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Filter conditions "contains" "starts with" "does not start with" "does not contain" for field type "Single option"


Please add filter condition "contains" "starts with" "does not start with" "does not contain" for field type "Single option"


I have a large number of textual options in such a single option field, to control data quality. And want to filter based on it for setting up an automation rule. Unable to do so as these options are no there.



Paddy Orrell
Group Financial Controller

Suggestions for how to identify dormant/inactive organisations

Can anyone support with a good suggestion for how to identify organisations that haven't had any activity (deals added, e-mails sent, changes to the organisation data or other associated activities) after a specific date?

The filter for last activity data is unfortunately not helpful here

I am trying to identify all dormant accounts so we can decide how to deal with these moving forwards (possibly deleting if the data quality is poor) so would be ideal if the solution allowed the use of the bulk edit feature.

Filter Opened Emails

It would be really nice to be able to filter by emails that have been opened by recipients and then be able to do bulk follow ups to those specific people. Anyone else see this as something that could save a lot of time?

The save button doesn't work when creating a filter...