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  • GDPR/RGPD is Europe’s data privacy and security law. It includes hundreds of pages’ worth of requirements for organizations around the world. This GDPR overview will help you understand the law and determine what parts of it apply to you.
  • Learn all about how Pipedrive's features and GDPR/RGPD work together here.

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Datenschutz Checkbox in Formularen

Hallo, gibt es irgendwo die Funktion zum einbauen einer Checkbox für Kontaktformulare?

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How does it work?

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Check box fields in Leadbooster.

Today it's been the first day we've used LeadBooster. Unfortunately we've found out something that makes the product inviable for us. We can not add a check box field type which is a must for GDPR compliance (at least in Spain). The user has to check the box to make the send button workable, so we cannot skip this mandatory step. The support team has confirmed this cannot be done for now. Are we the only ones with this problem?