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Discussion on Gmail and the Gmail extension.

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GMail / G-Suite support for multiple domains

Gmail / G-Suite supports sending from multiple domains. However, sending from PipeDrive when integrated into GMail only support sending from the primary domain and allow you to use any of the other domains.

Sales Process: Linking Email 'Threads' to Deals - Pipedrive as a source of truth for email/Customer communication

Emails in Pipedrive is quite the hassle for us.

  • Smart Bcc / Automatic Linking Does not work if you have more than one deal for a Person - which we always do...
  • Using Email directly in Pipedrive is really lacking - We cannot expect our salespeople and other users to shift away from Gmail or Outlook.

This presents a problem if we want our email threads to be linked to specific deals and use Pipedrive as a source of truth when it comes to communication with our customers.

There are 2 Options

  1. For each new thread, Go to Pipedrive Inbox... (More)

Link and open tracking directly thru emails sent from Gmail

Is it possible to send emails directly from Gmail and enable link and open tracking from there instead of sending emails from Pipedrive with an extension? I know that Hubspot has this feature.



undo or delete contacts from gmail sync

hi. I make a mistake and sync users from my personal account.
I dont want to have this contacts.

please help