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Community Roundup - Volume 9 🗣️

2021 may still be recovering from the champagne and confetti but in Community we hit the ground running. 

Check out this week's selection of top posts, and join in on the discussion!

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🔥  Can You Automatically Unfollow Deals When Ownership Changes?


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Automatically unfollow deal when owner is switched

Deals in our pipeline will sometimes switch owners at a certain stage. But, the previous owner continues to follow that deal unless they manually unfollow it.

I need a way to have a user unfollow a deal when the owner changes because the pipeline can become filled with deals that are no longer relevant and it can be difficult to manually filter through all of them to identify which are in need of unfollowing.

The only solution I have is a daily routine of checking all the deals to see if ownership has changed and manually unfollowing each one.

Does... (More)

Matt Koziol
Director - Sales, Marketing, & Analytics

Please add followers to bulk edit feature

I would like to suggest that followers be added to the bulk edit feature for deals, people, and organizations.  This gives managers daily activity snapshots the following morning via email which is very useful.

Followed deals filter

Bom dia, Pretendia saber si é possivel visualizar aqueles "deals" que eu tenho classificado como "start following", tenho tentado criar filtro, mais não vejo opção para escolher nenhum campo "followed deals". Obrigado