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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics, and join channels in the Community.

DUPLICATES: How to merge leads to a single person just considering the "email" of that particular person?

I have thousands of duplicate persons on my Pipedrive and I need to merge them into a single one, with different leads on it. How can I automatically merge them considering a common personal email?

Also, is there the possibility of having a report of the duplicates? I have different funnels and I need to manage if some person is in different funnels at the same time.

Is Pipedrive running super slow for anyone else?

Coming back to it after a few years away, it takes forever to load simple functions or records. Definitely not a browser issue as I've tried in different browsers. 

Really disappointing as it makes it very hard to use and stay focused. I do not believe this is an isolated issue as I've seen other reports on this forum of the same. 

Can a Pipedrive employee please comment on what is being done about this, if anything? 

[CLOSED] Workflow Automations: Please help us by filling this survey for research!

EDIT: We have concluded this research session. If you have any comments, please post in the comment section :) 


Dear Pipedrive Community,


We’re currently researching Workflow Automation’s improvements in Pipedrive.

This would impact the way you see and organize your automations on what could be a new Automation's Dashboard.

We are conducting research about this and we would like you to rate some needs showing on this short survey that shouldn’t take longer than 1 minute to fill.

Here’s the link -> 


Your feedback will help us and you a lot!


Thank you,

Patrícia Faria and VoC team

DoloresPipedrive Employee
Product Researcher at Pipedrive

Gathering feedback about navigation

Hey dear Pipedrivers! 😊

We are currently researching how to improve Pipedrive navigation. For that I would appreciate your input. Have you faced any issues with navigation in Pipedrive? Have you struggled with finding something from the menus? Do you think some menu items should be located or grouped differently? If you have something to share, please write in the comments 🙏

Adding some screenshots to illustrate what I mean – the main menu on the left side, the menu that pops up on the top right corner, and all the second layer menus like inside the Leads inbox.

If you would like to give more thorough feedback and discuss the navigation topic further, please schedule a quick call with me. You can book a suitable time for a call from this link.