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File attachment
File attachment
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Email signature images continue to attach to contacts

Is there a way to stop email signature images from repeatedly attaching themselves to our contacts in pipedrive?  This happen to much  

Counting number of files per deal

Hello - hopefully this question is clear. 

I am trying to get a count of # of attached files per deal. Is there a way to view this in Pipedrive? (i.e. Deal 123 has 3 attached files)

Thank you!

Sending files out of the deal via mail possible?

Hey there,

wouldn't it be nice to send the files, which are deposited in a deal, directly via mail?

Right now you have to download the file from the deal first and then you have to attach the file from your computer.

It would save some time if you can attach the files, which are saved in a deal, directly from Pipedrive.

Something has changed.


Something has changed.

Something has changed in inserting files into a deal through a Zapier or integromat.

In the past I could put a link to a file and it would upload properly, it no longer works.

I would love to hear what has changed and what is the correct way to upload files through Zapier or Integromat to Deal.