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Deals are recurring customers our team contacts weekly. Best way to set up or automate?

Hey everyone!

We're fairly new to Pipedrive and still in the earlier building stages before we go live. We've been working on set-up and automation, but have been running into a snag.

Our customer accounts order from us weekly, and I'm having trouble getting Deals to work in such a way (as they seem intent on "dropping off" after a deal has been Won or Lost). Ultimately, we want a sales rep to see every Deal as one of their customers, and be able to see what stage that customer is in for that week (Contacted, Preordered new products, Placed... (More)


Fica a sugestão. No relatório de desempenho, por exemplo, aparece apenas alguns campos na tabela. Seria interessante adicionar qualquer campo de interesse no relatório para evitar entrar negócio por negócio para extrair uma informação dentro de um campo específico.  Em relatórios anuais e trimestrais é inviável fazer isto.

From Zoho to Pipedrive, Advice Wanted

Currently using Pipedrive for my mainline work. Trying to shift my other business from Zoho to Pipedrive. Has anyone moved their CRM from another platform? What were the challenges? We are currently using Zoho mail as well. What were your challenges? Was the transition seamless or problematic? All advice welcome!


We operate an engineering company which relies on winning specific metalwork packages for construction projects.

In order to submit our prices to various building companies which are tendering on these projects we need to submit supply and install (sometimes supply only) quotations. 

Submitting quotations at tender stage can be fairly time consuming and we are looking at streamlining the process with pipedrive.

Is anyone here currently doing something similar?

Would love to hear from anyone currently using the platform trying to achieve something similar.