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September updates to FunnelFLARE

We've added a bunch of new features to FunnelFLARE in September. They're in detail on this post, but here's a quick summary:

Send and complete on email task

A super quick way to complete email tasks.

Call Transcripts

Not only record calls, but transcribe them too so you can view phone conversations at a glance as well as perform reporting on what's said in the call.

Call Reporting

We've added a few new call reporting widgets that you can add to dashboards or scheduled email reports to show who's making the most calls, see recent calls, and more

Contact Segments

Just like a saved filter that lets you slice and dice contact segments.

Attachments in Emails

While we encourage FunnelFLARE customers to use hosted files with tracked links so that they can track usage, sometimes you just want to attach the file directly to the email. You can now attach multiple files to FunnelFLARE emails.

New Improvements in FunnelFLARE

We've recently added some improvements to FunnelFLARE, some of them specific to Pipedrive.

We've added call outcomes, improved integration with tasks, and made FunnelFLARE email templates and calling available from the Pipedrive contacts screen. Product updates are generally available on our blog.