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Discussion on Front, a collaborative inbox platform that unifies your email, customer communication channels, and productivity apps into one place.

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[BETA] Want to sync all of your interactions with customers into Pipedrive?

Hey Pipedrivers, do you want to sync all of your communication with customers to Pipedrive?

Do you want to see how and when your team are interacting with prospects in Pipedrive?

Do you want to auto populate your Pipedrive Contact Timelines with communication info?

If you currently use: Intercom, Drift, Front or LiveChat we'd love to give you free access to beta test our product.

Alright, it's because of you guys that I added Front!! But now I need my Front convos to save into Pipedrive. It doesn't seem to happen. Help!!

Woohoo! This is HUGE news for both PieSync and Front as it makes both apps extremely advantageous to have in our app ... Pipedrive and Drip, thanks to PieSync.

Front PieSync connector

As I was browsing through available connectors on PieSync, I saw Front in there. At long last! If your sales team is not using Front for chat, Messenger, and SMS, you are missing out on tremendous amounts of leads.

When PieSync is able to sync based on phone number, that will be the real game changer.