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Privacy checkbox for webforms with html-link

Hi there,
in order to be save with GDPR and general privacy laws we need to add a checkbox with a link to our Privacy Policy before the send button in webforms. I tried several workarounds and talked to Pipedrive support, but it seems there is no legal solution at the moment to get an opt-in by the user and directly link to you Privacy Policy.

I can think of two simple solutions:
A) Allowing a rich text / html field with information only to be inserted into a webform like

By sending this form I accept the <a href=""... (More)

Advice wanted: Marketing permission management

I am new to both Pipedrive and Campaign Monitor and I am looking to create a smooth, GDPR-compliant, easy-to-overview setup for our marketing permissions. I know I can integrate the two, which I intent to do, but can I then see, say, on a person overview if there is a newsletter subscription (through Campaign Monitor) on that person? And can I segment my marketing the other way around to create lists of marketing permissions persons with certain attributes in Pipedrive and email them through Campaign Monitor?
I would love to hear your experience and how you do things!
Thanks... (More)

Contact details update form

Hi! Looking to suggest functionality whereby each contact would have a unique and secure URL to access a web form, allowing the contact to update/edit their own contact details. Admin would set which fields were editable/accessible by the contact.

This will assist in a ’new client’ workflow by reducing data input and also GDPR compliance by ensuring contact details are always up to date.


GDPR and email tracking

How do I globally prevent users from turning email tracking on? I just found some sales people had enabled it, which has legal implications for us in the EU.