes, documents or invoices with their client. And clients can create an account in PD and see all the communication.

Clients can also leave a note, upload documents or schedule a call with a salesperson. A place for salesperson and clients to collaborate. Any feedback, ideas and suggestions are welcome.

❗You can comment here with your ideas or can schedule a video call with me until... (More)

Mandatory attachment on email templates

Hello developers,

most of our emails need an attachment like an infomemo or a NDA. We use the same email template but different attachments. Therefore it is not possible to integrate the attachment in the email template.

Unfortunately sometimes we forget the attachment and send the email naked. So it would be great to have something like a checkbox in the template designer that there would be a warning if you send your mail without an attachment (like it warns you when you send an email without a subject).

My workaround is "ATTACHMENT" in big red letters in the template... (More)