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Discuss the Filtering feature

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Person/lead option in Insights

The insights option is very powerful and useful. It offers 3 entities for reporting and gaining insights. However, there are two entities that is missing in our opinion. It would be very useful to have Persons and Leads added to the list of options to generate a report on. This could provide companies with so much more insights that they can use for future decisions.

Persons - examples for useful reports
1. Report on how many new persons are created
2. Report on how many persons are from a certain country
3. Report on how many of all added persons... (More)

Filter task A is done, task B not done (ever)

Does anyone know how to exclude a particular task type from filter results? For example, how would I export all deals that have had a phone call, but not an email?

The following seems logical to me, but fails to exclude deals that have had an email...

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert
Freelance Business Consultant |

Select the right task, and add another condition for 'Activity Status is Done'.

Several contact lists + more user friendly.

I would really need the possibility to create several contact-lists (for people) instead of just one big with different custom fields. We have a big amount of data and right now we find it easier to sort it in different spreadsheets/contactlists regarding the category of the customer. 

I'm also looking for an easier way to search in the contact list and how to transform contacts into deals. It's not at all that user friendly atm.