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Amit SardaPipedrive Expert
Pipedrive Expert |

I only have a part answer for you.

You can filter for orgs that have 0 open deals. These will be a subset of what you're looking for.

But if you want to find out orgs that do not have an open deal in a specific pipeline, you will have to do this outside of Pipedrive to get that list.

Feature Request: Combining Filters

Would be great if we could create a filter that combined/excluded other filters. For instance if we wanted to build a customer list of clients who bought product A and B but not C. Given that we already have 3 filters for customers who bought A, B and C.

Josh Monifi
Senior Customer Engagement Specialist

Improvements to the Maps feature!

We are loving the Maps feature within Pipedrive! It allows us to easily create visuals around the locations of our customers and makes us look good to our external stakeholders. We have a couple items of feedback:

  • The Maps functionality needs its own home page! Much like the other useful parts of Pipedrive that have their own left side tab, Maps should be more easily accessible! It could be a simple home page where you could search for an Org/Deal/Person and bring up a map of them, and a dropdown where you could search for Filters and pull up a... (More)