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Discussion on Gmail and the Gmail extension.

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Aanpassen mail_from emailadres in Pipedrive (verzending via Gmail)

Hi all, 2 weken geleden hebben wij een namechange van ons domein en daarmee ook van onze e-mail extensie doorgevoerd. We zijn overgegaan van naar

Wij maken gebruik van Gmail, operationeel werk ik echter in Pipedrive, het Gmail account is daaraan gekoppeld. Mails maken en verzenden, binnenkomende e-mails inzien en beantwoorden doe ik allemaal vanuit Pipedrive.

Nu loop ik tegen het probleem aan dat Pipedrive het 'van' e-mailadres niet aanpast. Ik kan wel de nieuwe afzender naam Subscriptions @ Investment Officer instellen, maar het e-mailadres blijft - wat ik ook probeer - weergeven terwijl ik dat zou willen maken.

Nu is het zo dat ik in Gmail nog steeds als Fondsnieuws moet inloggen. Het emailadres is in Gmail gekoppeld aan

Iemand ervaring met het aanpassen van een dergelijk probleem in Pipedrive?

Roy Schuuring


Test the new email feature prototype 📩 (deadline: April 12th)

Hello everyone, 

We are working on a new feature for email and we would be happy to get your feedback on the first prototype to test the usability. The information will be used for the research purpose only. 

You will be asked to complete some small tasks on the prototype, and there will be some questions regarding the overall experience. What we need:

So let us know what you think, by taking this test. Please be informed this information is confidential and all rights belong to Pipedrive.

Thank you in advance!

GMail / G-Suite support for multiple domains

Gmail / G-Suite supports sending from multiple domains. However, sending from PipeDrive when integrated into GMail only support sending from the primary domain and allow you to use any of the other domains.

Sales Process: Linking Email 'Threads' to Deals - Pipedrive as a source of truth for email/Customer communication

Emails in Pipedrive is quite the hassle for us.

  • Smart Bcc / Automatic Linking Does not work if you have more than one deal for a Person - which we always do...
  • Using Email directly in Pipedrive is really lacking - We cannot expect our salespeople and other users to shift away from Gmail or Outlook.

This presents a problem if we want our email threads to be linked to specific deals and use Pipedrive as a source of truth when it comes to communication with our customers.

There are 2 Options

  1. For each new thread, Go to Pipedrive Inbox > Find the email thread > Manually link the thread to a specific deal. (Awesome!)
  2. For every single email you send, add the Deal Bcc address you want to link it to. (Highly convenient and we can definitely expect everyone to follow the process...)

Option 1 isn't much of an option, nor is Option 2 - and with option 2 you won't even see the customers responses in the deal, not can you respond in the deal to the Bcc'd thread, it's static - sooo, not very helpful.

I see 3 Possible solutions

  1. Better smart Bcc which will do a better job linking emails to deals by parsing the email subject and body (might be far fetched)
  2. If I Bcc an email thread once, It should link the ENTIRE THREAD to the deal - it should act as if I manually linked the deal. This is... (More)