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Matt Koziol
Director - Sales, Marketing, & Analytics

Please add followers to bulk edit feature

I would like to suggest that followers be added to the bulk edit feature for deals, people, and organizations.  This gives managers daily activity snapshots the following morning via email which is very useful.

Followed deals filter

Bom dia, Pretendia saber si é possivel visualizar aqueles "deals" que eu tenho classificado como "start following", tenho tentado criar filtro, mais não vejo opção para escolher nenhum campo "followed deals". Obrigado

Deal visibility in Pipeline view for deals I follow

Deals have a single owner, but sometimes others contribute to deals - these users are always followers of the deal.

Would be very useful for Deals where the current user is a Follower to appear in the Pipeline view (potential flagged as Followed vs Owner deal).

What if admin users want to see deals that they own or follow?

According to the Knowledge Base article on Visibility Groups,

Admin Users can still view and edit any item with this visibility restriction, as they have editing powers over everything in Pipedrive.

But what if admin users have some deals they own or follow, and they do want to see these deals only in the pipeline?

  • I know I can add a condition that shows every deal that an admin owns,
  • but I don't see any condition that shows every deal that an admin follows.

Do we have any filter that admin users can use to filter deals they... (More)