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JessPipedrive Employee
Product Manager at Pipedrive

Beta testers needed for Sales Documents sharing and storing improvements

UPDATE: Thanks for all the interest in testing this feature! I am no longer monitoring this thread, so if you have feedback or would like to be included in testing please email my team at 🙂


Hi everyone,

We've been making some big improvements to the Sales Documents feature, making it easier for you to share your templates with others in your team, and giving you the option to select a central shared storage location where all your documents and templates are stored.

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out the feature and... (More)

Is it possible to attach a picture to a product such as I can add it to a proposal ?

I am trying to generate a nice looking proposal based on a list of products (and deal) and I need to include the products' pictures in the proposal. 
I was thinking of generating a proposal in Pandadoc but I need to add a picture of the product in Pipedrive. Any ideas of how I can do that ? 

Other suggestions ? 

Thanks a lot 


Picture format field, specifically for Signature

We have the requirement to pass the signature we capture on our website into our Pipedrive record created for a client. This is then used to mail merge a letter sent on the clients behalf + to verify the client. At present Pipedrive has no ability to accept a picture format (via Zapier). Is this in the pipeline? as we may need to look for another solution.....many thanks & great job on PipeDrive in general!

Planned: Global Search 🔎 💫

We are improving the way our Search feature works and looks, to give you a smoother and more thorough experience:

  • Search look-and-feel will be improved
  • See recently modified, viewed and added items
  • Differentiating between similar search names will become a lot easier with the use of hover cards
  • Introducing quick action buttons after your search
  • Bringing Knowledge Base, Academy and Community content into Search results

In short, this will make it very easy for you to find your data and navigate Pipedrive. Stay tuned!

🧠 Learn all about our Search feature here. Learn all about any of... (More)