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Come celebrate our good news 😍

Outplay has raised 2 million dollars in seed funding from Sequoia.

For those who don’t know about Outplay, we provide businesses with a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize interactions between companies and their prospects across various channels.

I remember getting actively involved in this community when it was launched. And now a year later, we are the highest rated Sales Engagement tool in the Pipedrive Marketplace, that our customers love!

I want to appreciate & spotlight @Mike van der Valk & @Inês Batata for your enthusiastic support. Pipedrive has been a... (More)

Pipedrive is Category Leader for Lead Generation software by GetApp 🏆

Pipedrive wins as Category Leader in Gartner Digital Market’s Report
Pipedrive wins as Category Leader in Gartner Digital Market’s Report

Pipedrive has been announced a Category Leader for Lead Generation software by GetApp.

LeadBooster has been our most successful launch to date with more than 300% growth over the last year. We’re thrilled that our product is so highly rated by users who have found these tools to be incredibly useful for finding new leads and turning them into deals.

@Krishna Panicker - VP of Product

Thank you to all our customers who took the time to review us! Read more about this here.

💡 Add LeadBooster to your account for a free 14-day trial. 

Question: max size for file attachment and total amount of storage available


I have two questions about file attachment in Pipedrive:

  1. What is the maximum size of file attachment in Pipedrive?
    A dev community article says you can probably upload files as long as they are at most 50 MB, but I need give an exact size limit to my potential clients.
  2. What is the total amount of storage available to each account?
    Does Pipedrive provide unlimited data storage across all plans? (This is what the The CRM comparison page says, although we don't have any definite answer in this community post.)

Är Prospektör-vyn det enda alternativet?

Vi är vana med att de CRM-verktyg vi haft har haft kopplingar till merinfo och Bisnode. Testade Prospektör-delen i Pipedrive och tyckte att den var sådär. Gjorde några provsökningar och fick fram väldigt dåligt sökresultat. Hur har ni andra gjort? Finns det alternativ?