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Attach uploaded Files to Email in Pipedrive

If there are files attached to a Person or Deal, I think it should be easy to attach that file to an email without having to "re-upload" it - which is the only way to do it at this time.

Email Attachments

Hi everyone 

if you are emailing a customer from a deal 

and you what to attach a file that is also in that deal 

how do you do it with out downloading it first ? 

I have tried to drag but it doesn't work for me 

Head - Business Application

As Sales have a number of documents we work on, and while GDrive and Sales Document(Beta) are great additions. Is Pipedrive working on maybe having a document tab?

Pin Files to top

As we all have documents that give us a better overview on the deal at hand.

I think it would be really helpful if Important files could be pinned to the top, just like notes (or even to a sidebar).