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Discuss the Filtering feature

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Is Pipedrive ever going to add Tags as a feature?

Not Custom Fields which have a different functionality

Tags allow you to easily view data in a segmented view based on the tag(s) assigned.  Custom Fields requires you to build separate filters for every possible view.  If you have just 10 data points in a Custom Field, then to see every possible segmentation you are required to build 100 different filters.

Filter by deals that contain subscription

Since the launch of the new subscriptions feature, it would be nice if there was an option when creating a filter to show deals with an active subscription e.g. Deal » Subscription » is » active.

Followed deals filter

Bom dia, Pretendia saber si é possivel visualizar aqueles "deals" que eu tenho classificado como "start following", tenho tentado criar filtro, mais não vejo opção para escolher nenhum campo "followed deals". Obrigado

Hi Paddy! Hope you're well and safe :)

I have made an automation some time ago that makes fields be mandatory under certain conditions (e.g - users not being able to win deals or move them in stages until the field has been filled in). You can have a look at the video I made (with sound) here -

Also the automation that you asked originally in the post, you can create something like this for example (it's similar to the mandatory fields, but instead of preventing the deal from moving further, it will send an email to the... (More)