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Discussion on the document tracking and e-signature tool, GetAccept.

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Remove Getaccept from my Pipedrive banner.

Can someone help me remove a redundant app from my PD banner?

Many thanks 

GetAccept vs. PandaDoc

If you have tried both of these integrations, I would love to hear some pros vs cons. 


Webinar: How to maximize the use of GetAccept and Pipedrive CRM

Hello folks!

Daniel here, Marketplace Partnership Manager over at Pipedrive.

GetAccept is putting together a webinar on "How to maximize the use of GetAccept and Pipedrive". Do you want to be more digital in your sales process and work more efficiently with document workflows? Then you should definitely join them for their webinar! Register here.

Want to try out the GetAccept experience which allows you to sign contracts and documents in a digital and efficient way? Try it out here!

Check out the integration they have on our Marketplace here.

Hope to see you there! 

What is the best integration with Pipedrive to generate a Quote and eSignature ?

Hello Everyone 👋

I hope you're fine. 

Just a little question, what would you recomand between PANDA DOC and GetAccept if you need to integrate quote and Esignature with your deals ? 


If you know another good solution, which one would it be ? 


Have a great day !  

Stay safe, stay home ;)