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Require help with an filter in Pipedrive Insights

Hi, I hope you all are doing good. We at want to find a way to look at all the companies in our ecosystem for which we have either changed their expected close date, subscription amount or stages in past one week and we want to do this every week. I know I can find the changes made in the timeline of each company but I want to get a list of these companies every week. Can any one of you brief me a bit on how can I do that? Thanks in advance for the help



Would it be possible for Pipedrive developers to work on filtering options in organization list view?
It would be nice to have same quick filtering possibility like you would have in excel - a small arrow and a possibility to quickly check/uncheck specific values. 

Now it´s a bit of a hustle as you have to create and save each filter. 

Big flaw with "Is not" filter conditions' logic

Using the "Is not" condition in a filter has proven in disparate situations to be confusing at best or unusable at worst and definitely hasn't provided the output that we expected it to. Maybe it's just that expect it like this, which is why I'd like to understand if other users have the same expectation or not.


Situation: I have 5 pipelines and want to see a list of deals of only pipelines 1, 3 and 5. I create a deal filter with 2 conditions: Deal > Pipeline > Is not > 2... (More)

Eoin Mangan
Senior Business Development Exec

Sort by email extenstion

When an existing contact decides to cc their team into a thread (which is being tracked for a deal, etc) its creates a contact for them in Pipedrive, but does not attach them to the Organisation or deal that is associated with the thread.

This could happen with a couple hundred organisations in a single week, leaving a lot of "orphaned" contacts, which means that bulk editing contacts still requires you to read each email address to determine which Org they belong to (instead of knowing that in this filter, contacts 22-74 all belong to Acme Ltd).

It would be... (More)