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Rob Humenik
Content Marketing Manager/Content Writer/SEO

Different Automations for deals in different localities


We have a Contact Forms 7 form on our WordPress site with CF7 Pipedrive Integration. When a lead submits the form, the integration creates a deal in Pipedrive, and the prospect gets an email. We'd like to have one email go to international leads and a different email going to leads in the United States. Is there a good way to set up and automate that?

I'm open to using other WordPress plug-ins, forms, etc. I am also open to creating a lead first for leads coming in from our site (instead of going right to a deal).

Thanks!... (More)

Create Pipedrive Activity from a Received Email

Hi Guys,

I haven't seen this covered anywhere but most definitely need it to be. What is the best way inside Pipedrive to create an activity using a received email?

The feature would act like Office365 does when creating a task from a flagged email.

I find this such a simple feature that I must be missing something in not being able to find it.


Stephen Silk
Owner and chief dogsbody

Volume pricing


I have a sales model that uses Volume Pricing eg 1 item costs $100; 20 items cost $90 each; 50 items cost $80 each, which makes quoting currently a very manual process. The usual way recomended to handle this is to create a separate product for each price level. Now, this would work nicely if I only had a few products, but I have around 130 000 of them with 5-7 price levels each, so it's not a practical solution for me.
I can think of three ways to handle this:

  1. The software handles it natively. Which would be... (More)

Delete import after 48 hours

how can i delete an import after 48 hours?

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