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Getting started

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When scoring leads, what is a right way to find out a person's job title? Many people don't like to be asked this question.

you can sync only contacts of which you are owner (in Pipedrive) to Outlook?

I was disappointed to find out you can only sync contacts to Outlook of which you are the owner. There is apparently no way for my team members to sync contacts i imported/created in Pipedrive to their Outlook contacts. Would... (More)

Clarke Shepherd
Global Business Development Director

How can I see All Pipelines

I would like to find out if a feature exists so I can see All Pipelines in the main Pipeline Home Screen, as opposed to separate screens. I have two divisions under the one company but sometimes I would like... (More)

Who can I hire to help me with Pipedrive set up

Hi I'm on free Pipedrive trial, I like the features, find it super complicated, all the written help and videos aren't enough. I don't have time to figure it out. I know there's one Pipedrive partner who will direct me... (More)