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Any recruitment people working in Pipedrive

Hey guys,

My name is Coen from the Netherlands. Right now we are integrating everything in Pipedrive for our recruitment agency.

However, we are still figuring out the best practices to implement everything in our company.

So, are there any other recruiters here who have some tips regarding the funnels, integrations and other stuff? :)

With regards,


Même offre pour plusieurs pipelines


Je m'explique, j'aimerais associé la même offre a 2 pipelines différents. 

Dans un premier temps, l'offre est créer dans mon pipeline COMMERCIAL puis dans un seconde temps j'aimerais qu'elle apparaissent dans mon pipeline  CHEF DE PROJET tout en restant dans le pipeline COMMERCIAL. Le but étant au d'avoir un suivi de l'offre pour le commercial et pour le chef de projet mais sans dupliquer le montant et fausser les statistiques de l'entreprise. 

Merci pour votre aide

About feautures

Hello. I would like to know if in Pipedrive I can find some functionalities that I need and what other similar platforms have:

Notification of the opening of email messages sent from the platform


Recording video clips

Preparation of Budget Proposals

This little tip just saved me from punting Pipedrive.

If you are syncing your emails and frustrated by the noise in your inbox, then you were like me. The lack of custom filters defines frustration. Then Stacey in support showed me this feature that is probably not used enough. 

I took a course on gmail and was converted to a believer of inbox zero. Lots and lots of filters exisit in my gmail.

In the email sync there is a feature that cannot be praised enough.

The only information that is coming into Pipedrive mail are notifications of demo request and free trials.