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Discussion on Gmail and the Gmail extension.

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Øyvind Hasund Dahl
Chief Commercial Officer

Link and open tracking directly thru emails sent from Gmail

Is it possible to send emails directly from Gmail and enable link and open tracking from there instead of sending emails from Pipedrive with an extension? I know that Hubspot has this feature.



undo or delete contacts from gmail sync

hi. I make a mistake and sync users from my personal account.
I dont want to have this contacts.

please help

Gmail Extension - Add Templates / Link Deals

I'd like to manage all our templates in Pipedrive and would find it very helpful to have access to the template content in the Gmail extension.

Clicking on the Pipedrive Gmail extension just permits access to the scheduling tool, however I would prefer it let me choose a template for content, and/or link a deal without going through the side bar.

Templates is a top request on my end!



Mark deal as 'Won' or 'Lost' using Pipedrive CRM Gmail Add-on

Would love a way to do this. Currently can only change stages (from what I can see) within the add-on for Gmail Inbox, so I need to go backwards and forwards when sorting emails between the Pipeline and my inbox.