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Gamifier helps increase the productivity of your sales team by motivating and engaging people through custom-fit gamification.

Tag @Samar or @Rodwith any questions.

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Our Integration Partners Step Up To Offer Discounts!

During this time, a lot of us could use a little bit of extra help.

Luckily several of our partners have decided to offer a special discount for users.

If you want to check them out on the Marketplace, head here

The following are all offering a discount:

  • Pipechat
  • JustCall
  • PayCove
  • Gamifier
  • LiveChat
  • FunnelFLARE
  • Helpwise
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • Nectar Desk
  • CircleLoop

Looking for ways to boost productivity while engaging your staff - see if Gamifier is the way to go.

If you have any questions about Gamifier, just tag @Samar or @Rod and they'll be happy to help.