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Basic products sold booking system

Does PD allow you to input products sold data with or without an API? we sell various software solutions for periods of time and we want to record in PD and use this data for forecast reports and invoicing.




Future Deals for recurring clients or Key Accounts without a specific deals, more like projected deals

We have a number of Key Accounts that place orders on a monthly basis. Because of the nature of our B2B business, we do not know in advance exactly when they will place the order (normally they would ask for a bid and then we get the order within a week) but I want to have visibility on the monthly pipeline by the date of closing. So I know in the months to come what to expect in the pipeline. How do you recommend I go about it? Shall I just create "draft" deals on a monthly basis with the... (More)

Help on managing a project which runs across several months, in different countries.

We win large projects which run across several months. We're looking for help on how to forecast these projects by month across their lifetime.

As an example:

We win a contract with a chain of fast food restaurants for the supply of all their tables and chairs. The contract is estimated at £1m for 2021 but it is spread across 1300 restaurants throughout Europe. Each venue constitutes an individual quote to be won and delivered. The contract runs from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2021.

Questions and challenges:

  • From a forecasting point of view, is there a way to input... (More)

Quarter names in Forecast Report

Is there any feature that allows users to change the names of quarters or change the phasing of quarter dates? I want Q2 2021 to show up as our Q1 because our year runs April to March, but it doesn't seem like there is any option to do this, nor to rephase it if, for instance, I wanted Q1 to run Feb-Apr.

If not, is this an enhancement that Pipedrive could offer in future?