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File attachment
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Save inbound email attachments as a file within deal

Please add an option to save email attachments directly to the deal's "Files" section.

Very often, I receive email attachments that are key documents to be referenced regularly. 

Currently, I have to: 1) keep them in email and search for the email every time; or 2) save the file to my desktop and work with it offline; or 3) download to my desktop and them take a second step of re-uploading it to the file section within the deal.

It would be much easier to have a option to save individual attachments directly to the deal.

Thank you.

Jason McGehee
Senior Strategy Consultant for Nashville Dental, Inc.

Senior Strategy Consultant for Dental Strategic (a Nashville Dental, Inc. company)

Would appreciate any examples of how you are attaching files to products. Would that be applicable in any workflow? Also, what if your product is a % of a deal value and not a flat amount? How do you handle that? Thank you in advance for any support!

Allegati mail all'interno dei Deal

Buongiorno a tutti,

sono Enrico, titolare di Dekal Fotoceramiche.

Essendo noi fotografi, lavoriamo molto con gli ordini tramite email che allegano, appunto, fotografie. E' possibile con Pipedrive, allegare i file delle email mentre si crea il deal?

Spero di essermi spiegato!

Grazie mille a tutti!

Email signature images continue to attach to contacts

Is there a way to stop email signature images from repeatedly attaching themselves to our contacts in pipedrive?  This happen to much