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Planned: Insights to get Product reporting and Forecast reporting

Our team continues working full-steam ahead to make Insights live to its full potential. 💪

The next improvements in line should be the ability to create reports including Products, and to create forecast reports.

These two will cover much-asked and much-needed options for our users to make the most of their reporting, making it more flexible and more informative.

A peek of what's on the horizon:

  • View and segment reports by deal Products
  • Measure by number of Products and value
  • Create Revenue Forecast reports in Insights

➡️ Learn more about Insights from our Knowledge Base and our Academy... (More)

Won + open subscription revenue deals feeding into revenue forecasting

Our company has the ambition to build a recurring revenue base. The first subscription-based agreement was signed in August and there is a pipeline of open deals, all with monthly revenue. Deals are typically generated in USD and EUR, whilst our local and reporting currency is NOK. We have therefore looked into the recurring revenue reporting tool, seeking to integrate won + open recurring revenue deals (risked) into a revenue forecast.

I see some challenges and would like to share these;

  • Recurring revenue seem to be reported in the local currency, disregarding the actual deal currency (1 EUR reported as... (More)

"Next 12 Months" - new time period

It would be really useful when building revenue forecast reports, to have an option for "Next 12 Months".  Currently I can only use 'this year' but if  we are in December, the graph only shows me Jan - Dec of this year, ie NO actual forecast, only historic. I can of course use "custom", but then I have to remember to update that each month to capture the next 12 months.

Can this new time period be added as a new feature? 


Can I view LOST deals in the forecast view?

I have been struggling to get Lost deals to show in my forecast view.

Can someone advise me how to do this? Possibly lost deals just can't be seen in the forecast view?

(I want to be able to use that visual representation to look at recently lost deals, by month)