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Har din säljorganisation tillförlitliga säljprognoser?

Vem har inte suttit på ett säljmöte då man ska motivera och försvara när en affär ska landa, men det borde finnas hjälp att få? I Pipedrive så finns en prognosdel där man utifrån “förväntat avslutsdatum” kan summera upp hur olika hur olika affärer bidrar till säljresultatet per tidsintervall. Läs mer här.

Insights: Revenue Forecast Report is live in Professional plan! 🔮 📊

What does it do?

This report shows expected revenue based on the total value of open and won deals, and the time they are expected to be won or were won.

For whom?

Professional plan and higher.

How can I use it?

  • Track revenue forecast report in Insights cumulatively and non-cumulatively (new!)
  • Measure results by weighted value (deal value with probability applied), deal value and custom monetary fields
  • Filter report by default and custom fields

Where do I create this report?

Insights > New report > Forecast and subscription > Revenue forecast

🧑‍🏫 Learn more about Revenue Fore... (More)

Adjusting the forecastview according to which Pipeline is used


Would like to recommend a feature on the forcasting view. 

It would be great if the view would be adjusted depending on what pipeline you are in. Example:

When I'm in the "new sales" pipeline it's forecasting using the expected close date. When I'm in my "customer" Pipeline it's filtered by "Renewal date" or "Start date". 


Hopefully it's clear what I'm trying to say but please let me know and I'll provide some screenshots.

Tommi Timoharju
Business Development Lead

Sales forecast by product?


Does anyone have an idea how to construct a report where sales forecast per month is visible by product?  I always type the products in the deals, but I don´t seem to find a way how to estimate upcoming revenues by products for the coming months.