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There is no really clever revenue forecast

Hello guys,

so one of my main goals by using Pipedrive was to get more insights into how much we're going to make in a future months. So we've create a deal pipeline, add there stages, for every stage we've got probability, for every deal we've got set up a Billing plan (so if the deal is one time payment (and if so, when) or its something like subscription or monthly / other based payments (and if so - how many payments there will be, when the first paymets starts etc).

And to be honest - I can not find how to display a Forecast, that will says, that we've got this many deals with some payment scheduled for april with this and what probability and so in april we should expect this much money. Based on a probability. So if the deal is 1 000 000 and probability is 50 % it should counts with 500K.

There is of course something called New revenue forecast report that counts with weighted value of the deal, but complete ignore a Billing plan. So I've got deal with only one payment in April (for 100K), its not closed, it has some probability (50%) but I am getting to this forecast 50K from the April till end of the year. It does not make any sense to me.

There is on the other hand something called New subscription revenue report - its cool, but it counts only with revenue. So good thing is,... (More)

Et vous, comment faites-vous vos prévisions? 💸

La prévision des ventes, c'est comme le bulletin météo : les directeurs commerciaux et directrices commerciales peuvent voir les infos nécessaires pour faire des choix éclairés et prendre des décisions pertinentes. Elle permet également de fixer des objectifs de vente réalistes et atteignables dans des délais déterminés... Alors oui mais comment ? 

Dans cet article on vous explique les indicateurs à suivre et différentes méthodes à tester pour réaliser la prévision qui vous correspond, sans oublier les erreurs à éviter. 

Pour lire l'article en entier, c'est par ici ! 

Asking for Advice + Product Planning + Supply Chain

We load key long-lead products into deals. Now we need a report showing the total probability-weighted count of each key product bucketed into forecasted close month. How can we get this?

Pipedrive goals on the basis of e.g. tags

If I want to define goals via Pipedrive Insights, I can currently only do this on the basis of the people. 

Is it possible to link the goals with, for example, the tags of the deals?

In concrete terms, we are dealing with product groups, some of them are processed crosswise by several people. The tags should be used here to distinguish between the product groups.