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Pipedrive goals on the basis of e.g. tags

If I want to define goals via Pipedrive Insights, I can currently only do this on the basis of the people. 

Is it possible to link the goals with, for example, the tags of the deals?

In concrete terms, we are dealing with product groups, some of them are processed crosswise by several people. The tags should be used here to distinguish between the product groups.

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO and MEDEVIO

Looking for forecasting tool connected to pipedrive

Hi there!

I am researching financial tool with good interaction with Pipedrive. I have built it from scratch, but it needs some facelift and at the end, it would be better to outsource it. 

I will clarify what are our issues:

  • we have SaaS model
  • we cannot use deal values or products as it differs, there are upsells etc.

What I need

  • we store all info about subscription, invoicing details etc in custom fields within related organisation
  • take custom field in pipedrive organisation and based on that perform forecasting and monitor monthly recurring revenue
  • Be able to track upsells

What are my inputs

  • start of contract (to track revenue)
  • end of contract
  • invoice date (to track cashflow)
  • frequency of invoicing
  • monthly amount that are paying


Any recommendations?


Revenue Forecast for Both One-off and Subscription Products in One Report

Revenue Forecast for Both One-off and Subscription Products in One Report

For companies that sell both one-off products and monthly subscription products, it is very important to see probability weighted revenue forecast for both products in one report.

Is there any new feature or trick to support this demand??

Basic products sold booking system

Does PD allow you to input products sold data with or without an API? we sell various software solutions for periods of time and we want to record in PD and use this data for forecast reports and invoicing.